An Informational Guide On How To Randomize Velocity In Fl Studio

I have dedicated today’s post to show you how to randomize velocity in FL Studio. Velocity randomization refers to the technique of adding subtle variations to the velocity of each note in FL Studio. 

But that’s not all. This subtle tweak exerts a beautiful ripple effect on humanizing your instruments. More about that in the latter part of this post.

Without getting ahead of ourselves. Here’s a highlight of what you stand to learn by reading this article;

  • A step-by-step guide on how to randomize velocity in Fl Studio.
  • What does it mean to randomize velocity?
  • The pros and cons of velocity randomization.
  • Answers to the generally asked questions relating to the use of FL Studio for velocity randomization.

Are you following? That being the case, let’s get this show started.

For starters…

What Is Velocity Randomization?

Velocity randomization is a concept every music producer should familiarize themselves with. When using DAWs, such as Fl Studio, for music production you may struggle with keeping the sounds realistic because of certain errors.

However, through the subtle tweaks of varying the timing and velocity of the notes. You can make them sound more natural, human, and realistic.

How’s that?

A Step-By-Step Guide On How To Randomize Velocity In Fl Studio

There are essentially four key steps to randomizing velocity in your FL Studio. They are;

  • Create a note progression
  • Open the Piano Roll
  • Open the velocity randomizer tool
  • Make use of the randomizer tool.

With that said, let’s get right into it.

Open The Piano Roll

Before you go on to randomize the velocity of your sounds, you must first create a progression of chords using any instrument. Be it snare drums, piano keys, among others. After you have chosen the instrument, open the Piano Roll.

Now, let’s focus on the next major thing;


Now, you can  launch the velocity randomizer. We can access the randomizer on the keyboard via a shortcut, ALT+R. This shortcut may likely not work for certain computers. If you are experiencing this issue. Follow the next steps below:

The keyboard shortcut ALT+R can access this or simply use the drop-down menu at the top left of the piano roll and select ‘Tools‘ and then ‘Randomize.’ 

  • Tap the triangle icon sitting to the left-hand side of the wrench icon at the top left corner of the Piano Roll window.
  • Next; Click on the tools
  • Tap on Randomize
  • Find the Velocity knob, a knob highlighted in blue color, and experiment with it until you are satisfied with the result.
  • Once you are okay with your output, click on accept.

Have you got that right?

The button you have to focus on when randomizing is the vel knob. Tune in to the right or left until you are satisfied with the difference.

Before we proceed, note the following;

Upon launching your velocity randomizer, you would notice that the pattern randomizer is turned on. Well, you need to switch it off.

Why? We want to randomize our velocity.


These are the different parameters to help you get started.

  • Levels knobs: This parameter controls the amount of randomization for each parameter
  • Seed arrows: What this does is change the seed state of the random number generator algorithm. This feature is available in the channels for both step sequencer and Piano roll. 
  • Bipolar: It makes it possible for the velocities to be alternately switched between higher and lower levels from the original position, instead of a single pathway, that is just higher or lower changes above the starting positions.

Answers To Frequently Asked Questions

What is the benefit of randomization in music production?

Ever wondered why some music production sounds more human while some sound plain bland and robotic? The difference is because of ‌randomization. So, if you want to make your production more humane, add randomization.

As a side note, the randomizer can be used to lace notes in the Piano Roll. also, it can be used to add variety to the note length and enable random note glides.

Can you add velocity to samples in the playlist?

If you are aiming to spice things up with the samples in your FL playlist, the best thing to do is to create an automation clip, and modulate the volume as it plays.

Is it possible to randomize the starting position of notes in FL Studio?

No, it is impossible to randomize the starting position of notes in a pattern within the Piano Roll.

Final Words

What does it mean to understand how to randomize velocity in FL Studio? For one thing, it means you have more armoury in your production arsenal.

And the ripple effect of that is you will ‌attract better paying clients and as a result the old truck load of money would keep knocking on your door. Isn’t it?

So, ‌get started right away. I hope what you learned here helps you!

One other thing;

Sometimes the application of velocity randomizer may not sound good to your ears. That being the case, it may be down to one of two things. 

One, velocity randomization may not be suitable for that ‌instrument.

For the other thing. Either you are excessive or not applying the velocity randomizer in decent amounts.

Got that, right?

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