Improve Your Vocal Skills By Learning How To Sing Like Gerard Way

Have you ever tried learning how to sing like Gerard Way? 

Or are you looking for a guide on how to sing like him? You’re definitely in the right place! Gerard Way is an amazing singer with jaw-dropping lines and scales, full of energy on stage and the likes.

The award-winning singer is sure worthy of emulation by every young individual out there who loves wonderful music. Gerard Way has proven to be a unique vocalist and also someone who understands the art of music to its fullest. 

If yo look forward to unveiling the amazing techniques on how to sing like Gerard Way, stay with me on this.

No long talks, let’s get into this.

Who Is Gerard Way And How Did He Start Out As A Musician?

Gerard Way is an American songwriter, lead vocalist of the band; My Chemical Romance, and also a comic writer, part of the Disney comics family. 

He was gifted a guitar by his grandma then and when he attained a certain height he started playing for a band after a while he was dismissed because they felt he wasn’t skilled enough. 

He went back to his art, making comics and the likes but then problems broke out in his home city. He then concluded he was going to bring comfort through his music to people having emotional drain and the likes. That was the major force that brought about the award-winning vocalist Gerard Way.

My chemical romance came into the picture with Gerard way being the lead vocalist. They are an indie rock band that has explored almost every style of music enjoyed by local and modern crowds. 

Every music lover out there is not unaware of the effect my chemical romance has on the rock music industry. If you want to be such a good singer as Gerard Way then you shouldn’t be far from My Chemical romance.

Before going into practical ways on how to sing like Gerard Way let’s check out the genres of music he explores the most:

  • Pop-rock
  • Punk rock
  • Hard rock
  • Post-hardcore
  • Alternative rock

Obviously, he is such a versatile vocalist.

Detailed Guide On How To Sing Like Gerard Way

Research process

First and foremost you have to do research on my chemical romance first album and see how he does his songwriting and the likes. Way expresses emotions a lot when writing songs, so it’s important to note down how you feel or felt when writing the song.

Pay attention to my chemical romance music

This might sound funny, but it’s also funny not to note how Way expresses himself when singing. This is majorly how he responds to urgency and expresses angst and wailings. 

You should practice singing along to my chemical romance. This would help you understand a lot about the type of music he does.

Take moments to sing along with them and also be conscious of your intonations, voice control, breath control, and all others. This is a great tool for learning how to sing like Gerard Way.

Take vocal lessons

This will surely help you to develop fast in your singing. It saves you all the trial and error you’ll encounter when trying to do it yourself. A vocal coach will point out your flaws and also give possible measures to correct them.

Practice breathing exercises and word pronunciation

As someone who wants to sing like Way, you have to practice breathing exercises and you must learn to do this in between phrases. You must also take note of his emphasis tone in his songs like his signature word ‘yeah’. You need to master his accent also because he sounds Irish American so you see you have to pay close attention to how you pronounce your words.

Watch his live performances

Watching him on stage is a great advantage for you as you get to experience everything for yourself. His expressions and all. They are very important to your learning process.

Work tirelessly on soft singing

Aside from the rock style of singing, Way is such an amazing soft singer. He loves doing this with a piano. Why not get a piano and sing softly to one of his songs. Rate yourself and check if there’s progress on your goal.

Practice constantly

In all of these, ‌practice regularly to see how much improvement you’re getting in your craft. Write down your own lyrics and you could just try expressing emotions like love, death, fear, and so on and so forth. 

Do you think there are things I’ve not touched that are meant to be here?

Okay, let’s just talk about a few unique qualities of Gerard Way. Mind you, they are things you could put into practice to become a great singer, just like him.

His vibrato intensity

One of the ways by which Gerard has attained a level of beauty and Melody in his songs is through vibrato. Your voice must be relaxed while trying to do this. It doesn’t involve you shouting too much. Note that don’t practice shouting to an extent that it would harm your voice. Practice diaphragmatic breathing and trust me it would definitely help your singing process. It would also help express your emotions better. You must have seen that from Way’s videos.

His slight falsetto style

Falsetto is a very high pitch note that he puts in sometimes just to give the song Melody and beauty.

Voice transition

Gerard Way has mastered the ways by which he can transit between his head and chest voice. This would aid a balanced singing style. You should also try that too as it would really help you in becoming better. Find out and develop your vocal range so you can tune your voice to become like that of Gerard way. I’m very sure that if you put all of this into practice, within months there’ll be significant changes.

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If you’re aspiring to become a world-class music star just like Gerard Way, it doesn’t just stop at reading the contents of this post. It would involve you doing the extra by putting to practice everything you have seen here.

Gerard Way didn’t get to the point he Is by merely reading a post on the internet. There was a force, there was the right mindset and approach, there were the right coaches or mentors. All these when put to practice will not only help you know how to sing like Gerard way but also help you in becoming a great vocalist. See you some other time!