What You Need To Know On How To Sing Like Trey Songz

Talking about a neatly arranged list of hip-hop music stars, it would be incomplete without the versatile Trey Songz. 

It is quite obvious that his efforts help shape music ‌and are still doing. In present times, he is still releasing hit songs back to back, and trust these songs are topping charts and billboards. 

Mind you, the music legend is worth emulating because he has put so much effort into his craft and it is definitely paying off now. It is not wrong if you want to journey on how to sing like Trey Songz. 

Stay with me on this. It would be fun!

Brief Bio Of Trey Songz And His Musical Career

Being a person who had little or no passion for music at some point in his life, he then discovered his voice could be a great tool in expressing himself and everything around him. 

Before this, his friends usually pressured him to develop his voice but he was adamant to do so. He was later introduced to a record producer by his stepdad who then encouraged him and also saw a bright part in music. 

That was how he had his record label deal, he was signed to Atlantic Records and released his first song in 2003, titled ‘gotta make it. 

After his legendary debut in the industry, he began making waves and releasing songs that topped Billboard charts and the likes. He is not so much regarded as a singer by people but he has proven a point that he can do great even without having an initial interest in music. 

This is evident as he has won numerous awards and also had three Grammy nominations. He is such an outstanding singer. Aside from the fact that he is a singer, he also engages in acting and has also won various awards for being an actor.

I know you’ll be elated because you chose a veteran worthy of emulation.

Let’s find out some amazing features about this music veteran.

As much as people would say that he isn’t much of a vocalist, there are some unique features about his vocals that people have come to realize. They include;

  • He has a vocal range B3 to G5.
  • He is a lyric baritone singer.
  • He does the falsetto kind of voice.

It’s amazing to find out that he has been able to develop his voice up to this extent. It is always important to note that all the vocal displays on-screen didn’t develop in just one day, it was as a result of commitment and dedication to his craft, he had the right mindset towards music. 

These things are things to look out for if you wasn’t to know how to sing like Trey Songz. The genres he does the most include hip hop, contemporary styles, R&B. This shows that he is a versatile musician and one who is ready to clear the doubts of his viewers.

Hmm!! how to sing like Trey Songz.

I’ll be showing you a detailed guide on how to sing like Trey Songz.

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How to sing like Trey Songz

Most people might say this is a task that is unattainable based on the fact that you’re trying to imitate or get similar results as someone but do not be deceived! It is attainable, you could even become better in the craft. Let’s take a look at some of the things you could do to become an amazing singer like Trey Songz.

Having the right mindset

This is something that would have affected the veteran if not for intervention from his friends. You’d be asking how? From the beginning, he didn’t have a passion for music or anything that had to do with his vocals. He was encouraged by his friends and family and then he had to change his mindset about music. He saw the need to put in effort so as to become a better singer. So if you definitely want to be like Trey Songz you have to create a positive mindset towards music and see the bright part of it.

Practice the lyric baritone

Musically there is really no form of difficulty in this. It simply involves singing with your natural voice but majorly communicating the lyrics. Don’t get confused! Sing like you’re saying the words to a person. It’s that simple but note that your voice must be in tune with the key. You can’t be singing with your voice not being in tune with the rhythm given to you by probably the producer. 

Hire a vocal coach

At some point in Trey’s career, he had to hire the services of a vocal coach. Hiring a vocal coach will only ease the stress of trials and errors. A coach would help you hit the nail on the head. Most people might say hiring a coach isn’t necessary but in sincere terms, it would save you a lot of stress. Try it out and you’ll not regret it.

Listen to his songs and watch his live performances

One thing that defines hip-hop stars is how they carry themselves on stage. It is important that you watch his performances so as to see how he carries himself on the stage as that would aid the process of singing like him. 

If you can afford to go to his live concert that would be perfect so you just see for yourself how it’s been done. Alongside this, you must learn to listen to his songs regularly. 

Listening to his songs is an important aspect of becoming like him, you get to know how he does his riffs and raffs. With time you’d find yourself singing like him.

Practice constantly

There is really no point in doing all of these if you would not practice them. Practicing might be quite frustrating because you might not be getting the results that you desire but I can assure you that with time you’d just get to be like Trey Songz. The place of practice can be neglected, no doubt it would help you tremendously on how to sing like Trey Songz.


It could be quite tiring trying to be like someone but amidst the difficulty, you shouldn’t forget that it’s attainable. Trey is a great singer and trusts me if you’re able to put the above steps into practice you might just become the next Trey Songz. 

Being a better and bigger singer doesn’t happen in a day, it takes the right mindset, dedication and commitment, healthy practices to ensure that you’re able to achieve your goals. I wish you success in your endeavor. Catch you some other time!