Announcing The Accepted Guide On How To Add Drum Kits To Fl Studio

Do you want to know how to add drum kits to FL studio? Well, this is quite a straightforward task to accomplish if you have the right tools at hand. 

Many people ‌realize how helpful it is to unlock the skills of adding drum kits in the musical workflow. It’s good you are ready to join this bandwagon!

In this piece, I’ll be showing you a step-by-step process on how to add drum kits to FL studio and also show you some of the best FL studio drum kits.

Can you see we are heading somewhere? Let’s fly!

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A Practical Guide On How To Add Drum Kits To Fl Studio

When you newly purchased the FL studio, you get to find out that it comes with its own type of drum kits and sounds. Mind you, these beasts are enough to produce your own song but sometimes reverse is the case. 

I’ll tell you why!

This is because producers have a stock of drum samples, melodies and loops that they have worked and, therefore, would want to incorporate into their production.

Well, if you are new to music production, this could be a whole mysterious process to you, but ‌with this you’ll find it effortless to add your first drum kit to FL studio

Organize Your Drum Samples

This is the first and most important step. It is wise to put all your contents into one parent folder and also store it so you can recognize. By doing this, you already have a setup on how your drum kit would look like. The snare arrangement, kick and the likes. 

Arranging your kits properly is totally up to you, but then it’s better for it to be organized, rather than scattered. It would make your workflow enjoyable.

Open The File Settings And Scroll To File Settings

This is where you open the software. It’s pretty easy to do, open it and locate the transport controller at the upper left angle. Open the file settings and do what is needed, then you’d be able to add your kits to the file directories. 

I really hope you’re understanding this!

Add Your Folder To Fl Studio

Still having your file settings windows on, just at the bottom part you’ll find ‘Browse extra file search’ and under it you’ll find blank rows. This is where you can add kits to FL studio and also other needs that you may want to access.

There are empty folders on the blank arrows, click them and your system will take you automatically to your default file browser settings. With this open, locate your drum kit folder and then press OK. Then you see what you’re adding, finally populate the blank screen. 

This is not a difficult process as you would just drag your drum kits into the main FL studio directory. This process is repeatable for any folder you’ll be needing to add to the FL file directory.

Drag And Drop Folders In Fl Studio

Just like any other software you might use, there is only one easy way to add drum kits to FL studio and that is the drag-and-drop process. Having followed the above steps, drag and drop your drum kits in the FL directory. 

You’re done! Pretty easy, right?

Now you know how to add drum kits to FL studio, don’t you think you need to know some of the best FL studio drum kits for your musical workflow?

Let’s get started!

List Of The Best Fl Studio Drum Kits

Talking about beat making, we ‌discover that drum kits are pretty important for your music. It is one thing to add drum kits to FL studio and also it’s an entirely unique process to add the best to your beat making process.

You wouldn’t want to miss this!

  • Nightmare king drum kit

This kit gives you a cool feel, not only that, quality bass expression. This kit gives you that Meek Mill and 50 cent vibes.

  • TM-88 drum kit

From a quality high sound to claps, trap snares and other unique features. If you are looking forward to making delightful music, then you definitely should try out the TM-88 drum kit.

  • The cook up drum kit

This is an amazing product with unique features. From its exceptional sound in terms of kick, claps and snare. It also comes with over 15 samples for tests that would be helpful in rock style and also hip hop. This would surely make your production pleasing.

  • Supreme drum kits

Just like the TM-88 drum kits, they have similar qualities. The same sound, kicks and also the trap hay sounds. All are amazing features needed to give your production the best.

  • Trap elite drum kit

This product contains a wide range of kicks, snares, hi hats, etc. Just another product that would give you an absolutely perfect production sound.

Answers To Faqs

Will these kits work well in FL studio?

These kits come in a format accepted by the FL studio so they are going to work perfectly well. They will also work with Ableton, Cubase, logic pro and other daws you may have. 

Of what benefit will a drum kit be to my production process?

Adding a drum kit to your production process makes it look extra professional and also helps you express better as a producer because you get to work with kits, samples, melodies, loops you have created in the past. It would really broaden your knowledge on production.

The End

Having found out the basic things you need to know about adding a drum kit to FL studio, I believe you must now have a better understanding of how to add to your first drum kit.

It could be a whole intuitive process, but trust me, it’s not something you can’t do. 

The file settings might be the only part that may give you issues, but if you do well to follow the entire process, then you have no issues adding a drum kit or sample to FL studio.

Catch you some other time!