How To Sing Like Steve Perry: The Man With The Soaring Whale Of A Voice

If the legendary Bon Jovi gave an artist like Steve Perry a moniker, you should know it’s no flop!

Steve Perry is an American songwriter and singer who led The Journey to commercial success at the times he was the lead vocalist for the band. And these successes continued on a never-ending cycle when he launched his solo career.

So that brings us to the age-old question running through everyone who wants to hack the vocal skills of Steve, “is it possible to uncover how to sing like Steve Perry?” 

Well, let’s get right into it.

5 Brilliant Tips On How To Sing Like Steve Perry

Improve your breathing technique

This is foundational for improving your vocal range further than its current capacity. Good breath support is critical for flexing your vocal box to its highest possible potential.

Diaphragmatic breathing is an efficient breathing mechanism every singer needs to adopt. It strengthens the diaphragm, optimizes airflow, and uses less energy for breathing.

And trust you would want to waste as little energy as possible on other activities when singing, don’t you?

Vowel tuning

This is simply finding the shape of your mouth that works for certain vowels. This is because different pitches need certain vowels in order to perform in different ways. You would need to narrow your vowels at one point and then relax at another.

Practice consistently 

Consistent practice is the ingredient for improving your vocal techniques.


You should also focus on practising the right techniques.

Set aside about 1 hour on a daily basis to practice your favourite Steve Perry songs. To make it a productive session, practice his songs verse by verse. 

Listen with the intent to each verse and then record yourself singing the same verse. Now, listen to your record and observe for differences. Rinse and repeat until you get it right.

Hire a vocal coach 

There are many layers to uncovering how to sing like Steve Perry. And you are even more likely to deploy the techniques that suit your style if there is a coach guiding you.

The process of learning the style and techniques of another artist is fraught with trials, errors, frustrations, and we’ll it’s a risky adventure that could potentially damage your voice if you don’t approach it the right way.

While a vocal coach could be expensive, it eventually pays off itself one you strain a mastery of what you desire to learn.

Develop your vocal range

First, identify your present vocal range, then compare it with Steve Perry’s to know if it’s a necessary step or otherwise.

At the root of further vocal development is the development of proper breath support. Also, poor posturing while singing would seriously limit the development of your vocal range.

How Did Steve Perry Begin Singing?

Steve Perry’s sojourn in the music industry began when he relocated to Sacramento to form a band with Scott Matthews who was 16 years old at the time.

The band failed to achieve its goal and as the band was without management, it disbanded. 

Perry formed another band called Pieces with three others when he moved to Thousand Oaks, California, in 1975.

The group also disbanded due to its inability to and a record deal. Not the one to give up on his dreams, he also contested for the role to replace Rod Evans in Captain Beyond, albeit unsuccessfully.

Everything changed for the better when he received a call from Herbert, the manager of Journey and from there he assumed the role of lead vocalist for the rock band.

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What Is Steve Perry’s, Vocal Range? 

He has a countertenor vocal range. Perry’s vocal range spans between F#2 to A5.

We have described his voice to be a balance of two great vocalists, Sam Cooke and Aretha Franklin. It is a high tenor alto, and therefore the legendary Jon Bovi gave him the nickname “The Voice”.

Perry is a luminous singer with an unequivocal power, range, and tone to his voice.

Why Is Steve Perry’s Singing Unique?

When Perry became the vocalist for The Journey, he completely changed the style of music fans and existing band members were used to. From a progressive rock style, he introduced pop influence into the band’s sound.

While one would expect the band to fail in the face of such a bold attempt, rather it catapulted the band to unprecedented growth and success in its entire history. 

Interesting Facts About Steve Perry 

  • Steve Perry became active on the music scene in 1970. So far, he has spent more than five decades as a professional musician. Although he went on hiatus at different points.
  • He was inducted as a member of Journey into the Rock and Roll Hall Of Fame in 2017.
  • Steve nearly left his dream of becoming a successful artist to dry after his band member and bassist had an automobile accident in the 1970s.
  • Perry was ranked 76th on Rolling Stone’s 100 Greatest Singers of All Time.
  • He was nominated for the Songwriters Hall of Fame 2020 due to his excellent writing efforts.
  • Steve released his first solo album in 1984 and his first Christmas album in 2021.

The End

Not only has this article show you the science of how to sing like Steve Perry, but you must have also uncovered other tidbits of useful information that would help you achieve a better understanding of Steve Perry and his career in the music industry.

I hope you enjoyed reading, and kindly share your feedback in the comment section!


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