How to hook up two amps with one RCA Jack

Amps which are commonly known as Amplifiers just as the name implies were maid to enhance sound. For instrumentalists or musicians, this is definitely something you cannot do without. However, in this post, I am here to take you through how to hook up two amps with just one RCA Jack without hassle. But first, let’s take a look at each piece of equipment you need for that.


An amplifier is an electronic gadget that builds the voltage, current, or power of a signal. Amplifiers are utilized in wireless correspondences and broadcasting, and in sound hardware of various types. They can be arranged as either low signal amplifiers or power amplifiers. 

low signal amplifiers are utilized principally in wireless devices. They are additionally utilized in acoustic pickups, audiotape players, and smaller plate players. A low signal speaker is intended to manage exceedingly little input signals, now and again estimating just a couple of nanovolts units of about 10-9 volt. Such amplifiers must produce insignificant internal noise while expanding the signal voltage by an enormous factor. The best gadget for this application is the field-impact transistor. 

Power amplifiers are utilized in wireless transmitters, broadcast transmitters, and sound hardware. The most often utilized gadget for power intensification is the bipolar transistor. In any case, vacuum tubes, when thought about out of date, are getting progressively well known, particularly among performers. Numerous expert artists accept that the vacuum tube gives predominant constancy. 

Two significant contemplations in power intensification are power output and efficiency. Power output is estimated in watts or kilowatts. Efficiency is the proportion of sign power output to the absolute power input. This worth is in every case under 1. It is normally communicated as a rate. In sound applications, power amplifiers are 30 to 50 percent productive. In wireless interchanges and broadcasting transmitters, efficiency ranges from around 50 to 70 percent. In hi-fi sound power amplifiers, bending is likewise a significant factor. This is a proportion of the degree to which the output waveform is a dependable replication of the input waveform. The lower the mutilation, when all is said in done, the better the loyalty of the output sound. 

Applications of Amplifiers 

  • It is utilized to intensify the sound sign (speaker, VHF, PA framework Ship horn)
  • It is utilized as a voltage and current regulator
  • It is utilized as simple to the advanced converter and the other way around
  • It is utilized as a servo enhancer in engine
  • The output signal from the enhancer is provided to a hand-off in a circuit
  • It is utilized in Gyrocompass
  • It is utilized in the Engine room, deck, and different cautions
  • It is utilized in different Sensors
  • It is utilized in electrical security frameworks

The RCA Plugs

Sound system simple sound connections that can be found on most various media gadgets. They will utilize what is known as an RCA plug (otherwise called a phono connection). 

In any case, that doesn’t really mean you should utilize them to interface with your sound framework; it will for the most part be named as an input or an output. The output is for sending the sound from the gadget to another. Input is for getting the sound from elsewhere. 

The RCA connectors are normally shaded white for the left channel and red for the right channel. The shows the right channel red and the left channel white. In any case, this is simply to assist you with wiring your hardware together. It doesn’t make a difference on the off chance that you switch this around . similarly as long as a similar shading is associated with the left and right inputs at each end. 

The RCA Jack 

An RCA jack comprises a little, rounded opening ringed with metal. The connector is typically color-coded or a close-by the color board is indicated for the gadget that depicts which RCA link plugs into which RCA jack. 

At the point when you are utilizing an RCA link, which includes a male connector that mounts immovably into the jack, it becomes feasible for simple or advanced info to go from the input source to the output goal. 

An RCA jack can frequently be utilized to associate the simple output of a DVD player to the simple inputs situated on the backside of the TV. In any case, RCA inputs can likewise be found on different gadgets and even on the facade of a TV. The red and white hues speak to one side and left sound system sound channels, separately. A yellow connection is utilized to convey the video signal. 

RCA jacks are even utilized for coaxial advanced sound which is usually orange in color, they are powerful signals or reception equipment connectors. RCA links are in some cases found related to an S-video (higher video quality versus a yellow composite) plug end. Ports are commonly named to keep away from shading disarray. 

On the off chance that sound gear is turned on, one may experience a humming sound as the link end plugs into the RCA jack. This is because of the signal connector being made before the ground connection, consequently why it’s prescribed to turn everything off before taking care of the connections. 

In the wake of getting the fundamental things needed to how to hook up two amps with one RCA jack. The following processes can be followed to achieve success

Hooking up two amps with one RCA Jack

The First activity is to set up the RCA jack; that is, set up the electronic gadget that has the single output RCA jack and ensures there is no broken wiring or harm. 

Secondly, unplug both the red and white male plugs if there are any previously plugged into the RCA jack. 

In the wake of unplugging and leaving the RCA jack unfilled, plug in the splitter link. This is the most significant advance and this is the main piece that will help in accomplishing the required outcomes. 

Subsequent to plugging the splitter links, there will be two sets of red and white male plugs. These red and white male plugs can be associated with two amplifiers and henceforth, the issue is illuminated. 

The previously mentioned is one of the methods of “amping up” or connecting two amplifiers to a solitary RCA jack. There is another strategy by which one can connect more than one speaker to an RCA jack. This technique is trailed by utilizing the daisy-chain connection of wires. Coming up next is another route by which you can hook up two amps with one RCA jack 

First set up the electronic gadget that has the single output RCA jack. 

In the wake of setting up the electronic gadget, set up the amplifiers that are to be associated with the RCA jacks of the electronic gadget. 

Ensure that the input and output units of the amplifiers are vacant. 

Presently interface a daisy bind splitter to the RCA jack. In the wake of connecting, the entire circuit will seem as though a branch coming out of a stem. 

After the splitter is set, interface the wire from the splitter to the input outlet of the first and there will be another wire that ought to be plugged into the output outlet of the main speaker. The subsequent wire will have a male plug that ought to be associated with the following intensifier. 


The two techniques above are the easiest ways by which two amplifiers can be snared to a solitary RCA jack of any electronic gadget without giving you much trouble. The main things required are splitter links and fundamental information on the best way to interface wires.

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