Detailed Explanation Of How To Copy And Paste On Fl Studio In Simple Steps

Who doesn’t like shortcuts? I am yet to find such a person. And I am almost sure that such persons do not exist.

For one, shortcut makes life easier and makes us more efficient at what we do  —including working DAWs like Fl Studio.

So if you have ever wondered how to copy and paste on Fl studio? I am here to unbox how you can copy and paste to speed up your process when using the Piano Roll, Sequencer, Studio Playlist, native and third-party VSTs, as well as automation clips.

As a bonus; 

We’ll quickly leaf through copying presets and effects between mixer tracks in FL Studio version 20+.

With that said, we can get started.

Keep this in mind;

Copy and Paste in Fl Studio isn’t any different from how you do it on Windows or Mac OS.

Ctrl C or Command C is for Copy

Ctrl V or Command V is for Paste


How To Copy And Paste On Fl Studio’s Sequencer

Copying and pasting notes from sound to sound or pattern to another pattern can follow different methods in the Fl Studio sequencer.

Method 1; Shortcut

Before making the attempt to copy and paste, ensure the right instrument is open in the step sequencer. To do this, click on the bar lying between the instrument name and the step sequencer buttons.

The instrument’s bar color would change to green once it’s selected. 


Press the Ctrl+C button to copy the steps. 

What if you want to copy and paste multiple steps? All you have to do is shift+click the number of sound bars you’d like to copy. In the same vein, you can simply double click on any of these buttons to select all the instruments (sounds) in the step sequencer for enhanced control over arrangement.


You can paste the copied steps using the Ctrl+V command. You can either paste the steps into a new instrument by first tapping the instrument bar so it glows green and then pasting with a shortcut command or you can just paste the steps into a new pattern.

If you want to create a new pattern, you can use the shortcut or follow the long route. Simply press the F4 key or click and drag up on the tab that shows your current pattern.

Method 2; Normal Process

What if you don’t want to use shortcuts?

Right-click on the sound you desire to copy and tap on the Cut, Copy and Paste option in the pop-up.

Copying And Pasting In FL Studio Piano Roll

Method 1; Copy and Paste

The copy and paste process under this section of the FL Studio differs greatly from that of Step sequencer, although both depend on the Ctrl+C and Ctrl+V shortcut.

The FL Studio Piano roll feature allows users of this DAW to prepare all their MIDI notes for different channels in the Channel rack.

Once you have opened the Piano Roll, you can begin your copy and paste task by highlighting multiple notes to copy using the shift-click command.


Once your desired MIDI notes are highlighted, press the Ctrl+C command to copy the notes.


Open your desired location to paste the copied notes using the Ctrl+V button. You can create a new pattern or open a different Piano Roll to paste the copied items.

Method 2; Duplicate

Instead of following the Ctrl+C and Ctrl+V route, make your workflow faster by using the Ctrl+B command to duplicate the notes you want to copy.

Once it’s duplicated, paste where you want in the FL Studio.

How To Copy And Paste In Native And Third-Party VSTs

The copy and paste feature is intuitive for knobs and slider parameter values amongst other parameters in the VSTs. 

For those using VST3, it is so much easier to work your way around copy and paste. Assuming your current project involves two kick drums and you’ve turned down the volume of the second drum’s mixer insert.

To ensure uniformity in the volume of both drums, just right-click and select copy then go to a new mixer insert slider to repeat the right-clicking and then paste. 

It’s as simple as that!

Note; older versions of VST may find it impossible to use the right-click option to access the copy and paste state.

Manipulating Copy And Paste In Automaton Clips And Envelopes

Before we proceed.

How helpful have you found the lessons so far?


To copy and paste in your Fl Studio’s automation clips, you need to access the settings bar in this feature. Thereafter, look for an arrow or wrench near the envelope state you want to copy. 

In the menu, there should be a Copy state option. Click on it.


Access the automation clip channel settings you want to copy the state to. In the same menu, click Paste state. Now, both automation clips are identical.


Copying Presets And Effects Between Mixer Tracks In Fl Studio Version 20+

Having opened the mixer feature of the Fl Studio, tap on the insert option for your desired plugin to be copied. Then, double-tap on the downward-facing arrow beside the plugin.

You’ll see a pop-up, scroll down to see the Save preset as.  Drag Save preset as onto a new mixer insert or just left-click on it to save it for later use.

If you want to copy the effects chain, from one mixer insert to another, all you need to do is right-click the particular mixer insert you want to copy. Then click on Save mixer track state as located under the file pop-up.

Answers To Related Questions On How You Can Copy And Paste On Fl Studio

What is the shortcut to open the FL Studio’s mixer on the keyboard?

Simply tap on F9.

How do I move notes in FL Studio?

Moving the notes requires you to select them, hold the Shift + Up/Down arrow, and they will move up or down a semitone at a time.

What feature can you use to copy presets and effects between mixer tracks in FL Studio version 20+?

The feature to copy plugins between mixer inserts is Save preset as.

The feature to duplicate whole mixer inserts is Save mixer track state as.

What is the sequencer in FL Studio?

This is the feature that helps users to easily program things such as drums, which can then be added to the playlist.

Expert Tips On How You Can Copy And Paste Like A Pro On Fl Studio

  • The + and – keyboard button in the numerals part of your keyboard are shortcuts to change patterns easily.
  • Copied sequencer notes cannot be pasted in the Piano Rolls and vice versa.
  • You can use the shift-click command or just drag the arrow to copy multiple patterns at the same time.

Final Thoughts

Hopefully, this post has offered comprehensive insights on how to copy and paste on Fl Studio. And as a result, you should find it easier, more efficient, and enjoyable to use the FL Studio DAW.

Do you have questions, suggestions, or experiences to share? Please, make use of the box below and leave comments.

Hopefully, this provides you with a decent picture of this convenient and easy-to-use digital audio workstation. As you can see, FL Studio is a comprehensive environment to use for music production, and it is a great choice for beginners.

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