How to Sing Like Adele

Does this sound like you?

The speakers are booming right through your morning routine:

Cleaning, working out, cooking, or just lazing in bed like me.

And that magnificent voice comes tearing between space and time. It feels like you are being carried to another dimension:

“…never mind I’ll find someone like you, I wish nothing but the best for yoooouuuu…..uuuu”

Then you think to yourself:

How to sing like Adele. 

What wouldn’t you give to sing like a musical prodigy like Adele? 

Well, chill out cause you’ve come to the right place.

Plug in Adele’s Album 25 and let’s get this show on the road:

What Makes Adele, Adele?

Well duh?

Her parents named her Adele. Well, nice try, but this is only prima facie. 

In a world of overly sung clichés and monotonous riffs, diluted techy music, and less soulful music, what wouldn’t listeners give for a radical difference? 

Let me go a little clearer:

Authenticity and the courage to change are indeed what make Adele a musical prodigy.

I mean…

When you hear her sing, you can feel that she means every word. And she does so, ministering to the souls of young broken lovers who seek redemption by putting herself out there. 


This Vulnerability has not been seen since the days of Christ and she did draw all men unto herself. I mean 15 Grammys? Oh boy!


You could have all the soul, all the emotion, but if you sound like a broken gramophone, absolutely nobody would listen. That leads us to the soulful dynamics of Adele’s Voice.

Let’s dig deeper:

Soulful Voice Dynamics: How to sing like Adele

A good voice is said to be a universal gift:

But understanding that voice and preserving it? Nah, that one is all on you buddy. All on you.

And you know: 

Adele has mastered her voice so much. But she didn’t just do that, she also mastered her audience. This knowledge helps her keep her audience spellbound. You cannot but be hooked.

But here’s the secret:

In delivering perfection, Adele employs four main singing techniques:

  • Vocal Twitch
  • Vocal Placement
  • Vowel Modification
  • Singing through the break.

And that is all you need to know to sing like Adele.

You don’t know what any of these means don’t you? Chill, I am here to save the day like always.

Read on:

  1. Vocal Twitch

Case Study:

Adele’s Rumor Has It.

This masterpiece starts with about a minute and a half of awesome instrumentals that border on country, rock, and pop.

And then what?

The voice comes out when we least expect it with Adele’s full chest voice flowing like a stream. 

Now if you listen intently, to that line,

Sure, she’s got it all”

You would notice that “sure and all” do not follow the normal order of things. There is this movement from the regular note to a semitone above and back to the original not in one single word.

Did you notice that too?

Well, that is exactly what vocal twitch is. This is the rapid twitching of the vocal cords to accommodate the boundlessness of the music range. 

Imagine playing a keyboard:

If you stay on just a single octave, it gets boring, monotonous, and repetitive and we do not want that. 

So what? 

You spread out to other octaves. This is exactly what Adele does.

Another one…

  1. Vowel Modification:

In case you haven’t noticed:

Adele sings vowels that do not exist within the A, E, I, O, U scheme of things and this enhances her singing. 

Get this:

A lot of singers are known to contort their faces to make room for the vocal cords. This is so to distort and pronounce a unique vowel sound that is not found in linguistics. 

At times: 

It could be a diphthong, or other times, something completely new. 

Case Study:

When we were young.

In this line:

 “From the way you talk” 

The word “Talk” undergoes more than just vocal twitch, she goes on to modify the long sound so much, it isn’t almost recognizable.

She does this a lot in other lines of this song as well as “Someone like you.”

  1. Singing Through The Break


It doesn’t matter how good a singer you are. It doesn’t matter how long you can sustain a note no matter how high or low it is, there is an inevitable pop in your voice.


I am saying this matter-of-factly. Beyoncé has it. Rhianna does. Lady Gaga, Sam Smith, Justin Timberlake, Whitney Houston Alicia Keys, Alissa Cara, and et cetera. They all do.


In The past, what vocal coaches and singers alike tried to do was to try to cover up that pop.

Well, how did it go?

I am tempted to say they gave up because it is impossible. What they do now is to attempt to hit that pop and go again almost immediately. Does Adele employ this? Yes.

But how?

Adele sings through the break with a very enigmatic transition from chest voice to head voice

Case study: 


Take for instance the chorus of this phenomenal song. It is like a vocal loop of awesomeness. 

Adele belts through with her full chest voice: 

“Hello from the other si…” 

And just before the verse goes out, she hits her pop, then transitions to her head voice;


And then transitions back to the Chest voice almost immediately in the next line; “I must have called a thousand ti” and back to head voice,

“Tiiiimeees” and again and again and again.

Just like I told you:

A vocal loop of sheer awesomeness.

  1. Vocal Placement

Case scenario:

You are driving home from work and on the radio. You hear a song you do not know. But surprisingly, you know who the artist is.

Out of curiosity:

You take out your phone and input the lyrics of the song into your search engine and it turns out you were right.

How did you do it?

Well, first of all, you are no magician.


All the great musicians have learned to pick a set of vocal techniques and stick consistently to it such that it gives them their unique sound.

The thing is:

For Adele, her vocal placement is the three methods discussed above as well as the following:

  • Weight: when it comes to weight, Adele imitates that of a Yoga teacher. A lot of air going in and the same coming out in a controlled fashion.
  • Vocal tract: The vocal tract employed by Adele is moderately longer than usual and this helps her lazy mouth diction.
  • Vibrato: Her vibrato is done right between phrases and a lot slower. This is easy to manage because of the air intake and the controlled fashion of breathing out.


And that’s it:

Adele’s consistency in doing what it is she does best and perfecting her unique style is what has gained her fame and glory. 

To be an awesome singer like Adele, you should lean in on your strengths like she did and perfect them. Thus, coming up with your unique style and before you know it, you already sing like Adele!