Types Of Earbuds

Earbuds are ubiquitous, they can be found everywhere and are primarily used for listening pleasure and there are also various types of earbuds that are really very common and trendy these days. Earbuds are designed for you to insert into your ears and they are lightweight and portable, although there is a misconception about the use of earbuds that they are misconstrued to damage the eardrums, this notion should be corrected as they only post a threat when they are used on the highest volume asides this they are very useful especially in times like this where people stay glued to their phones.

Earbuds are a common trend now and they come in different shapes, sizes, and designs, some are wireless and some are wired and also earbuds are more preferable to headphones because headphones are more heavy compared to earbuds. Nowadays earbuds are used for fashion and they are great for sound quality and noise isolation.

Earbuds have been helping people get through a lot and gets things done easily when it comes to anything relating to audio because earbuds are just like headphones, they can be used to listen to music, audiobooks, podcasts, voice notes and so on. As earlier said earbuds come in various designs and shapes depending on the model which determines the great features they offer. So if you are in search of comfortable or appropriate earbuds or earbuds with improved sound quality, there are lots of great different models of earbuds to suit this purpose.

Even though earbuds are quite costly unlike other headphones, they are worth the money because they come with various kinds of the latest technology. When it comes to earbuds it most time often mistaken with canal phones because they are also designed like earbuds whereas the most popular brands of earbuds manufacture are Apple, Amazon, or Sennheiser earbuds. 

When it comes to earbuds we have different types of earbuds 

Since earbuds are the smaller form of headphones, whereas when it comes to headphones we have two different types we have the wired earbuds and wireless earbuds, so when it comes to getting earbuds you have to make a compromise and decision on which type of headphone to go for either wired or wireless, each of them has their various different functions and the earbuds fall under the wireless type of headphones. Earbuds are worn to rest on the outer ear while some will fit directly into your ear canal and also when it comes to earbuds some are designed with a band that sits up and stays behind the ear while some are designed with bands to stay around the neck.

We have different types of popular earbuds depending on the style, quality, budget, model, usage and brand of your choice, so the different types of available earbuds that are popular are the standard earbuds, earbuds that have a safe audio limit, sports earbuds, wired earbuds, wireless earbuds and earbuds with microphone. We would take a look at these different varieties of earbuds one after the other

  1. Standard Earbuds

When it to standard earbuds, they are the most common earbuds you would see around that are being used today, they are usually placed right at the opening of our ear canal. Standard earbuds are usually placed to rest on the ridge of the outer ear and they have the ability to produce less noise isolation.

  1. Earbuds That Have A Safe Audio Limit

We have earbuds that are specifically made with safe audio limit because if you’re the type that it’s not really bothered about the earbuds loud music volume or you are avoiding earbuds with loud music volume probably because of any ear issues then you should go for earbuds brand that offers safe audio limit, these will let you enjoy music the way you want and without causing or adding to any ear damage issues.

  1. Sports Earbuds

When it comes to sports especially like running or jogging you might need music to keep you on the go, this is why there are different brands of sports earbuds out there to suit this purpose. When it comes to sports earbuds they are often made to be perfectly safe for sports and they are also made to be sweatproof and waterproof. The sports earbuds allow you to easily adjust the music volume as you exercise without you having to stop on the go.

  1. Wired Earbuds

Unlike wireless earbuds that are easy to misplace, wired earbuds are made to substitute for people who get things as small as that lost easily. This is one of the major reasons we have the wired earbuds as they fit perfectly and comfortably inside your ear and around it. But when it comes to wired earbuds they easily get tangled and this might damage faster, so most of them have a short lifespan.

  1. Wireless Earbuds 

Wireless earbuds are the new trends now. Even though wireless earbuds can easily get lost, wire headsets cab be quite annoying especially when it comes to untangling the wires most of the time you want to make use of them, this is why wireless earbuds are more preferable, the wireless earbuds with Bluetooth technology and they connect wirelessly with your device and they are easy to carry around and doesn’t easily get damaged, unlike wired earbuds that get tangled often.

  1. Earbuds With Microphone

Some earbuds brands and models come with a microphone and they are very great when it comes to making calls especially when in a noisy environment. The microphone also helps to increase the versatility of the earbuds also.

What to look out for before getting an earbud

Before getting an earbud there are some specs to look out for if you really want to enjoy your earbuds, specs like the battery life, weight, comfort, frequency response, and mono vs stereo.

Battery life

Before getting an earbud one of the major factors to watch out for is the battery life as this will let you enjoy the earbuds well. Because earbuds with the long battery life will let you enjoy your music for a long time without having to charge it all the time.


Normally earbuds are supposed to be lightweight. So if your earbuds are heavy for your ear it means it is not the right earbuds for you to use because they are specifically made to be light on your ears when worn and even some earbuds are made to be super light so that you won’t feel you’re putting on anything on your ears when using it.


Earbuds are supposed to be really comfy to wear. Always go for comfortable earbuds

Frequency Response

This has to do with the earbud’s audio quality. Most earbuds have a frequency response mode range of about 20-20,000 Hz.

Mono Vs Stereo

When it comes to mono and stereo, some earbuds can be mono while some can be stereo, reasons are mono earbuds let’s you adjust the volume of each earbud separately while stereo lets you adjust it separately.

However, asides these specs, how you also take care of your earbuds really matters, as these will determine how long they will last regardless of their specs.


Earbuds are great when it comes to comfort, compatibility, sound quality, stable fit especially when it comes to sports, they have great passive noise isolation and they have fewer leakages, these are the great reasons why you should get an earbud.

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