A Must Read On Fl Studio Skins; How To Install Them

Anyone using Fl studio can attest to its user-friendliness. In fact, this is probably the biggest reason for its adoption in music production by big-name producers, such as Martin Garrix, Alan Walker, Soulja Boy, among others.

After using this outstanding tool for a while, you may yearn for a new look; for a customized skin that suits your style.

Now, this is something you may find difficult to figure out without an expert’s guidance, “customized fl studio skins; how to install them“.

These are reasons ‌to opt for a new look in your Fl studio;

  • A customized skin can help fire your creativity.
  • It’s a fun thing to do.
  • It uniquely personalizes the user’s experience on this digital audio workstation.

With that said, here is a list of what you’ll learn in this post;

  • A zero-bullshit guide on how you can change your Fl studio skin.
  • The tools you need to customize the Fl studio
  • Answers to the FAQs on installing new FL studio skins.

Can you see where we are headed with this?

A disclaimer;

You should know that there are no official customized skins available for FL studio. Fl Studio does not allow for the modification of its default skin and going ahead with this could be a violation of their copyright.


What Do You Need To Install Modified Fl Studio Skins?

  • Customized Fl Studio skins (downloadable from Medium)
  • Software for extracting zip files.
  • Fl Studio 20.5 (and above)

It gets better;

How To Install Fl Studio Skins Without Corrupting Your DAWs

Step 1

Download the customized Fl Studio skin file for free on websites, such as Medium or Trans Pulse for free. Using pieces of software, such as WinRAR, extract the skin files.

Step 2

Open the installed Fl Studio application on your PC. Fl Studio is compatible with both Windows and macOS.

Step 3

Launch the Artwork folder of your Fl Studio and open the “Skins” folder.

Step 4

Paste the extracted customized skins into the opened Skins folder. Got it, right?

Step 5

Launch the Fl Studio app and click on the General Settings of the app menu. Choose the theme that suits your style.


This is absolutely illegal. Hence, I strongly advise you to understand the risk before proceeding.


  • Freedom to choose from an abundant option of skins.
  • It offers more aesthetically pleasing themes
  • It is absolutely free to install
  • It is easy to install
  • To overcome creative’s block and nourish creativity.


  • It is not an authorized modification by FL Studio. Hence, you could be risking your DAW software and at the same time, you could violate their copyright.
  • It is possible that you download pieces of malware hidden in the FL Studio skin files from the unauthorized platforms.
  • The default theme, default grid color setting and default flp template is included in these skin files downloaded from the internet should you want to return to it to default settings.

It gets even better;

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Other Alternatives For Customizing Your Fl Studio Skin

These methods are not really preferred since it does not offer the same quality of aesthetics like the method previously explained.

Anyhoo, they are;

  • Changing the aesthetics of Fl Studio.
  • Modifying the background of the Fl Studio playlist view.

Changing the Fl Studio background

Simply click  the view option from the drop-down menu from the top left of your DAW. Then, select on the background option. Choose set mage wallpaper.

Edit the color elements of Fl Studio

The newer versions of Fl Studio have made it so much easier for users of this tool to modify colors of various aspects of the app to taste.

It is quite simple;

All you have to do is right click the part you desire to manipulate and click on the color option. This will open a pop-up window allowing you to edit the color to taste.


  • You are not exposing your computer to any risk whatsoever.
  • It is absolutely free.
  • It is easy to implement.
  • Freedom to choose any background image or color.


  • You may end up with a poor color combo for the theme of your FL Studio if you are not versed in color mixing.
  • It is inferior to the skins available via download.
  • Not all aspects of the FL studio can have their color modified to suit the user’s taste

We’re not done yet.

Where Can You Get Free Fl Studio Skins For Your Daws? 

Unlike before, it is now quite difficult to find these free skins. This is because FL Studios makers are seriously waging war agaisnt the platforms making these themes available.

Is It Possible To Tweak The Appearance Of Older Fl Studios? 

It is easier to use the guide on how to install free skins download with versions of the FL Studio starting from the 20.5 version and above. However, you may find it impossible to work this guide on versions preceding these versions.

Can You Remove Skins Once You Have Put Them On? 

Depending on how often you want to change the appearance of your FL Studio, you can change the skin of your DAW to a new one if you have the FL Skinner.I 

For those looking to remove skins entirely, you can remove the program from your computer, and it will revert your FL Studio to its default theme. 

In Conclusion

I believe this article on “Fl Studio Skins; How To Install Them” must have provided answers to the various questions running in your mind.

So, when next someone says Fl Studio is a boring piece of software for music producers. Nicely tell them to shush it and then ‌show them the content of this article.

Sounds fair, right? (I’m only kidding).