How Much Do DJs Get Paid

Starting out as a DJ, there is probably a gazillion of questions and ideas bubbling over your mind. You want to know how it feels like living the dream and getting paid to have fun. You want to know the challenges ahead, be prepared for the wild drunken nights ahead, as well as know-how to handle those inevitable coming stale events. But at the bottom line, and most importantly, you want to know the what-is-in-it-for-me factor.

So…how much do DJs get paid really?

Well, it depends on a number of factors which will be discussed later on in this article.

But for an average DJ playing a 4-hour open set every single day in ana average-sized town or city in the USA or the UK,  you could be earning between $250 and $300 per night show.

Be that as it may, here are the determinant factors for a DJ’s earning.

Factors That Determine The Earning Of A DJ

  • The type of DJ that you are
  • Your DJing style
  • Event location
  • Your experience
  • How famous you are

With that out of the way, below is a highlight of 6 different types of DJs and how much you can earn as a DJ of one of the six types.

How Much Do Hardstyle DJs Earn

Suppose you were a hardstyle DJ scratching and playing danceable music to a large crowd every night in Europe, your average earning will be anything around 750 euros per gig and 1500 euros per gig. But here’s a better breakdown of it.

If you’re an upcoming duo/single DJ, you can expect anything close to 1500 euros.

On the flip-side, as a well-established DJ in Europe, you can expect to get paid 2500 euro per gig or 3500 euro per gig.

Finally, if you are a super top-of-the-line DJ, say someone like Angerfist or Wildstylez or Headhunterz, well, you could be reeling in 5grands or 10grands per gig.

How Much Does A Radio DJ Earns

This depends largely on your location and how many studios you play for every month. Also, the size and the popularity of the radio that you’re playing forspeaks much about your earning. So, while most local radio DJs are all out for the exposure that ties in with playing for a radio station, here are the possible earnings in 4 different countries.

How much does a radio DJ earn in the USA; suppose you were in the USA, according to an algorithm, you can be expecting a salary size between $25, 606, and $47, 093.

How much does a local radio disk jockey earn in the UK; In the UK, as a mid-career disk jockey with 5-9 years of experience behind you, you’ll be earning 25, 000 euros every year as a local radio DJ.

How much does a local radio DJ earn in Singapore; the starting pay range is basically $2000. Though there are several local radios that will pay you $3500 max as a salary depending on your experience and track record in the industry.

How much does a radio DJ earn in the Philippines; being an entry-level disk jockey with 1-3years experience, your average earning in local radios 264, 297 pesos. But with 8 years’ experience as a senior player, you could be expecting up to 444, 845 pesos from local radios.

How Much Do Music Producer DJ Earns

As a music producer in the studio, you’re either employed by a record label or by a recording studio or you could be serving yourself by running your own studio. Whichever the case may be, according to a statistic by the Bureau of Labor, the average music producer earns $55, 000 a year. But come to think of it, most dance tracks dropped theses days earn the DJ producer a max of $100. That means, if you were dropping dance tracks every day for the onstage DJs to play at live shows, you will be getting nothing less than $25, 000 a month. Right?

What Is A Mobile DJ’s Annual Salary

Mobile dis jockeys are considered the top-earning disk jockeys alive. Note that top-earning is quite different from top-paying. While DJs on this side of the industry have a stable source of income, thanks to the fact that there’s always a next-event to get a gig from and create more connection for business opportunities on the spot, they get paid less compared to the club disk jockeys highlighted in the next heading.

Be that as it may, as a mobile disk jockey, you can expect to be netting the average annual pay of $42348 per year. Also, consider that your level of expertise and your popularity in the town you’re gigging incomes into the bigger picture of your yearly earnings.

How Much Does A Club DJ Make

The hourly earning of a club disc jockey varies depending on the venue, location, and size of the club. Nevertheless, some clubs pay you more for bringing your own A-game or B-game. And some will even give you a tip for a video agreement. That is you agree to be videoed as you play. This video may turn out to be the club’s property or partly yours and partly theirs depending on the signed agreement.

In the meantime, according to statistics in 2012, the average earning in a night setting for a club disc jockey ranged from $500 to $1000. While this is so if you look enough on many DJ forums on the internet you’ll find disc jockeys charging $30 to $50 per hour.

How Much Does A Turntablist Earn

Admitting that you’re a turntablist disc jockey in the USA, mixing, scratching, and manipulating music on a turntable through the night and being wild about it, how much would you earn every night? Straight answer, most turntablist DJs out there net between $18, 000 and $102, 000 every single night. And as you can do more than just a show in a night in the busiest cities in the states, I can say that your earning is largely in your hands.

Be all of that as they may be, below, I have listed some of the top-earning DJs in the world to add a bit of inspiration to what you have got already. Get to it.

Top Paid DJs In The World

  1.  Calvin Harris; $63 million in 2016
  2. Tiesto; $38 million in 2016
  3. The Chainsmokers; $38 million dollars in 2016
  4. Skrillex; $30 million in 2016
  5. Steve Aoki; $23.5 million in 2016
  6. Diplo; $23 million in 2016
  7. David Guetta; $28 million in 2016
  8. Marshmellow; $21 million
  9. Zedd; $19 million
  10. Martin Garrix; $16 million in 2016


Deciding on the kind of DJ you want to be may not be a walk in the park. There are just way too many things to consider. Add to the fact that you’re totally new to the whole professional DJing thing. But at the bottom line, the chief factor to consider when starting out is your earning potential. Therefore, in this article, so far, I have highlighted the 5 basic types of DJs and your earning potential if you dived into any of the 5. I hope this helps.

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