John Mayer Vocal Range | How To Sing Like John Mayer

John Mayer’s genre of music has earned him a spot amongst the A-listed singers of our time. The American-born singer, songwriter, and guitarist started his career in the late 1990s and has been in the spotlight ever since. 

And when it comes to achievements: 

Mayer has won 7 Grammy awards from 14 nominations and also sold over 17 million record sales worldwide. He had 8 studio albums and several singles.

See his vocal profile below:

John Mayer Vocal Range

Here are some tips on John Mayer’s voice; 

  • John Mayer has a Baritone voice which is very unique 
  • His Vocal Range: E♭2 -D5 [ 2 Octaves 6 Notes 1 Semitone ]

He hardly strains his voice too hard whenever he sings despite the tone of it. And I am saying this based on my study of his songs and the pitch he took on in his songs;

  • His song with the LOWEST pitch: Who You Love (E2-D4)
  • His song with the HIGHEST pitch: Great Indoors (C3-A5)

In these two songs, he took his voice on a whole different level, showing years of constant practice and experience. 

You can also attain this level and sing like John Mayer:

All you have to do is meticulously follow the steps and practices I am about to share with you in this article. 

Let’s get into it:

How To Sing Like John Mayer

Here are a few tips on attaining a voice and a singing style like John Mayer’s:

  • Understand His Voice

Remember this at all times:

To learn to sing like him, you need to know how John actually sings. You must figure out the central features of his style. 

And well:

John has a light voice and does not use a lot of heavy belting.

In my opinion:

The nicest thing about John Mayer’s approach is that he always has smooth transitions between notes and resonances. This shows his level of expertise in vocals. 

You know:

Smooth transitions make you sound like a professional and like you are naturally good at it.


  • Know His Blue Style

It’s obvious:

John Mayer has a very blue style when he sings. So, it is important to learn how to make your voice blue.

You know:

Doing this will automatically make you sound a little like him. Moreover, he always chooses such types of melodies too. Both these things combine to form big hits. If you do the same thing, you could be able to sing like him.


  • Pronunciation Difference

John Mayer has a polished way of singing, which allows his words in his songs to sound very differently.


To know how he pronounces his words, you should watch his live concert videos. I mean the videos where he sings his raw voice and also videos of him talking. 

Have you just done that? Yes?

You should be able to learn a lot about his pronunciation. Listen to his songs and focus on which words he pronounces differently and how he does it. 

Here’s a good tip:

You can also write them down so it doesn’t slip your mind. Practice speaking those words the same way, even integrate them into your everyday conversation. 

The thing is:

Once you learn how to speak them, you will be able to sing them easily.


  • Smooth Transition

Did you know?

John Mayer sings lighter and then transitions into a falsetto in a very smooth way. To learn this technique, you must learn to sing falsetto first. 


Well. falsetto is the highest note that you can sing apart from your natural voice. It requires a lot of practice to get perfection.

But careful:

Ensure that you don’t yell thinking you are singing falsetto. When you’ve mastered falsetto, you will then need to practice smooth transitioning. For that, you will need a lot of determination, focus, and practice.

Moving on:

  • Listen to Blues

Another great tip:

A good way to learn how John Mayer sings is to have excellent knowledge about his music genre, BLUES. He sings like blues but only lighter. 


You have to imitate that and sing like that too. Try to sing blue but in a lighter voice and you will see yourself sounding like John Mayer.

Moving on:

  • Focus on the Lyrics

Read that again:

Focusing and connecting with the lyrics will help you sing lighter. Make sure you learn the lyrics to his songs by heart so you can get acclimated to the song. 

But mind you:

When you know the lyrics, try to feel them from within and you will be able to sing like John Mayer. 

Even better:

You could write a song similar to John Mayer’s once you’re connected with his lyrics and have listened to most of his songs. But for this purpose, your lyrics must be deep and telling a story.

Moving on:

  • Guitar and Singing


John Mayer’s singing style and his guitar playing go hand in hand. It has gotten to the point where the audience feels if he doesn’t play his guitar while he sings, it’s no John Mayer. 

So, get this:

Even after following all the steps mentioned above, you still need to know how to play the guitar and use karaoke sounds. 

My take:

You can find helpful tutorials about those on the internet.

Next up:

  • Hire a Vocal Trainer

That’s right:

Blues is not easy so it requires a lot of guidance and practice. Some help and guidance from a trainer will make attaining that type of voice a lot easier.

Even better:

A vocal coach will also help you improve your flaws and make your singing better overall. It is a great step to take to not only sing like John Mayer but also to improve your voice and your style.


  • Practice


Practice is the most important thing in mastering or learning anything. Several practice sessions will make it easier for you to sing like our legend here.


It is better that you use his songs at first to practice because, subconsciously, you will adopt his singing style this way. 

In Conclusion

John Mayer is a widely known and accomplished singer but you can also become one. You can attain a voice and a singing style like his by following all the steps mentioned above.


If you think you need more help, reach me in the comments below and I will be glad to help as always.

Bye for now.