How To Sing Like A Country Singer Whether You’re A Newbie Or A Seasoned Singer

How do singers like Johnny Cash, Elvis Presley, and Hank Williams become such powerhouses in country music?

It turns out that country music can be learned. You don’t necessarily have to be a cowboy before you don the trademark cowboy hat many of the country music greats are popular for matching to their outfit.

Right here, you will discover just how to sing like a country singer. 


You will find answers to the most frequently asked questions on how to sing like a country singer and also uncover expert tips on how you can make a hell of a singer out of yourself in the country music space.

Sounds good?

Let’s get this show on the road.

Simplified Guide On How To Sing Like A Country Singer

Let’s see how it all adds up in the next paragraphs. But before we expatiate on any, here is a bird’s eye view into what makes every country singer.

  • Learn how to sing
  • Find models in the country music space
  • Develop the country twang technique
  • Develop and improve your songwriting
  • Learn to play the guitar
  • Practice, record, and review

Yes, that’s all the steps to becoming a country singer. Now, let’s explain them further.

  1. Learn how to sing

Before you think of making your voice shine in country music. You just first train your voice so it is suitable for singing. If you are not naturally talented as a singer, the following tips would help you uncover the beastly singer in you.

  • Sing songs that you find pleasing to your ears.
  • Live a healthy lifestyle.
  • Regularly do vocal warm-ups and downs before singing.
  • Employ the service of a vocal coach.
  • Engage in physical exercises.

Combine these activities and you will begin to see improvement in your singing skills.

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  1. Find models in the country music space

There are plenty of country singers out there. Begin your journey by first listening to their songs. This helps you to understand the style, sound, energy, and all there is to country music.

At the core of country music is people telling their experiences, stories in a melodious way.

You may want to add the songs of Hank Williams, Carie Underwood, Dolly Parton, Johnny Cash, among others to your playlist and bop their sounds while taking notes.

  1. Learn to play an instrument

Is this a necessity? I hear you ask.

Well, I’ll leave you to decide. Here are top benefits to learning how to play an instrument like the guitar as a country singer:

  • It makes your live performances more interesting, as it offers the audience another thing to stare at instead of your face. They’ll want to see you strum the strings.
  • It also helps you to be more expressive with your performances.

Also, most chief vocalists in the country space know how to play the guitar. So, why make an exception of yourself?

  1. Develop the country twang

The twang technique does two things:

  • It gives you a powerful sound without straining your vocal cords.
  • It keeps the voice less breathy and brighter.

Before you work on developing your country twang. First, listen to other country singers. This is best put to use by mimicking the twang of these singers. 

Begin to exaggerate the sound by infusing it in your speech and then in your singing.

  1. Improve your songwriting

Even if you are a music prodigy, you’ll first start your career in the music space singing covers to the songs of others before you begin to put words on paper.

In the same vein, you can make a career as a cover artist but you will never truly stand out as someone who writes their own songs.

Follow these tips if you decide to write your own songs:

  • First, settle for a topic you want to write about. Since country music is about people’s stories, find a topic that strikes the emotional chord.
  • Write the lyrics to the song. 
  • Kill the stereotype. Not all country songs are sad songs, you can write a song that compliments happiness.
  • Avoid using curse words in your country music, especially the chorus. It is not a welcomed initiative.
  • Find a melody for your song.
  • Review.

And finally:

  1. Practice, record, and review

Before taking the bold attempt to record your song. First, practice with the songs of other country singers. In my opinion, doing this makes it easier and less frustrating when you take the final step which signals you as a country singer.

Now, record…

You don’t have to break the bank to record a country song, you can do this with a mic and recording software installed on your PC or just head over to the studio.

Whatever suits you!

After recording, don’t rush to publish the song. First, review it, is that the best you can do? If you discover any lapses, made adjustments and record again

Answers To Frequently Asked Questions On How To Sing Country Music

Can anyone learn to sing country?

Yes. Anyone who can sing can sing country music. This genre of music is not associated with people who live in the south alone. Regardless of your location on planet earth, you can sing country insofar you get the techniques right.

Why do country singers sound nasal?

Nose resonance is a sympathetic vibration the singer feels behind the nose, or nasopharynx when the vocal cords make a sound. It is completely natural as a result of good acoustics in the mouth (because of a well-placed tongue and use of pure vowels).

Why do country singers sound similar?

Many of the country singers sing with the same diction and inflection because they deploy an American accent in their singing. 

This is probably because it is relatively easier to use the twang technique with the American accent than any other accent. Also, a majority of country music consumers hail from America.

Expert Opinion: How To Break The Yoke Of Mediocrity Singing Country Music

Asides from becoming a country singer, you need to protect your interest as a singer. The following actionable tips would help you in this regard.

  • Join a band

This helps you to develop other traits needed to become a better singer. It imbibes the spirit of teamwork in you. Also, you are kept on your toes by your band members. It equally improves your chance of making it to the mainstream channels. Take a cue from the One Direction Band

  • Sell your music

It is relatively easier to sell your music nowadays. Thanks to the features of apps such as TikTok, Instagram, Facebook, among others which makes it easier to use music in one’s activities on their app.

Also, gone are the days of selling physical records, you can merely upload your songs on the internet before you say wow, it’s already gone viral!

  • Perform live

Performing live coil makes all the difference in your career. Start by performing in the presence of a small gathering and, as your confidence bolsters and your budget rises, increase the number of people you perform for.

  • Hire a vocal coach

There is a limit to what you can achieve solo. With the aid of a vocal coach, you can preserve the quality of your voice, easily improve your areas of weakness, and also develop your vocal techniques further.

This comes at a cost, but the result far outweighs the investment.

In Conclusion

Take the gems established in this article to facilitate your knowledge of how to sing like a country singer and you are well-grounded to leave a dent in the industry.

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