Sing Like Justin Bieber – The Complete Guide

No joke:

Justin Beiber has been actively releasing EXPLOSIVE albums since 2007 and he is still a public figure today. That indicates to an extent how special he is.

I mean:

Bro has earned himself 2 Grammy awards, 31 Guinness world records, and 21 MTV Europe Awards. He has won an impressive round of 301 awards since he started singing, with 602 award nominations.

So, it’s a no brainer:

We, his audience, and many aspiring artists all over the world desire a voice and a singing style like the Legend Justin Beiber. 


I have just cracked the rocky-hard nut and have discovered exactly how to sing like Justin Bieber.

Want to learn from me?

Dive in:

Justin Beiber’s Vocal Profile 

To sing like Justin Beiber, you must understand every aspect of his voice, and what he can do with it.


Here are some tips to understanding Bieber’s audience-enchanting voice;

  • He has a light lyric Baritone voice.
  • His voice range is F2 – E5.
  • 2 octaves, 4 notes, and a semitone.
  • His voice rating is C.
  • He has an agile voice, capable of melismas and seamless transitions from chest voice to falsetto.
  • His song with the LOWEST pitch: Confident (F2-F4).
  • His song with the HIGHEST pitch: Thought of You (D3-E5).


Take note of the above tips. They’re essential in singing like Justin Beiber. Knowing his vocal profile helps you connect with Justin Beiber on a deep level. 


This is a proper way to start your process. Not knowing this is like driving a car without knowing the specifics of the car. 

How To Sing Like Justin Beiber 

Follow in my footsteps:

  • Listen To Justin Bieber Sing And Try To Imitate Him

So, here’s the thing:

Even if you can’t hit the notes like Justin Beiber right away, you should start off with learning his lyrics. 


If you’re not a regular singer/vocalist, you may want to hire a voice coach to help learn the basics of singing. 


Once you’ve understood the basics, you can move on to learning more of the refined singing techniques used by Justin Beiber. 

To top it off: 

Try singing some of Justin’s earlier songs first.

For example:

Baby” is a catchy pop song, and it has repetitive lyrics that are easy to memorize and sing along to.

  • Improve Your Vocal Agility

Note this down:

You need to train your voice in high and low registers to tackle some of Justin’s songs.

Here’s a good way to start: 

  • Kick off with singing slow, even arpeggios; Arpeggios are the notes of a chord played in rapid succession, either ascending or descending. They are the individual notes that make up a musical chord. 

Moving on: 

  • Practice singing them from lowest to highest, then highest to lowest; Don’t worry about your speed at the moment. Just focus on maintaining your tone and volume even through the notes.

In addition:

  • Record your performances and then evaluate your growth; Work on different vowel sounds. Build your speed as you improve your skills.


  • Practice your vocal runs. Develop the proficiency to hold one syllable and change the pitch of your voice to hit many different notes.


  • Try singing songs like “Sorry” by Justin Bieber. The song features a number of vocal runs and really shows off Justin Beiber’s range and vocal agility.

Moving on:

  • Sing From Your Chest to Falsetto

Now, listen:

Justin has a vocal style that shifts between the chest, or normal singing range, into falsetto.

And remember:

Falsetto is higher pitched and tends to come through your throat and nasal passages


When you sing in falsetto, it may often sound like you’re imitating a little boy’s voice.

The good thing is:

This helps in transitioning from falsetto back to your normal singing range even after hitting the high and low notes like Justin.

In addition:

While practicing your falsetto, sing very softly, then increase your volume gradually as you progress. 

You see:

Your vocal cords are like rubber bands, and hitting high notes stretches them. So it’s important to go gently with that part of your voice so as not to lose it.

Now, let’s go tough:

  • Sing With A Husky Voice

Hold my beer:

Justin’s voice has a husky side to it that he uses in a way that makes him sound like he has two voices. 

How do you achieve this? 

Keep your neck muscles tense and exhale a lot of air while you sing to create a little raspiness in your voice. But you shouldn’t do this all the time, just try adding it to certain songs. 

Pro tip:

Listen to “Sorry” and notice where Justin’s voice becomes a bit raspy in the chorus, then transitions back into a smoother tone.

  • Practice Daily


No matter what age bracket you fall in, you can still improve your voice

But it’s not a walk in the park:

You must practice dedicatedly to improve on these techniques for a period of time daily to make the most progress possible.

Just so you know: 

Justin has been singing almost his whole life. So if you want to develop the talent to sing like him you need to be committed to practicing regularly.

Moving on:

  • Be Confident

And finally:

Knowing you have practiced well, you should record and be confident with the way you sing. 

To top it off:

You should only sing with a newly found confidence.

In Conclusion 

Justin Beiber sings in a very catchy way that would make anyone want to sing like him.

And, yes you can:

 All you have to do is follow the instructions in this article, and never stop trying until you’re there.

See you on the next page. #StaySafe.