This Is Why FL Studio Keeps Crashing Intermittently On Your PC

I know how frustrating it is when you are running your FL Studio program and it keeps crashing intermittently, especially at a close interval.

So, is there a reason why FL Studio keeps crashing? Yes. And that’s what this post covers. Without cutting corners I will also show you how to correct these frustrating crashes.

After reading this article to the end, you would be able to keep your PC safe from these harmful FL Studio crashes.


  • Useful tips to ensure your fl studio does not crash after installing
  • Why FL Studio keeps crashing
  • How to fix your FL Studio crashes
  • Answers to other related question(s).

We go on to the first…

Useful Tips To Ensure Your Fl Studio Does Not Crash After Installing

To have a smooth running FL studio after installation, ensure the following:

First, you must have the required quality of ROM and RAM space. It is recommended that you have 10 GB of free disk space and 4 GB RAM at the minimum.

FL studio requires a 2 GHz AMD or Intel Pentium 3 CPU with full SSE1 support.

Have you got that right?


Please Tell Me Why FL Studio Keeps Crashing

The following are the popular reasons why FL Studio would keep on crashing, showing that annoying white blank space.

Thereby, imposing a frustrating workflow on producers whose works occasionally disappear without any traces. 

  1. The outdated version of FL Studio

They have upgraded the old version to fix the problem of crashing and other problems. So, if you are still using the old version of FL Studio, higher chances are you experiencing software crashing.

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  1. System lagging because of workload

A computer system is a multi-tasking machine. However, over-exploitation of this feature can deprive you of a smooth working experience with it.

So, your system would start slowing down in response if you have a load of opened programs on it. If this period of lagging continues, your running FL Studio can crash.

  1. Too many files are in the ‘downloaded folder’.

Another factor that is reported to lay pressure on your system, and in the long run crashes the FL Studio program, is when you load your ‘download folder’ with files exported from FL studio and those downloaded for use for your Studio project.

In this way…

Your system has a difficult time locating the files you want to use for your project.

  1. Lack of enough free space in the drives from which you run FL Studio.

Having considerable to plenty of free space left in the drive from which you are running FL studio will make the program run smoother unlike not having enough. So, expect perpetual crashes if there’s not much free space in your drive.

  1. CPU completely overloaded

A lot of crashes come from the CPU being overloaded and with many plugins involved.

  1. Incompatible third-party plugins

Another factor that can cause FL Studio to crash often is the use of incompatible third-party plugins.


Let’s now move, specifically, to fixing crashing FL Studio…

How To Fix Fl Studio Crashes Each Time You Experience It

  1. Use the legit, paid version of FL Studio. Don’t manage pirated one, as it’s bound to crash often.
  2. Use the latest version. The reason is that many problems have been fixed in the latest version.
  3. When you experience frequent crashing of FL Studio, turning off your computer can greatly help, as there are higher chances that the crashing would be much more reduced. 

Additionally, after you have restarted your computer, only open FL Studio so that your system would be light and be in better condition to run the heavy FL Studio program. Also, don’t use your internet right now.

  1. Create a project folder for your FL Studio projects. Don’t be fond of saving up your projects in the ‘download’ file of your computer. 

If you save all your projects in a special project folder, it will be easy for your computer to retrieve the necessary data for the project you would probably need to access. 

Also, your projects in a special folder save your projects from getting lost if at all you would still experience a program crashing.

  1. Make enough space on your Hard Drive from which you run FL Studio. This will help prevent the likelihood of your system lagging and, in the long run, reduce the chances of FL Studio crashing. 
  2. Keep some control over your CPU to ensure that it’s not overloaded.

Other Related Question On Why Fl Studio Keeps Crashing

Are there alternatives to FL Studio?

The following analysis best helps you to resolve any crises you might be facing on an alternative to FL Studio.

  1. Cubase is the best-paid alternative 
  2. Ableton Live: Best Alternative To FL Studio For Live Performance
  3. Reaper: Best Budget Alternative
  4. LMMS: Best Free Alternative.

How Do You Stop A Program From Crashing?

The following are different tips for solving a program crash.

For starters:

  1. Restart your computer. Mostly this often works fine, as it helps cool your computer from tensions and thus can help solve crashing programs.
  2. Disable all running programs then start a new program (I.e the program that crashed) to see if the crash is caused by a particular program. 

If that program works, then you know that there’s a particular program that causes the crash. 


You can resort to this next if the two tips discussed above do not ameliorate your situation.

  1. Go to the control panel>window firewall. Then, turn off the firewall. 
  2. Turn off the window’s malicious tools.

In Conclusion

While there is no means to stop the crashing of FL Studio 100%, you can always reduce and control the chances of it crashing and I believe this must you have discovered in this piece entitled Why FL Studio keeps crashing.


Implement these tips and share to your producer-friends!