What Is Mic Monitoring

 You might be wondering What Is Mic Monitoring, what is it used for, what function does it perform, what are the benefits, and if it is really necessary. Well for a start let’s get to know what mic monitoring is.

What Is Mic Monitoring?

Mic monitoring is a feature in your headphones that lets you hear your voice through your headset when speaking into the headset microphone. Though mic monitoring as always been commonly used when playing video games. Mic monitoring is a setting built in for controllers that have the 3.5mm jack and It should work for any headphone, that plugs into it.

Mic monitoring also helps you control the feature of your voice when talking because once your is on it allows you hear yourself through your headset this wahy you would know if you are shouting at the top of your voice especially when you are not supposed to, so the mic monitoring helps you playback your face through your headphone and this way you can adjust the rate at which you were raising your voice when recording.

Most headphones, smartphones, games consoles, and so on come with mic monitoring, the manufacturers put this in place for their customers to have a great experience using the audio setting of their devices.

What are the benefits and functions of mic monitoring

Mic monitoring helps you hear your own voice through the headset this way you enjoy whatever you are doing with it especially when it comes to playing online games with your friends. It helps to give you a good gaming experience anytime.

Mic monitoring helps you control and adjusts your voice when in use as you can hear what you are saying and how you are saying it.

Mic monitoring can also help detect different webpages and applications that would want to forcefully grab the use of record sound and microphone access for various purposes and if it is relating to any fraud or illegal activities.

It helps you with troubleshooting

Mic monitoring was specifically created to solve the issues of people talking too loud when on their headphones. It was created because of situations where people can’t hear themselves when on headphones, which make them tend to talk louder than usual, this is why Mic monitoring comes very handy in situations like this because it lets people hear themselves when talking using headphones this way they will realize the tone at which they talk and try to talk less loudly than usual.

How to put on Mic monitoring on your device

Putting on you Mic monitoring is quite easy, it all depends on the kind of device you use. After plugging in your microphone to your device, you go to your settings then locate your microphone setting, this way you can add your microphone as a device to be used in relation with your other device, then you can select from the options to help you adjust the mics input, you can also adjust the mic’s volume and EQ including other necessary settings adjustment you might want to make. Most game consoles have easily accessible mic monitoring options.

What to do if your mic monitoring keeps echoing

When using your microphone with a computer or when gaming and it keeps echoing, this can be really annoying. When using mic monitoring with your headset, it is likely you experience these issues since mic monitoring helps paly back the way you sound to you for you to hear, but however, when playing your online games, your internet connection and the programs you have on at that moment determines the quality of the audio you get back because your internet connection might cause a slight delay between the sound being played back for you to hear and your speaking. You can resolve this issue by simply going to your settings, then your microphone properties and click on your headset option then you click on the listen to tab option crosscheck if the box next to the listen to tab is blank and if it isn’t clicked on the box to uncheck it then you click on the apply option to close the window.

When it comes to your windows operating system you can turn on the Mic monitoring option in the microphone settings, all you need to do is go to your settings then select sound settings then you go to the properties of the mic currently in use then you see the listen to tab.

Another thing that might cause echo when using the Mic monitoring especially when playing online games with your friends is the other party might be listening to your voice through a speaker and your microphone will definitely pick up the sounds from their speakers and relates it back to you, you can simply tell them to move away from the speaker, turn it off, reduce the volume or use their headset for a better experience.

Another reason might be that your laptop is using another recording device alongside your headset, you can simply turn off the other recording device, you can do this through your system settings.


Finally, we know the basic functions and use of Mic Monitoring and more reasons why we should make use of this feature when using a headphone because screaming at the top of your voice in public over a headset can be embarrassing, this is why most headset has the Mic Monitoring feature for you to avoid that.

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