How To Sing Like Camila Cabello: A BTS View Of How She Makes Outstanding Records

Take your singing skills to the next level by deploying the techniques that made Camila Cabello a famous songstress to your vocal toolbox.

Before setting out as a full-time solo artist, the Cuban-born American singer, and songwriter was a member of the band Fifth Harmony.

With billions of streams to her name on various music streaming platforms, you have found a worthy role model in the Havana crooner.

On that note, let’s ‌establish answers to the question, “how to sing like Camila Cabello?”

For starters…

How Did Camila Cabello Begin Singing?

After she was eliminated from the Bootcamp stage of the X-Factor Audition, they reintroduced her into the contest alongside four other girls, and they formed the fifth harmony group. It is important to note that she initially auditioned for the contest without the knowledge or the consent of her parents.

The group eventually claimed the third position in the competition. After the contest, she remained with the group and they released several successful songs until she went her separate way in 2016.

According to Camila, she dropped out of high school so she could focus squarely on her music career. 

Ever since she stepped onto the scene she has continued to win the hearts of many with her beautiful music.

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Let’s proceed to the next thing.

The Simplified Guide On How To Sing Like Camila Cabello

Here is the juicy part:

You may discover that you don’t need to develop much time on some of these steps if you are already advanced in singing. Otherwise, you may spend hours, weeks, even months trying to develop some of the things discussed below.

Either way, invest decent time into developing these tips and you’d be glad you did.


  1. Expand your vocal range

 Before you work on expanding your vocal range, what is your present vocal range? Camila Cabello’s vocal range spans B2 – G♯6. she can comfortably belt in the 3rd octave and 10 semitones.

If there is the need to improve your vocal range, take advantage of the following actionable tips:

  • Regularly do vocal warm-ups that are quite suitable for your present vocal range.
  • Avoid smoking or substance abuse.
  • Regularly carry out physical exercises.
  • Power your voice by breathing with your diaphragm
  • Establish correct posture while singing.

You’re set up for success once your vocal range has been aligned to suit that of Camila.

  1. Practice nasal singing

Nasality is an important aspect of learning how to sing like Camila Cabello. You are better able to exert control over your voice with the inflection of nasality in your singing.

How do you spot nasality?

​​You can determine the big difference between a nasal voice and a non-nasal voice by plugging your nose while singing.

Have you got it?

Now try to create that nasal sound without plugging your nose.

  1. Accent

Camila speaks American English fluently. However, she also brings a touch of Cuban accent to it. It’s easy to mistake her Cuban accent for Mexican or Colombian, but that’s not the case.

The inflection of her Cuban accent is clear in her award-winning record, “Havana”.

Despite these, the clarity of her voice remains clear. You can clearly hear the precise enunciation of each word as she belts out those lovable and danceable tunes!

  1. Emotionally compelling

The younger generation vastly appreciates Camila’s songs. Why? Well, the lyrics of her songs are not just relatable by young folks, the ambiance of her records is also youthful!

Because she is also in her youth, it makes it much easier for her to make songs the younger generation can resonate with and vibe to.

If you are going to sing like Camila Cabello. You can’t make songs that are bland on the emotion scale. 

  1. Vocal coach

Bring the best out of your voice by learning how to sing under the guidance of a voice teacher. As much as you can improve on your vocals with your personal effort, it is a route filled with frustrations and countless errors.

Find a vocal teacher who would make your journey easier by showing you the healthy way to breathe, the right muscles to engage while breathing, the right posture, among many other things that are germane for your development.

Got that, right?

  1. Practice

The route of consistent practice is the path to healthy development in your singing skills. The short period of time designated for practice consistently is better than marathon practice done once in a while.

If you are going to do any practice, do it with Camila Cabello’s songs. She has an abundant discography of songs you can choose from. 

You should also watch her live performances to gain an understanding of how she approaches singing. This also opens you to see how she expresses music with her body language as well as how she comports herself on the stage.

While watching her live performances, watch out for:

  • Jaw/chin placement
  • Ribcage collapsing
  • Shoulders movement
  • Tensed or relaxed jaw.

This leads us to the most commonly asked questions on how to sing like Camila.

What Voice Type Is Camila Cabello?

Cabello possesses a soprano vocal range and her music genre is pop. Both Latin and American artists. influence her music style such as Demi Lovato, Eminem, Taylor Swift, J Balvin, Celia Cruz, among others.

How High Can Camila Cabello Sing?

She reached G♯6 during her performance of ​​“Emotions” in her episode of Stage Right Secrets Interview. She achieved her lowest notes in the song, “That’s Amore” where she hit B♭2.

And it’s certain her vocals would continue to expand as she matures and trains her voice to sound better‌.

Does Camila Cabello Have A Vocal Coach?

Right from her teenage years, Camila was one who took singing lessons seriously. Even after achieving limelight success, she continued to work with seasoned vocal coaches. For instance, she’s trained under the guidance of Coach Eric Vetro.

5 Fun Facts About Camila Cabello

  • She was 16 years old when she began writing her own songs.
  • Cabello released her debut studio album, Camila, in 2018 and ranked number 1 on the US Billboard 200.
  • Camila Cabello is the first Hispanic woman to receive the diamond certification from the RIAA.
  • She has two Latin Grammy Awards, four American Music Awards, a Billboard Music Award, among many others to her name.
  • Cabello appeared in the movie, Cinderella, released in 2021.

Departing Thoughts

Camila Cabello has enjoyed varying degrees of success with her singing career. 

If you would love to enjoy the same level of success as her, you need to strengthen your vocal techniques so you can equally gain large followers from all over the world.

However, it takes practice to achieve this.