How To Sing Bono Vocal Range

You know Bono. I know him too.

But beyond just obsessing with studying his musical career, I know exactly how to sing Bono vocal range.


I mean I have been singing like Paul David Hewson for the past 2 years.

And guess what:

I am ready to pass it on to you too as I have done to several other beginner music heads.


You can develop your voice to sound exactly like Bono and attain his vocal range with just a few steps.

Follow my lead:

Bono’s Vocal Range


Bono has been classified as a tenor. His voice holds a lot of potentials and comes out really powerful and beautifully whenever he sings.

Here are some facts about his voice:

  • He is a tenor.
  • His vocal range is B2 – D4.
  • He has a three-octave vocal range.
  • He developed an English Vocal Accent.
  • He is an expert at the full whisper-shout range of blues.
  • Song with the LOWEST pitch: Children of the Revolution (B2-D4).
  • Song with the HIGHEST pitch: Children of the Revolution (B2-D4).

Let’s proceed:

How To Sing Like Bono 

First thing:

  • Hitting Bono’s High C

Did you notice this too?

Most singers often marvel at Bono’s range. The dude sang high C# in “Bad” during ‘I’m Wide Awake” without breaking. 


And he achieved this with a “head” voice. A head voice is where you let the soft palate go completely and your voice shots up into the resonators in your head.

But remember:

Bono has about a two and a half octave range. Three if you count the falsetto. This is impressive and not within everyone’s reach. 


 You have to focus on his voice in order to attain that level. Practice. Practice. Practice.

Next up:

  • Learn to Sing Bono’s falsetto


People starting out at singing are often put off by the difficulty of singing falsetto.


As Bono loves a little drama he also loves to throw in this extra stylistic trick. The truth is that falsetto singing comes with practice.


Coldplay’s Chris Martin is another singer that uses falsetto quite a lot, switching from a normal singing voice. 

In my opinion: 

It might be best for you to take him as a model before opting for Bono just so you get the mechanical side right. 

At first:

You might want to almost stop singing for the split second you need to switch.


The more you work on it, the easier it is to switch to using Falsetto.

Moving on:

  • Listen To His Lyrics 

You saw that coming, didn’t you?

Well, Bono has several songs where he hit different pitches. That’s something you should focus on.


You should focus more on his lyrics. A songwriter’s lyrics tell a lot about what goes on in their life and their head.

In addition,

Connecting with his lyrics and getting in-depth with it will give you more understanding of his singing style.

Moving on:

  • Take Note 

Pro tip:

Watch his live concerts, videos where he sings with his raw voice. Pay attention to his strengths and weaknesses while singing. 

Most important:

Listen to the way he switches to falsetto and how he puts pressure on his voice when he changes his range


After connecting to his lyrics, you can start writing songs with similar lyrics so as to get yourself well accustomed to his style.

In addition to that:

Once you are accustomed to his style, you’ve worked on your subconscious and it will help a lot in singing like Bono.

  • Practice


Bono is a very proficient singer and attaining a singing level like him would take a lot of hard work. This is not just about a few months of training your voice and singing style.

I mean:

Practicing his vocal range and testing yourself time after time. Remember every minute you spend doing this puts you one step closer to singing like Bono.

To round it off:

Record and review your development after a certain time of practice. This helps to set your milestones and hone in on your skills.

And it’s a wrap:

In Conclusion

In case you don’t know:

Bono lost his voice during a performance in Berlin in 2018. I am letting you know this so you go gentle on yourself.

In addition:

No matter how determined you are to sing like Bono, you shouldn’t strain your voice in the first few practice sessions.

I wish you all the best in your quest and I hope you get to sing and achieve more than Bono.

See you on the next page. #StaySafe.