How To Sing Like Mariah Carey During Her Prime

The “Queen Victoria” of mainstream vocal:

Her signature use of whistle register. Her merismatic voice. Add those to that 5-octave vocal range.

What do you get?

Inspired fans like you and me.

And just to make this clear:

Though Mariah Carey is an all-time legendary songwriter, actress, and singer, her music career is in 2 phases. First, during the 1990s, there was the strictly TECHNICALLY FLAWLESS Mariah.

Fast-forward to early 2016: 

She dropped the technicality (blame it on past stresses) and went freestyle, but still with that her Songbird Supreme voice.

So to speak:

In this guide, I will show you how to sing like Mariah Carey during her prime.

Ready? Look below.

An Overview Of Mariah Carey’s Vocals


About Mariah Carey’s voice, she has;

  • A warm, mute, vowel, bright tone feminine voice.
  • Coloratura soprano (ie. her voice blasts when she gets higher).
  • A very wide range (due to an excellent technique).
  • Considerable agility on her lower register and supports her lower notes very beautifully. This makes some consider she’s a mezzo-soprano with a high approach.
  • Less power, agility, and presence on her lower, less than those of a true mezzo.
  • An amazing neuro-vocal technique.
  • One of the most impressive and expressive whistle tones.

Awesomazing, right?

Let’s get you groomed:

Learning The Technical Aspect To Mariah Carey’s Vocals


This training is in 3 levels. But trust me, it’s all you need. Just follow my easy BOLD steps.

First one:

  • Understanding Whistle Tones And Learning How To Produce Them + 5 Exercises


  • Take a deep breath and close your throat tight mid-inhalation.
  • Try pushing a bit of hair out right there where your throat is tightly closed. (Never worry about that whimpering sound. It’s a sign that you’re on track).
  • Try the 2 steps above gain. Repeat over and over.
  • You’ve gotten it if you’re able to push that air out for 3 seconds without straining your voice.


Well, you only know when you try it. 

You may want to see this video by Amazan Karene on how to use whistle notes like a pro.

But wait, here are some…

4 Cool Techniques For Whistle Register Singing

First one:

The Yawny-Whistle Technique

  • Take a deeeep breath from your diaphragm.
  • As if you’re yawning, say the word “ah” with your jaw and chest relaxed.
  • Press the air coming out with the word “ah”, using your throat.
  • Try getting a squeaky whistle with that.


Here’s another technique…

The Whiny Puppy Technique

  • Produce a low breath from your diaphragm.
  • Slightly open your mouth and try saying the word “ah” but this time like saying “hey!”.
  • Like a whiny puppy, produce a bit of breath in your throat region while pressing your throat wall against it.
  • Try getting a squeaky whistle as you do that and try controlling the whistle between high and low.

That’s it. You’re there:

The Weight Lifter Technique

  • Find a low breath right from your diaphragm.
  • Try saying the word ah, as in “hey”.
  • Pretend like you’re lifting weight and press the “ah” air against your throat.
  • Now, try to make a whistle on the “ah”.


The Whistling Bird Technique

  • Drag a lower breath from your diaphragm.
  • Open your mouth like you’re about to say “ah”.
  • Like a tropical parrot, press the air coming with the “ah” against your throat.
  • Try making a caw or a whistle mid-that.

See, easy does it.

Now that you have a whistle register, your next training will be about…

  • Getting Started Singing Coloratura Soprano + Exercises

Intricate melismas. Big leaps. Trills.

Those are the words used in every discussion about Coloratura of which Mariah uses with perfection.

Simply put:

Coloratura is classical singing ornamentation with improvised vocal flourishes. Most classical singers love calling it runs.


Here’s how to sing Coloratura without hurting your voice:

Connect With Your Lower Support Muscles

Don’t fret:

A simple Staccato exercise will get you to your core where you strengthen all the muscles there and increase your overall flexibility.


Here, in this video by J VOICE SCHOOL, is a powerful 5 minutes Staccato exercise you should do right now and here before proceeding.


Practice Pitch Accuracy And Intervals

Now, hear this:

Accuracy is key to dead-on notes that are never sloppy. But how do you achieve it?

Easy dough:

This incredible exercise video by JACOBS VOCAL ACADEMY is all you need for pitch accuracy and flexibility development/growth.

Read Boring “Old School” Books Written By The Vocal Masters


There’s an everflowing ocean of knowledge of Coloratura out there. Though most of the books are boring and “old school”, pondering over their content will widen your knowledge base.

Want my recommendations?

Here goes:

  • Coloratura Cadenzas by Estelle Liebling
  • Bel Canto by Mathilde Marchesi

Yes, just two… cause those are my best.


Understanding Neuro-vocal Technique

Think about it:

How do you produce instrumental songs without actually playing any musical instrument?

Neuro-cal technique. It gets even better when you use it with instruments and sing at the same time. Mariah Carey does this all the time.


Neuro-vocal is one massive field on the musical landscape. But you need it to sing like Mariah Carey. That’s why I am recommending this tutorial compilation by Meredith Colby.

And it’s a wrap:

That’s all you need to start singing like Mariah Carey.



In case you need further help, recommendations, or have something to share, use the comment box below. I will be right there with you.

See you on the next page. #StaySafe.