How To Actually Sing Like Beyonce

Picture this:

From Run the World to Halo, to Single ladies, to Irreplaceable, to Best Thing I Never Had, right down to Brown Skin Girl. Beyoncé has delivered steady quality consistently. 

And you know:

Every musical enthusiast has a role model who has made it big in the industry. If yours is Beyoncé, you would have wondered, at some point, How to sing Like Beyoncé. 


In this guide, I am sharing with you the true techniques and tips on how to sing like Beyoncé. 

Let’s dive in:

What Makes Beyoncé, Beyoncé?

It’s a no-brainer:

What makes Beyoncé who she is, is that she has her unique style. Babe has got her poise, with that art of elegantly singing and dancing simultaneously. 

That is her trademark:

Beyoncé’s voice has been referred to as a Mezzo-Soprano. And she masters her vocal range so well. 

I mean:

My queen can hold a note for a full fourteen seconds, flip crazily through registers, and hit crescendos perfectly. 

How else would she have been able to perform those amazing belts, riffs, and runs? 

Now, understand this:

Beyoncé is an amazing singer. But she probably would not sing so well if she were singing Rock or Opera or even Jazz. 

Another great distinctive quality though:

Beyoncé is a real performer. Since the days of Madonna and Shakira, no one else has performed on stage with so much vigor, rigor, and gusto.

In classified news: 

The exercises of singing and dancing simultaneously have given Beyoncé such an amazing voice. They help her relax all her muscles, the diaphragm, the vocal muscles and help her control breathing perfectly.

And so it follows:

The first thing you would have to do to be as awesome as Beyoncé is to find your unique style in voice, genre, and performance. 

Afterward, you could incorporate a couple of this Icon’s singing in your daily vocal practices.

Let’s get more serious:

Understanding Your Voice; How to Sing Like Beyoncé

To be honest:

If you are ever going to be as great as a musical icon like Beyoncé, you have to first understand yourself and your voice. Understand the tone, the texture, its strengths, and its weaknesses. 

What does this mean?

Well, even Beyoncé wanted to sound like Madonna. But does she? No, she sounds like Beyoncé.

And why is that?

Simple. It’s because only Madonna could sound like Madonna and only Beyoncé can sound like Beyoncé. So it follows that only you can sound like you.

Done with harsh truths. Here are some pointers:

  • In finding your voice, you would be required to take on basic vocal exercises. You need to measure octaves right from the lowest to the highest to see how far you can go. This is known as finding your vocal range and the key that is most comfortable for you.
  • Once you have your range, there would be a particular octave that feels most natural for you. That is called your tessitura and that is your rough diamond
  • Once you have all of this, you would practice till you drop. 10,000 hours to master a skill? Yeah. The workload will descend like a ton of bricks.

Hey, it’s worth it if it enables you to sing as well as Beyoncé or even better!


Experiment; Throw Yourself All In, There Is No Stopping You


After understanding your vocals, the next thing to do is to delve into as many genres as possible. 

Yes, those you love and those you don’t: 

This exercise helps you stretch. The thing with stretching is that it develops your voice’s versatility. This stage should be carried out with the help of a vocal coach. 

Here’s why:

A coach would listen and give you riffs and exercises to run until you finally find out the genre your voice is meant for.


Take as many lessons as possible. Hard to believe, but Beyoncé still takes music lessons and she has a full-time vocal coach.


Beyoncé’s uniqueness comes with her ability to sing and dance simultaneously. Figure out what will be your stand-out and your secret weapon and employ it at all times.

Dynamics: How to Sing Like Beyoncé

Below are classified tips that help Beyoncé sound as amazing as she does:

  1. Vocal Warm-ups Are Non-negotiable

Planes do not just fly:

The taxi at varying speeds and then they take off. The same thing goes for singing. Indeed the human voice has boundless potential, but then it also has a limit.

How do I mean?

Well, a very good way to damage your voice is by belting crazy high notes without any warm-up whatsoever. It is also a very good way to embarrass your singing in public.

So, the headline here is:

Guard your voice with all diligence:Have a warm-up routine. It could include a sequence of vocal and physical exercises. All the big singers have one, so why shouldn’t you?

Your Warm up should include exercises that:

  • Increase blood flow to the Larynx.
  • Turn your speaking voice into a singing one by saying sentences in sing-song manners.
  • Exercise your upper body to increase breath control and release tension.
  1. Take Things Slow

Hear me out:

No matter how much you want to progress, you should remember to go “poco-a-poco”. If you expect to sing as well as Beyoncé does in two months, that’s a pipe dream.

Think I am wrong? Well try it:

Set realistic goals, take the pain, spend the time, pay for and take the lessons and also, get a vocal coach. 

This part is non-negotiable:


Reflect upon this:

Beyoncé did not become the amazing singer that she is overnight. It took the time it took persistence and it took determination. 


Using these tips above, remembering and implementing the 10,000 hours rule, practice and practice and practice. It is very important to enjoy the process. 


It may be daunting, stressful, and annoying at many points. But then enjoying the growth process makes the journey less rough.

Rooting for you.