An Easy To Read Guide On How To Sing Like Eddie Vedder

At the heart of Eddie Vedder’s music is his ability to seamlessly gravitate between aggressive singing and soulful styles.

And it leaves you wondering if there is any limit to what this American man can do with his vocals. So, today I will show you just how to sing like Eddie Vedder.

There is more!

In addition to showing you how to conduct yourself like Eddie each time you’re behind the mic, you would also uncover his vocal styles, why his voice is unique, among other useful pieces of information about this multi-talented musician.

Ready? Let’s take it a step at a time.

How Did Eddie Vedder Begin Singing?

Around the time he moved to San Diego County, California with his family, his mother gifted him a guitar as his 12th birthday gift and gradually he picked interest in music.

After dropping out of school, he returned to Chicago before going back to San Diego to resume his singing career. During this time, he was a part of different bands, such as Surf and Destroy and the Butts.

He came under the spotlight after joining Pearl Jam. It was not until 2007 that he released his first solo album, for the movie, In The Wild.

In 2017, Vedder was inducted into the Rock and roll Hall of Fame as a member of Pearl Jam

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Brilliant Guide On How To Sing Like Eddie Vedder


One of the many secrets to singing like Eddie Vedder is to master this technique.

Have you ever wondered why his diction is tainted by a thick “Rrrrr”? Well, that’s the impact of yarling. 

Yarling is regarded as a piss-poor excuse of singing in which the vocalist tends to “enhance” each syllable of a word with an “r” while singing melodramatically. 

Many experts view it as an exaggerated technique for imbuing depth into the vocals.

Diaphragmatic breathing

The importance of breathing with your stomach (diaphragmatic breathing) is not limited to:

  • It helps to ensure proper pressure is placed on your larynx and vocal folds.
  • Helps you to sustain longer notes.
  • Keeps your voice fuller and more powerful.

Avoid trying too hard or not doing enough as regards breathing with your stomach if you desire to see an improvement in your ability to sing like Eddie Vedder.

Emotive and expressive edge

The pearl jam band became quite popular because of Eddie Vedder’s unique voice which conducted every song with so much sincerity and authenticity you could almost feel it seeping through his voice.

Eddie was a natural talent at keeping his voice emotive.

Whether it is to expose vulnerability or strength. Eddie’s voice did the magic with each song he recorded.

Pro tip: clench every muscle of your body in addition to lowering your jaw areas as you constrict your throat and your chest while singing to let the angst or painful emotions out the way Eddie Vedder did.

Vocal coach

Learning to sing like another person is not always easy. Especially, if the person you intend to learn his or her vocal techniques are somewhat unhealthy.

This is why you should learn under an experienced vocal coach. It’s much safer that way!

Practice, review, and practice

Deconstructing the vocal techniques of Eddie is meaningless if you do not take a step further in your learning by putting it into practice.

Practice for about 1 hour on a daily basis and then review your progress on a daily basis.

This step is best carried out by first listening to Eddie’s songs, then singing the song to the best of your ability with the techniques Vedder has used in those songs


You’re to use these techniques in a healthy manner.

Expert Opinion On Eddie Vedder’s Vocal Technique

It’s important to read this:

While it is poignant to celebrate and appreciate Eddie Vddar’s contribution to the development of rock music, it is also important to point out how his iconic sound was built on an unhealthy technique.


His baritone ‘yarling’ style involves a ton of root tongue tension and this helped to make his voice distinct, it is also the root of quick fatigue and for the lack of clarity in communication as each word sounds muffled.

His yarling style involved the massive depression of the larynx by letting the tongue pull back. Thereby giving the signature dark, throaty and closed-down sound which eventually results in the aforementioned side-effects.


Not in any way does this hamper his legacy as an outstanding singer!

What Is Eddie Vedder’s, Vocal Range?

He could comfortably sing in the 4th range but he prefers to flex his vocals in the 3rd octave on a majority of his songs. Although he has no problem hitting the bottom of the 2nd octave.

Each time he sings the 5th octave. He has a wide vocal range that spans between F#1 to G#6( 5 Octaves, 2 Notes).

He hit the highest notes with a falsetto G#6 in the cover “Daddy Could Swear, I Believe”.

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Interesting Facts About Eddie Vedder

  • Eddie is a multi-talented artist, not only could he sing diverse genres, he was also a player of diverse instruments, such as the harmonica, ukulele, piano, mandolin, bass, drums, and guitar.
  • He appeared as a guest vocalist in Temple of the Dog, the one-off tribute band dedicated to the late singer Andrew Wood.
  • Eddie Vedder was ranked 7th in a poll conducted by Rolling Stone for “Best Lead Singers of All Time”. 

The End

Are you ready to put into practice what you have deciphered from how to sing like Eddie Vedder?


Know this:

Even if you do everything right and add all of Eddie Vedder’s technique to your vocal repertoire, you may likely not sound like him because of your individual uniqueness.

Nonetheless, it’s worth giving a shot!

Use the comments to share your opinion, suggestions, and breakthroughs‌.