How To Sing Like Mitch Grassi – Everything You Need To Know

Mitch Grassi is a talented Acapella singer and a pop master. This shows how much influence he exerts on both genres. 

Mitch has achieved varying degrees of success both as a solo artist and as a member of bands, such as The Pentatonix, and the Superfruits.

With various international nominations, 3 Grammy awards wins, another from the choreography awards, amongst many others. It is not wrong if you want to learn how to sing like Mitch Grassi.

So, how can you conduct yourself to earn multitudes of applause the same way Mitch does?

Don’t fret, you’ll be getting seasoned details on how to become a good singer, just like Mitch Grassi in this article.

Just before we get started;

Everything is attainable when you have the right knowledge and tools to go with it. We’re gradually getting there.

Why is Mitch Grassi such a unique vocalist?

It is somewhat difficult to compare some other artists to Mitch Grassi. 


This is because of how well he could be, both as a single Hitmaker or as a team member without losing his momentum. 

Well, we trace Mitch’s uniqueness to other things besides his ability to belt out groovy tunes on the mic. In due time, you will discover why he is such an amazing singer with a wide following around the world.


Singing like Mitch Grassi goes beyond memorizing his lines, you need to understand why he is a unique singer.

  1. Mitch Grassi is a high-tenor singer.
  2. His vocal tone is 6 octaves and 1 note.
  3. His vocal range spans A1 to B7.
  4. Mitch does the countertenor type of thing.
  5. He can do whistle tones brilliantly.
  6. He could transit between his chest voice, head voice, and even the falsetto.

These important pieces of info would be very helpful and handy for you as you journey through this article focused on showing you how to sing like Mitch Grassi.

How To Sing Like Mitch Grassi Even If You Are A Newbie

Most people sometimes will confidently tell you it’s quite impossible to attain the vocal height of another person, but I wouldn’t like you to place your gaze on such a statement. 

You could achieve the goal of singing like Mitch Grassi if you’re focused enough to put into practice what I’ll be showing you. 

This is a detailed guide on how to sing like Mitch Grassi.

  1. Research and discovery

This is the first and most important step to becoming a good singer like Mitch Grassi. I’ll be listing sub-steps that would sun up everything about research and discovery.

  • Know your vocal texture.
  • Watch his performances (personal and team performances)
  • Listen to his songs more.
  • Know your vocal texture

Before trying to imitate Mitch’s style and skill of singing, you have to, first of all, find out your vocal texture. 

Now, this will help you know the areas you’re to work on and also seek possible means by which you can modify your voice to be like that of Mitch Grassi. Understood? It’s that simple!

  • Watch his performances

Talking about his performances, it is very important to know how he carries himself on the stage. You know being like someone is not complete if you’ve not also checked out body movements? You should agree with me on this! 

You should often watch his performances, be it individual or group. If you’re able to afford to see him at a love concert, that is not bad also. It just gives you a clearer picture of him.

  • Listen to his songs more

Emphasis on this is because if you do not listen to his songs, I wonder how you’ll be able to imitate his style correctly. He has over a hundred tracks in his catalog, individually and as a group. Listen to them and when you do that, his songs become a part of you. Definitely, it would aid your process.

  1. Exploring

This is an aspect that involves trying various ways to make delightful music. You could see that Mitch Grassi is an Acapella pro, pop singer, and does electronic; three genres. 

So why shouldn’t you try out different genres too? People could say that trying out a new genre may be detrimental to your music career, but trust me, it would still turn out to be the best. This makes you more professional and probably an explore advocate.

  1. Master transition modes

This is a noticeable trait of Mitch Grassi, how he conveniently transits between his chest voice, head voice, and the falsetto. 

To master this is not something that would come in one day. It may take weeks or even months, but the result is assured if you keep practicing. Ensure that your diaphragms are relaxed and also your head, to aid a simple transition. This is one quality that helped in his countertenor type of voice.

  1. Constant rehearsals


This is very crucial in your journey. You must endeavor to rehearse daily, watch videos daily, and do everything in your power to keep your voice intact. 

An A-Lister once confirmed that practice really makes perfect. If you do not practice, you will not achieve your goals. Keep practicing till you attain that level you want.

  1. Feed Healthy

Mitch Grassi once shared in an interview that it’s important to feed healthy to get a healthy voice. Sadly, many people neglect this aspect and just go ahead chasing others, which is not so good. 

Know when to take cold liquids, practice taking more warm water. Eat healthy foods that would not make you so heavy that you might not even be able to talk. Avoid too many fatties. They aren’t so necessary for you.

Having known ‌these, you could just become the second Mitch Grassi if you put in the right amount of practice.

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The End

Singing like Mitch Grassi is not something you could possibly achieve in a day. It could take months and even years, but the point is you shouldn’t stop practicing. 

You’d get more by constant practice. Mitch Grassi didn’t get to where he is today through luck. 

It took years of hard work and consistency to attain this level. Trust me, if you put ‌these into action, it would come out pretty well for you.

Mitch Grassi is an amazing vocalist and he has left a landmark in the industry. Even when he quits the music industry, they would still be relevant. 

Good luck on your chase.