Announcing How To Save A Pattern In FL Studio Like The Pros

So you want to learn how to save a pattern in FL Studio? How about how to save a pattern in FL Studio 12?

This comprehensive tutorial guide would break down the process in the simplest form possible. Walking you from what you need to save a pattern to the different methods of saving these patterns in FL Studio.

In addition to that:

You would also uncover answers to FAQs as they relate to saving patterns in FL Studio.

Sounds cool?

Let’s get right into it.

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How To Save A Pattern In FL Studio

Don’t have much time to spare? Simply do this to save a pattern in FL Studio. 

  • Access the drop-down menu on the top left-hand side of the Piano Roll view’s toolbar.
  • Chose “File”.
  • Then click on “Save Score As”.

You will be able to access the saved pattern from anywhere in your FL Studio once you follow this procedure.


What if the pattern you intend to save is not a part of your ongoing project? In that case, you would need to continue reading.

Alternative A: Saving The Pattern Into MIDI Note

What you should know:

  • This method allows you to save patterns as a MIDI file.
  • Only the note data is copied.
  • You can save patterns for use in other tracks different from your ongoing project.


  1. Open the pattern

Highlight the correct pattern in the playlist view of your FL Studio by dragging your cursor from the top right corner of the piano roll diagonally to the left bottom corner of the piano roll.

Here, you should ensure that the correct pattern name is indicated. Also, the right professional VST instrument must be chosen.

This method best works where the step sequencer instead of the piano rolls button to place the notes. Got that, right?

To verify:

Access the pattern in the Piano Roll view to see if the notes placed in the step sequencer appear as MIDI notes.

Up next: 

  1. Save

Open the drop-down button to access the “save score as” option. It is directly under te “File” option.

Got that, right?

Now, let’s consider the second alternative.

Method B: Save As Audio File

  1. Highlight and choose the pattern

Follow step one in method A discussed above to highlight the duration of the pattern you are looking to save.

  1. Render the pattern as audio

Open the drop-down button on the left-hand side of the toolbar. Click on the “Render As Audio Clip” label and the “Render and replace” label.

Choose the “Render as audio clip” if you want to retain the original pattern. Use the “Render and replace” if you’re going to replace the pattern with the audio render.

  1. Saving

The final step is to save the rendered audio. A wave-like icon is located on the top left-hand side of the Piano Roll view of your FL Studio. Select it, and then click on “Make unique as a sample.”

What Do You Need To Save A Pattern In FL Studio?

  • FL Studio
  • A pattern
  • The ability to practice.

Nothing more, nothing less!

So now, let’s proceed to FAQs.

Answers To Related Questions On How To Save A Pattern In FL Studio

Can you save a pattern in FL Studio?

Yes, you can save a pattern as a MIDI note or as audio files in FL Studio. Depending on your choice, drag your cursor to highlight the part of the track you want to save as a pattern and choose the drop-dwon button to follow the necessary prompts.

How do I save a WAV pattern in FL Studio?

If you want to save a pattern of one or more instruments in .wav format then you can take either of these approaches.

You can simply open the song mode and put that pattern in the playlist channel then mute all other playlist racks. Hit render and export as .wav.


Mute all other instruments in the pattern maker, by going to song mode and render and export as .wav if you want to render all presence of a single instrument into a single sample.


Just send each instrument to individual mixer tracks and from there access the render options window and choose ‘Split Mixer Tracks’ if what you desire is to render all instruments present in the entire project into individual samples.

Can you save projects in FL Studio trial mode?

Yes, but you would not be able to open such files after saving.

Can you copy patterns in FL Studio?

Yes, you can. Using the keyboard shortcut(Ctrl+C) and (Ctrl+V) or following other routes to copy and paste notes from sound to sound, or pattern to pattern.

​​Can you pirate FL Studio?

Yes, there are a number of websites where you can download the hacked version of FL Studio. However, you should not do this for your own good. You may be exposing your PC to potential threats in the form of spyware, virus, malware, spam, among others.

However, you can sign up for the FL Studio trial version if you so desperately want a free version.

In Conclusion

You would find this tutorial on how to save a pattern in FL Studio whether you are a new or old user of FL Studio. This guide is tailored to help you maximize your experience with this DAW and you can use either of the methods discussed.