How To Write A Meaningful Song That You Are Proud To Share To The World

Thousands of newly released songs are uploaded on the internet every day yet how many of these songs are meaningful?

The only way your audience can resonate with your song is to make it meaningful to their ears, brain, and mind. Now, this may seem difficult if you’re just starting out and are clueless on how best to get started. 

This meticulous article on how to write a meaningful song will show you how you can effortlessly write songs that are meaningful, emotional, and unique. 

Here’s a highlight of the key things discussed in this article; 

  • The practical approach to learning how to write a meaningful song
  • The benefits of knowing how to write a meaningful song.
  • Answers to the most asked questions on writing meaningful songs
  • Concluding thoughts


For starters…

The Practical Approach To Learning How To Write A Meaningful Song

If you don’t have the time to read the detailed explanation of how to write a meaningful song. Here’s a summary of all the things you need to do;

  • Brainstorm on the emotion you want to evoke with your song
  • Connect the emotion to an emotional experience
  • Fit the emotion into the chorus of the song
  • Expatiate the theme in the verses of the song.
  • Lay the song on a melody.
  • Edit the song

Now, let’s delve deeper by connecting the dots of the aforelisted with the topic at hand. Take a moment to check out how to write a country song.

Meaningful songs are emotional

Meaningful songs are emotional songs. People find meaning in the emotional experiences of others, this is because we are social beings with shared worldviews. Before picking your pen and pad, brainstorm on the emotion you want to evoke in your listener whenever they listen to your song.

Rage, despair, anger, annoyance, love, hate, loneliness are some of the emotions you may seek to evoke in your audience.

Connect to your personal experience

Many of the greatest songs are inspired by the writer’s personal experience. If you have experienced something, there is a larger audience of peopple with similar experiences. You could focus on your childhood or recent happenings in your life to connect the dots.

Fit the emotion in the song

Write the chorus of the song, then proceed to writing the verses. The chorus is usually the same throughout the duration of the song so it pays to start with it. Ensure it amplifies the theme of the song. The verses offer a detailed insight into what the chorus embodies.

Lay the song on a melody

Arrange your song into the best possible structure, which includes chorus/hook/verse/bridge/outro/intro. Now, that you’ve structured it. Lay it over a melody. You can easily download beats from the internet or make one yourself.

Instrumentals such as piano, drums, guitar, ukulele can be used solo or blended toggether to create a melody for your song.

Refine, rewrite, and edit the song

After writing the song, putting a structure to it, and fitting it with right emotion you may assume your job is done. No! It isn’t. It is time to edit the song, to replace some of the words. Merely editing your work can transform your song into an outstanding body of work. So, find the time to edit your songs.

Expert Tips On How To Write A Meaningful Song

Use the following tips to jumpstart your ability to create unique, meaningful, and memorable songs;

Go beyond the 3 UPs

If you want to impact your audience with a meaningful song then you should shift your mindset from the three ups many songwriters write about, that is love up, break up, and makeup. 

There is no fixed starting point

Some factions in the songwriting community believe the best way to start a song is to first choose a melody, others find it more comfortable doing the actual songwriting before experimenting with the right tune to sing it to.

Do whatever works for you, be flexible; the crux of the matter is to end up with a song! How you go about writing does not really have much importance.

Collaborate often

Whenever you feel you’re not performing at your best when writing a song, I think it helps you to collaborate with other songwriters. A popular saying goes thus, two heads are better than one. Whenever you’re struggling with your songwriting, talk to other songwriters and you’ll be amused by how helpful their suggestions can be.

Write from important personal experiences

Write about the important things in your life  —relationships, childhood memories, emotional experiences, among others. Many of the world’s successful songs that are both meaningful and memorable take inspiration from the writer’s personal experience.

Great lyrics are the bedrock of meaningful songs

You can’t hide behind great cadence, flow, and melody alone if you want to end up with a meaningful song. Great lyrics lie at the core of any meaningful song. Spend as much time as possible refining, rewriting the lyrics of the song.

The chorus should be simple, catchy, and help the audience understand the theme of the song. The verses should deepen their understanding of the theme.

Benefits Of Writing Meaningful Songs

  • It refines your artistic prowess.
  • Dishing out meaningful songs helps you improve your skills.
  • It sets you apart from the mumbling artists in the industry.

Answers To FAQs On How To Write A Meaningful Song

How can I write my own songs?

You can begin by first creating a melody then writing a song that flows to it or writing the lyrics before coming up with a melody. The choice is yours!

Can anyone write a good song?

Insofar you are able to think of song ideas, but the words that evoke the right emotion, and structure the song appropriately, then you have every ability to make a good song. 

Can I learn songwriting?

Yes, you can. Songwriting is a skill that can be learned even if you are not talented at it.

In Conclusion

This article has shown you how to write a meaningful song. As much as it is an art, it is also demanding. To birth meaningful songs, you must be able to purge the mediocrity in your creativity. The more effort you exert into writing conscious songs that are meaningful, the easier you find it.

If your effort keeps birthing meaningless songs, don’t give up. Continue at it, toss the bad ones aside, your consistency would pay off eventually. That I am sure of!