How To Sing Like Josh Groban In Six Simples Steps

Similar to every world-class singer, Josh Groban has proven to be a distinct vocalist in the music industry, making waves through hit songs, exploring almost every genre. He is one watch out for because there is still a lot of gold to be mined out of him. 

The A-Lister is a legend worthy of emulation. 

Mind you, all the vocal beauty didn’t just develop in one day, there were underground practices that made it become what it is today, so if you really want to unveil the amazing techniques on how to sing like Josh Groban, flow with me. 

See? We’re heading somewhere!

How Josh Groban Started Out His Music Career

Josh Groban is an American singer born into a family that loves art. He actually studied acting in school but just felt the need to develop his vocals. 

He was summoned by David Foster to fill in for a rehearsal with Celine Dion in preparation for the Grammy awards in 1998. 

After an amazing duet performance, he was invited to various talk shows to share his musical experience. 

And then in 1999, he was called by Foster to come to sing at the California governor’s inauguration. This was how the music thing started out and today it’s very obvious that he is a legend in the game. You can see that from the numerous awards he has bagged and is also a one-time Grammy awards singer. How amazing! 

His music career didn’t stop his acting career as he debuted in a movie in 2016 and has also collected awards to that aspect. 

Not deviating from the actual subject matter, ‘how to sing like Josh Groban’. We would be seeing some unique features of the legendary singer. 

Getting to know these details would actually help you to sing like him.

Stay with me!

Unique Characteristics About Josh Groban

He is of vocal type, lyric baritone, and tenor.

His vocal range is G2-B4-G5

He has a great voice transition. (He can transit between his chest voice and his head voice)

Being a baritone singer, he is still able to do the countertenor style of singing.

Having seen some unique features about Josh Groban, I believe we are going somewhere on how to sing like him. In addition to the above let’s just see the genres of music he explores the most. They include:

  • Gospel
  • Adult contemporary
  • Pop-rock
  • Soft rock
  • Orchestra rock
  • Easy listening
  • Classical crossover

This could also be regarded as a unique feature of the award-winning singer, exploring ability. He diversifies in his style of music and then everything’s still coming out excellent. Little wonder, he is a legend!

Step Wise Ways On How To Sing Like Josh Groban

  1. Discover and develop your vocal ranges

We have seen that Josh Groban is a lyric baritone and a tenor singer with vocal range G2-B4-G5. Well, it is very important to find out your range too, if you’ve not done that before it is best to do it now. 

Having discovered your vocal range, we go to the aspect of development. 

Development in this context refers to engaging in practices that would tune your voice to becoming similar to that of Josh Groban. This could be a very challenging task but trust me, it can’t be overemphasized. 

If you want to sing like him, then you must train your voice to become like he’s. There are a few things you could check out in vocal range discovery and development;

  • Make sure your voice is in tune.
  • With the aid of a piano, try locating your vocal range.
  • Locate the key c on the piano, make the “ahhh” sound to correspond with the key c.
  • Slide between the notes if you have a problem matching the pitch.
  • Do all these without straining your voice.
  1. Take out time to watch his performances and download his songs

This is a very important tool to becoming a great singer. If you can afford to go to a concert where he’s been invited or even his own concert, that would be perfect. 

This helps you see for yourself how he sings and also the way he carries himself on the stage. You can also do well to download his songs and albums. One of these popular tracks is ‘you raise me up’. 

Do well to listen to them and trust me if it becomes a part of you, in no time you might just be singing like him.

  1. Get the services of a coach

As much as people might look down on this, it is quite important. 

Hire a coach and it will save you the stress of going through numerous trials and errors. Josh had a coach at some point and presently he is a vocal coach so you see, everything works together just to bring out the best in you.

  1. Practice voice transitions

We’ve all seen that Josh Groban is good at voice transitions. This is because he could be a baritone singer now and then a high tenor singer another minute. 

This is because he has mastered the technique of switching from the chest voice to the head voice and in rare cases, you could see him doing the falsetto kind of thing. 

Most people say it is very difficult to see a natural baritone who still sings the high tenor but Josh Groban is one to look out for. He does it a lot.

  1. Maintain a good vocal texture

This is a practice that would help your voice have amazing dexterity. You can tell from the voice of Josh Groban that he works regularly to ensure that his voice is intact. 

Here are a few practices that would help your voice;

  • Breathe from the diaphragm.
  • Warm-up your voice regularly.
  • Try the 5 tone count to sing with the chest voice.
  • Try the 1.5-octave lip to expand your vocal range.
  1. Regular practice/rehearsals

The place of rehearsals can’t be taken. According to Kirk Franklin, constant rehearsals will help you become a pro. 

I’m sure you don’t just want to sing like Josh Groban but you also want to become a professional. Keep rehearsing, keep practicing. 

Practice makes perfect and it is the sincere truth. It may take a lot of time to become a replica of Josh Groban but trust me it’s not unattainable. 


I believe this is enough to get you started on how to sing like Josh Groban. Having seen all of this, no doubt you could just become the second Josh Groban or even better.

Have it in the back of your mind that Josh Groban didn’t become a world-class singer in a twinkle of an eye but it took a series of hard work and commitment. 

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