How To Write A Heartbreak Song Balanced With Emotion And Context

Let me ask you:

How do you go deal with heartbreaks? Do you wallow in self-pity? Become a recluse? Or do you turn the experience into a heartbreak song? 

Heartbreak songs are easy to write for those who already mastered how to write a song from the heart.


This post is for you if you don’t know how to write a heartbreak song.

In addition, you will also learn about‌:

  • Are heartbreak songs misconceived?
  • What is the importance of unlocking how to write a breakup song?
  • Answers to FAQs on writing breakup songs.

Now, let’s focus on the business at hand.

How To Write A Heartbreak Song (A Must Read)

Identify the root emotion

Heartbreak does not literally mean you suffered. Sometimes, it could be a good thing for you. So, explore the emotions revolving around the heartbreak before you begin to write the song at all.

What emotions do you feel?

Loss? Rage? Betrayal? Relief? 

Think about it!

Describe the events leading to the heartbreak

Before you form your hook, chorus, outro, bridge, or other parts of the song.

Do this first;

Describe the event that brought you together with the other party. Done? Take it a step further, describe in clear terms the event that caused the breakup. 

Doing this would give you a clearer understanding of what you are writing on, it also helps you to avoid being too specific about details of the breakup in your heartbreak song.

Structure the description into a song

You can ‌formulate your chorus, bridge, verses, intro.

These are the parts that make up the song. The most common structure is intro, verse — chorus — verse — chorus —bridge — chorus — outro. 

However, you can diverge from this standard. Your songs; your rules!

The chorus of the song should summarize the bid idea of your song while the verses are where the story of the heartbreaks builds, advances, and ends.

Accent the trigger words

You can connect your audience better with the emotions in your song by emphasizing the words that highlight these emotions. Build the energy in your song by learning how to elongate emotions with phrasing. 

Experienced song composers usually place the emotional words on downbeats or the first beat of each measure, so pay detailed attention to those in your songs too.

Give your heartbreak song a title

Before people listen to your song, the title of the signals to your audience, whether or not it’s worth their time.

A song that misses the mark with the title may not appear as strong competition in the market. Simply try a one-word summation of the song as title, the chorus of the song, or use song title generator tools.

You are free to choose of your own volition.


Don’t rush to record the song after your first trial. 

Sometimes, your output may not generate the right vibe, mood, or ambiance on the first attempt. Here, you need to edit the song until it becomes the best version and a shadow of its former self.

Often, editing requires that you leave the song for a while (allow it to gather dust) before returning to it with a rational mind and a newer perspective.

Deploy the above tips in your songwriting and presto! You have yourself a heartbreak song people would love to hear repeated.

Going forward…

What Tools Do You Need To Write A Breakup Song?

Before sitting to write down the lyrics of your heartbreak song, having the following resources near you would make your task relatively easier and a joy to complete.

  • Writing tools
  • A serene workspace
  • A dictionary
  • Musical instrument
  • Music player

Here is why these are important:

  1. The writing tools are necessary for letting you note various ideas, concepts, and approaches that can help you write the song.
  2. A serene workspace devoid of distractions is how you can get the most work done in the shortest time possible.
  3. In this case, a rhyming dictionary is of more importance to you. This, however, does not negate the importance of the thesaurus dictionary, which is useful for checking the meaning of words used in your songs.
  4. You need musical instruments to create a melody for your song. There is no fixed way to get songs written.

Some prefer to create a melody before writing the song. Others prefer to write the song first.


You need musical instruments to create beats for the song.

  1.  Before you begin to put words on paper, you can find inspiration by listening to other songs people have written on breakups. This would do your confidence a lot of good and equally make it easier for you to write an original song.

What Are The Importance Of Unlocking How To Write A Breakup Song?

In short:

What I’ll be discussing here is why it is to your advantage to be versatile as a songwriter, as much as you know how to write sad songs, learn how to write merry songs, gospel songs (how to write a christian song), and so on.

  • Being versatile means you have greater opportunities to write songs for artists irrespective of the genre.
  • It improves your chances of becoming recognized as one great in songwriting.
  • You have the freedom to express yourself via different outlets.

Are Heartbreak Songs Misconceived?

Ask anyone how they feel about heartbreak songs and see how quickly they conclude that, in fact, heartbreak songs are sad songs. (how to write a sad song)

This shows the extent to which breakup songs are largely misconceived among people.

In reality:

Heartbreak songs do more than bring you down. They could be upbeat or mellow songs, and they trigger a variety of emotions, depending on your role if caused the heartbreak or breakup.

Summarily, they bring back a feeling of nostalgia, help the listener transcend, and bring out imaginative abilities to play. Heartbreak songs are not depressing songs.

Departing Thoughts

The difference between brilliant songwriters and others is not a thin line. The difference is similar to that of night and day.


This is because outstanding songwriters are never truly satisfied until they reach peak potential. They devote their time to learning how to improve their craft by continually broadening their expertise in songwriting.

Learning how to write a breakup song is a step in the right direction if you aim to become a better songwriter as well.

The earlier you start, the faster your progress would be.