How To Loop A Track In FL Studio: A Must Read For Both Newbie and Advanced Music Producers

Imagine this: You’re working on a record on your newly purchased FL Studio. Everything is going on fine and you absolutely love the experience until it’s time to loop a part of your song.

What is looping? It simply means repeating a phrase or part of a song to create a rhythmic ostinato.

Knowing how to loop a track in FL Studio is a creative technique every music producer using the FL Studio DAW must learn to use so they can maximize their experience using this app.

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After reading this post from start to finish, you would be able to loop any song in FL Studio with little or no hassle. Also, you would find answers to the most commonly asked questions on how to loop in FL Studio.

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A Comprehensive Guide Showing How To Loop A Track In FL Studio

If you want the simplest hack on how you can ever get on how to loop a track in FL Studio. All you have to do is to loop from the playlist view of the FL Studio. Hover and right-click on the bar icon to drag to the horizontal scroll bar just below. Then, you will see the looped parts highlighted in red color.

For a more detailed approach of how to loop in the playlist view and the Piano Roll, continue reading this article.

Before we delve into that. Do you know the benefits of looping in your FL Studio?

  • It streamlines the workflow of music production.
  • It is efficient and time-saving.
  • It is a powerful innovation that makes music production more fun, and so and so forth.


How To Loop In The Playlist View Of The Fl Studio

  • Open The Playlist View of your FL Studio. 
  • Navigate your cursor to the bar timeline, which is just below the horizontal scroll bar in the playlist view. It shows the bar in a song.
  • Up next: Selecting the part of the song to be looped. Essentially, what you’re doing here is marking the area to be looped. This part could either be short, long or the full song. 

To create a loop, hold control and click and drag your pointer across the section of the main timeline (where the measure numbers are) that you want to loop

  • To remove the loop, hold on right-click and drag the red-colored part of the bar timeline.

To hear the looped part, just press play!

And that’s not all.

How To Loop In FL Studio (Piano Roll)

  • First off, open the Piano Roll the same way you opened the Playlist View of the FL Studio.
  • Up next; navigate to the bar timeline and press on the control to drag the pointer across the section to be looped. The looped area is in red.
  • You can also use the control to drag the pointer if there is a need to edit the length of the looped part.
  • And that’s all there is to creating a looped tune in FL Studio

Have you got that, right?

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Is the loop functionality in all versions of FL Studio?

Well, no! The loop feature is a plugin made available in the FL Studio 11 but when the 12 version was launched. It was absent, and it created an uproar across online forums. This discouraged several users from upgrading their FL Studio (even though it was free).

Upon the release of FL Studio 20, it is a welcomed relief to note that they included the Channel Loop feature with enhanced functionalities.

How do I turn loop mode off?

Right-click the loop button at the top left of the Channel Rack, then make sure “Always show advanced controls” would be deactivated.

Can I loop on FL Studio Mobile?

Th mobile app for FL Studio allows for looping. The interface is its mobile app allows for touch and drag, Therefore you can loop by resizing the Clip. When the end of the data in the Clip has been reached, the Clip will Loop. 

How can you smoothen loops?

There is a manual tool for smoothening your loops in FL Studio. It makes it possible for you to eliminate clicks, pops, or beating sounds from a loop.  Simply left-click on the Tune Loop button to open the tool in your FL Studio.

How can you stop a loop from continuously repeating in FL Studio?

Hold the control and drag across the bar timeline.

Final Thoughts

Remember; knowing how to loop a track in FL Studio can make all the creative difference you can ever need in your music production. And we rightly positioned this guide to help you attain mastery of this tool.

Following the steps in this article would teach you all that you need on how to loop in FL Studio. So, what’s holding you back? Get to work, asap!

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Good luck!