An Easy-To-Read Approach On How To Write A Song From The Heart

If you aspire to move hearts with your records, then there is no two way about it. It is a must that you learn how to write a song from the heart.

In my experience, these are the top reasons why you may struggle to create an emotive song for your audience.

  • The lack of originality in your songwriting/singing process.
  • The unwillingness to feel vulnerable on your songs.
  • Singing when your body is tensed.
  • Poorly developed vocal techniques, among many others.

Here is the truth:

Mastering the art of emotional release and making it a part of each song you record is what it means to sing from your heart.

Did you get that?

So, if you have always wanted to make emotionally intriguing songs, this post is what you need to get started.

Let’s proceed:

5 Useful Tips On How To Write A Song From The Heart

Listen To Songs You Find Emotional

The easiest way to get a thing done is to build on existing copies of completed tasks in that field. Writing a song from the heart is a complicated task but you can make it simpler by drawing inspiration from the records of others.

Don’t box yourself to a particular genre, explore various sounds, and on that basis set yourself up for success when writing your own emotional song.

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Brainstorm Ideas

Writing a song from the heart means you are writing something that ticks off the emotion checklist. And there are various types of emotions. Love, anger, sadness, rage, frustration, among many others.

Decide on the central emotion you want to base the song on. Then explore your experiences or the experiences of your folks to describe the central emotion of the song.

Then curate a list of trigger words that best describe the emotion under consideration so you can emphasize them in the lyrics of your song.

Be Honest About Your Feelings

Simply sharing how you feel without holding back is another surefire means to writing a song that strikes the emotional chord in your listeners.

Whenever you feel like writing a song, search deep for what triggers you. Be brutally honest with yourself, neglect what others may think. 

If you follow this approach, you are more likely ‌to end up with a song that ranks high on the emotional scale.

Proper Vocal Techniques

A key to writing songs that are observed to come from the heart is proper vocal techniques to render the songs in such a manner that would allow the emotional feature of the song to shine through.

How a song is performed largely determines whether a song would turn to people’s hymns or just another song in their library. This means you have to take the song performance with as much seriousness as you did while writing it.

These techniques are primary to emotional songs:

  • Vibrato 
  • Riffs and runs
  • Expressive body languages
  • Vocal fry
  • Falsetto
  • Head, chest, and mixed voice.

Just what if ‌these are a hassle for you? What if you are not gifted musically to sing the song you have written? Well, find someone who knows how to sing.

Structure Your Songs To Suit The Emotional Depth Of The Song

It is only after you’ve written everything you feel about the song that you should proceed to put a structure to the song.

There is no fixed format to create a song structure. Forget about the common Intro/verse/chorus/verse/chorus/outro format.

An emotional song should be original both in lyrics, production and in its form. So, you can play around with the song structure as you please.

The Melody And Rhythm Of The Songs Should Be Emotional

The beat of the song basically refers to the result of combining guitar, piano, drums, and other musical instruments together to make a beautiful tune over which the song is curated.

Record And Review

Before laying the song on a beat; record a version of the song with no instrumental. This would help you observe the emotions present in the song with no prejudice. Play the songs to select folks who have an attentive ear for music to hear their opinion. Make changes accordingly!

Examples Of Songs That Are Emotional

Check this list for powerful emotional songs to inspire your songwriting.

  • Gotye – Somebody That I Used to Know
  • Sam Smith – Stay With Me
  • The Fray – How to Save a Life
  • Amy Winehouse – Back to Black
  • Adele – Hello
  • Pink Floyd – Wish You Were Here

Expert Nuggets On How To Write Songs People Find Emotive

Don’t pressure yourself!

The desire to write a heartfelt song can become your jail if care is not taken. As much as you should be enthusiastic and emotionally invested in writing emotional songs. 

Keep your desires healthy lest you feel intimidated. You need to take your time to crack the code of writing songs from the heart, especially if you are a beginner.

Songwriting is supposed to be an enjoyable and emotionally refreshing process. Don’t unpack it into a dreadful process.

Do I have to yell or scream to sing from the heart?

Screaming or indiscriminate yelling is not synonymous with heartfelt songs. Blindly doing these on your songs is how you damage your voice without even knowing.

How long does it take to write an emotional song?

It is hard to say this is the average time ‌to write a song, talk less of an emotional song. Some singers can conveniently write a song to completion in less than 15 minutes or even shorter. For some, it can take days, weeks, or even months.

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Final Words

It is my belief that this article has shed more light on how to write a song from the heart. Whatever lessons you have gained from this post would surely improve your songwriting skills if you diligently apply them to your writing process.


Know that there is no fixed way to write songs. It is up to you to find what works for you and stick to it.

What else?

It’s time to write some emotionally interesting songs for you and your fans!