A Beginner’s Guide On How To Install Nexus In Fl Studio

Do you want to learn how to install Nexus in FL Studio?.

This article got you covered!

Adding Nexus plugin to your FL Studio is one way to get the most out of your one time investment in this DAW. And you’ll find it to be as simple as ABC once you read this post to the end.

Here is a breakdown of what this post contains;

First, you’ll need to understand:

  • What is FL Studio?
  • What is the Nexus plugin?
  • What is Nexus used for in FL studio? 

Then, I’ll now give you the note on

  • How to install Nexus plugin to your PC device, and…
  • How to add Nexus plugin to FL Studio.

Sounds impressive, right?

  1. What Is Fl Studio?

FL stands for Fruityloop as it was previously called before 2003. Image-line, the Belgian company developed the program.

FL Studio is a Digital Audio Workstation (DAW), just like Studio One, Tracktion, and other DAWs ever created.

DAW softwares allows users to record, edit, and produce digital audio sounds from scratch, and FL Studio is one of these pieces of software.

Let me quickly let you know that FL studio comes in four editions for Microsoft Windows and macOS. And also, there are editions specially made for iPhone and Android mobiles.

Did you grab that? Yes. Good! 

Let’s now move on to discuss Nexus.

  1. What Is Nexus (VST)?

Nexus is a Virtual Studio Technology (VST), a plugin that can be used not only in FL studio but for any DAW software available out there.

While there are various VST plugins out there, we categorize them differently based on the major task they perform.

Synth plugins, content library plugins, and effect plugins are the major categories under which we have the various plugins.

Among these categories, the Nexus plugin belongs to the library content plugins. 

Of course, it is a library content plugin because it contains content, ‌ a lot of digital sounds.

Hold that first as well.

So, you have understood what Nexus entails ‌and you have known a major purpose it serves based on the contents it carries.

Now specifically, let’s tell you what does Nexus for FL Studio help with?

  1. What Is Nexus Used For In Fl Studio?

Simple! When you have the Nexus plugin installed and added to your FL Studio program, you have just saved your time going through the process of creating your desired sound from the scratch.

This is because of how Nexus was built. They built it to serve as an alternative format to use within FL Studio and to get your needed sounds available for your use instead of creating a new sound from the scratch had it been to work with FL studio with no plugin installed.

This is the breakdown of how Nexus works…

Nexus provides an array of already made sounds which are guitar, flutes, and many other pretty cool sounds that serve as templates from which FL studio users can pick from to spice up their track instead of creating the desired sound from scratch.

I’m sure by now, if some terms sound technical to you before reading this article, they will no longer sound technical to you because you have fed yourself with lots of facts about this subject under discussion.

So we continue!

I’m to right away give you the note on how to install the Nexus plugin into your FL studio so that you ‌ enjoy the benefits.

Up next;

  1. How To Download And Install Nexus Plugin On Pc Device For Free

Here we go…

  1. Log on to the internet. A simple “download nexus for PC” would help.

There are many websites that offer free download of Nexus plugin as google results would make you realize.

Google would bring various internet sources that allow free download of Nexus; mostly, Refx Nexus version 2.

You would then find the sources arranged as this…




Paptwa, and others.

So, let’s say you click and open the second rank from your google search results.

That is “my software free”. 

Once you are on this site, you will find some helpful information like ‘system requirements’ and ‘compatible host software’ in which FL Studio should be included.

And you’ll find, of course, the procedures and link to download the Refx Nexus version 2, which would work cool with FL Studio.

Do carefully read the system requirements and also the disk space requirement, so that you save yourself from unnecessary frustrations.

So, we continue…

  1. Scroll down and click on the bar ‘file’, which will include the data space it will consume.
  2. Follow the stated instructions on how to extract your downloaded file using the password provided on the site.
  3. Install Nexus 2 Setup.exe
  4. Copy the “Nexus Content” folder to the location of your choice.
  5. Load plugin and it will auto-scan your hard disk for the content folder.

Yes! I’m sure you’ve agreed with me that before you should see how to get Nexus added to your FL studio, you must have gotten it downloaded and installed to your device. You agree. Good.

Now that you’ve successfully downloaded and installed the Nexus on your PC following the instructions left above, I can now go on to give you the notes on how to install Nexus in your FL Studio and apply cool sounds to your tracks.

Hence, we go on to the fifth heading of this article.

5. How To Install Nexus In Fl Studio

  1. Open your FL studio software to show the dashboard.
  2. In the FL studio, your Nexus should be in your plugins folder. So, go to the sidebar and open the ‘plugins’ folder. 
  3. Right-click on the Nexus file and click on ‘add’.
  4. Now, ‌see the Nexus interface appear at the face of your FL Studio dashboard.

There you are!

In Conclusion

If you have read this article meticulously from the beginning to this point, you now have considerable knowledge of what Nexus and FL studio entails. 

And ‌you must have learned how to install Nexus in FL Studio conveniently.

On that note, I wish you good luck as you spice up your music production with Nexus plugin in your FL Studio!