How To Sing Like A Girl Through Practice And Diligence

This article on how to sing like a girl should not be confused with the How Can I Sing Like a Girl? song by They Might Be Giants. Got that?

Here, I am going to walk you through the process of learning to sing like a girl. Regardless of whether you’re a newbie or an advanced singer, you will find this article to be very useful as it will also dwell on the following;

  • Answers to the most asked questions on how to sing like a girl.
  • Valuable tips to enhance your ability to sing like a girl.
  • And a concluding paragraph.

Before we begin, here is an important piece of information you need to learn about singing like a girl. It is incredibly important for you to know these if you are not a girl. They are;

  • It’ll take a lot of diligent practice from you if you desire to sing like a girl.
  • No, you are not wrong! Singing like a girl does require the use of a head voice or developing a falsetto.
  • Do you need to change your pitch to sing like a girl? It is the least important.
  • The most important thing here is learning how to use your voice box and mouth effectively!

Yes! These are the secret to learning how to sing like a girl, and it does not happen without logging enough hours of practice.

Now, let’s proceed…

Uncovering The Steps On How To Sing Like A Girl

A disclaimer!

There is no clear outline on how to go about this, and the steps highlighted here even though have helped others achieve success in their own journey may need some variations in your case.

Learn how to speak like a woman

Can a toddler walk without crawling? No? So how do you want to learn to sing like a girl without first knowing how to speak like one?

Here are quick tips on how to go about this;

First, try to increase your pitch by pushing the walls of your throat together. The pitch of the female gender is higher than that of the male folks. Practice how to speak softly, here you may begin with whispering. Lastly, observe how other girls speak. 

That’s not all;

You have to be wary of developing a falsetto when finding a female voice for yourself. Falsetto is only useful in finding your head voice, it’s not a very good place to go for finding a voice to speak in. 

Developing an effeminate voice is a step closer to singing like a girl. Got it?

Develop your head voice

To make your voice effeminate, you need to develop your head voice to a super level. The head voice may be developed by pushing your larynx up to the highest level possible for you and then attempting to push your voice out from the top of your throat instead of the chest.

If you are doing it correctly, you ought to feel vibrations in your oral cavity and sometimes your nose. 

Develop resonance

To pass as a girl each time you sing, endeavor to improve the resonance of your voice. There are cases where you may find it difficult to raise your resonance above a particular level. And, if you endeavor to raise your pitch without a corresponding rise in resonance, it can only make your voice worse off.

Here is what I recommend, register with a vocal therapist where you do vocal exercises that’ll help feminize your resonance. As an alternative, you can focus on reducing your vocal weight with exercises such as;

Thick to thin pop test: Here, you start a thick, heavy singing at any pitch and then blow hot air. It is incredibly useful and effective with a spectrogram.

Lip focus: here, you use your lip like a kazoo and make a w sound continuously. Then try and hum and blow with your lips in the same position.

Sign up for vocal training

If you want to learn how to sing like a girl and you happen not to be a woman, you’ll have to start from all over. To help you avoid countless trials and errors, it pays to learn under the tutelage of an experienced professional. 

If you are trans, it is advisable to register with tutors of similar gender. My only fear in this regard is there are very few tutors available and it may be costly. But if you are able to get such help,  it’s worth giving it a try.


This is another of the powerful techniques for learning how to sing like a girl. Create a playlist of your favorite female song and then listen attentively to songs before trying to sing along to them. You can conveniently do this in your car to avoid the prying eyes of others.

I suggest you look up Lascia Chio Pianga and sing along until you get it. 

Answers To Frequently Asked Questions On How To Sing Like A Girl

Can a guy learn to sing like a girl?

It will take years of practice but it is doable through diligence and consistent practice. 

What is it called when a guy sings like a girl?

Men with the ability to sing like females are called male sopranists. For convenience’s sake, men who have soprano voices are categorized under countertenors. Countertenors are men who can sing in the female vocal range without the aid of a false voice.

Why do girls have sweet voices?

There is a musicality term attached with the female voice, it means the ability of women to raise and lower their pitch as they speak. This adds a melodic feel to their speaking mannerism.

How do you imitate a singing voice?

The effectiveness of imitation lies in the power of listening. Play, pause, rewind and play again then try to sing along to the part you desire to imitate. Repeat this process as many times it takes for you to properly mimic the singing voice.

What is the average female vocal range?

About 2 to 3 octaves, but for some artists, it can reach further, such as Mariah Carey who has a 5-octave vocal range

Valuable Tips To Enhance Your Ability To Sing Like A Girl

Now listen: I know these can be incredibly difficult especially if you are just starting out. These are some of the tips I think you’ll find helpful to enhance your progress.

By the way, do you know The Weekend claimed he put $7 million of his own money into the super bowl halftime show in 2021?

  • Try and speak in your female voice as many times as you can. This would help you build muscle memory for this voice.
  • You may find the use of Voice Tools to be convenient but it may fall short because it spreads misinformation about how pitch correlates to gender perceptions of the voice. Also, it does not use musical notation.
  • When learning to speak like a girl, it pays to do so with a particular accent. This helps to build muscle memory as well.

Departing Thoughts

Now you must know this:

Learning how to sing like a girl would require a ton of diligence and practice from you. You will find it difficult occasionally especially when you are not getting results as fast as you want. However, the tips in this post have been designed to help you.

Take advantage of these cues, improvise where necessary, and you will eventually be able to sing like a girl.