How To Sing Like Dove Cameron; Your Ultimate Guide To Singing Like A Pro

So, you want to learn how to sing like Dove Cameron?

Dove Cameron is a musical talent who rose to prominence with her acting career. This does not make her less of a musical prodigy.

Ever since she made her debut as a singer in 2015 with the soundtrack album to Liv and Maddie, she has not stopped impressing the world with her beautiful voice.

If you would love to uncover the vocal techniques underlying her beautiful voice, the right place to get started is learning how to sing like Dove Cameron.

And that’s what you’d learn by reading this post.

So, shall we get this show on the road?

5 Simples Steps For You To Unlock How To Sing Like Dove Cameron

First off, a disclaimer;

It is not enough to aspire to sing like Dove Cameron, you must also be willing to put in the required work necessary to make your desired improvement.

It is not enough to dream or wish, you must be willing to put in the effort. And this leads us to…


What does it mean to learn to sing like your favorite artist? It means you are trying to add their healthy vocal techniques to your repertoire.

This can be likened to the process of forming a new habit. Unless you do the task repetitively it never becomes a habit.

Likewise, for singing, you must practice the techniques of hers that have made her an outstanding songstress worthy of emulation in your singing on a daily basis. Set aside 30 minutes (minimum) for practice on a daily basis.

Develop your vocal range


From her songs, we deduced her vocal range to span, D3-E♭6. 

So far, she reached her significant high notes on two tracks, Howl-a-Rooney, and even better, she hit those notes in the Diva Sonar song off the Liv and Maddie Album with so much finesse. Her lowest notes can be heard on “Taste of You”. 

Before you start working on developing your vocal range further, you need to first identify your present range.


You can make use of the following tips in developing your vocal range:

  • Vocal warm-ups
  • Vocal coach
  • Establish healthy breathing.

Learn how to belt correctly

Belting simply means singing notes in your head voice range with the power of your chest voice. 

Sounds simple?

Well, yeah! However, while it seems simple in theory belting with an incorrect technique is a guaranteed agent that can cause vocal damage.

Screaming with the vocal cords is incorrect belting and it usually results in voice hoarseness, nodules, or even a vocal hemorrhage.

Do you feel any of these symptoms already? It is high time you stopped yelling.

Here is a simplified guide on how to belt in a healthy manner:

  • Engage in vocal exercises and vocal warm-ups on a daily basis. It helps to optimize the condition of your vocal cords.
  • Support your voice with diaphragmatic breathing.
  • Establish the right posture when singing.
  • Avoid tensing any of your muscles. Both vocal and other bodily muscles. A relaxed person has a higher chance of belting without suffering any consequences.

The right mix of your head and chest voice offers a safe means to belt those ridiculously high notes without the potential of any vocal threat.

Clear diction

Wonder how Dove Cameron is able to win the sympathy, love, and affection of diverse people from all over the world and convert them to fans?

Dove Cameron’s voice is clear when singing, it is easy for anyone to pick the message of her songs without straining one’s ears.

You see, Singing diction is considered as among the important factors for good vocals. And you can;t afford to treat it with levity, not if you are looking to sound like Dove on your own records.


Dove Cameron’s breakthrough in the music scene summarizes the spirit of a go-getter who would never quit nor settle for less.

Before she achieved prominence or even debuted as a singer, she was already established as an actress.  It took more than 6 years after she made her acting debut before she got the chance to wow the world with her singing skills.

As crazy as it sounds, it’s a gamble that eventually paid off for her. Don’t you think so?

What Voice Type Does Dove Cameron Have?

Her vocals belong to the class of Coloratura Soprano. This type of soprano is considered the highest tessitura of all the soprano subtypes. Likewise, it is higher than other types of voice.

Her voice type explains her agility on her records. It also tells why she is able to sing light over a wide range and with great power. 

Why Did She Adopt The Name, Dove Cameron?

The death of her father in 2011 caused her to adopt the nickname he gave her as her legal name. 

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Can Dove Cameron Sing?

It is not every day you see an artist who did not start out as a musician be compared with legends like Celine Dion and Mariah Carey.

She exhibits an impressive control of her head voice and chest voice and where she mixes both together, she does it with so much excellence that one gets jealous of her singing skills.

Therefore, I believe she is an excellent singer.

Departing Thoughts

As you sing more and more, you will find it relatively easier to sing like Dove Cameron. Nonetheless, you have to diligently put what you have learned in how to sing like Dove Cameron to practice if you are going to see any change at all.

So, get to work! Catch you later!