Eastman ac422ce Review

If you’ve ever had to turn down a gig not because of anything but for a faulty guitar, you don’t ever want that to happen again. The disappointment. The pain of missing out on another opportunity to rock the stage. And ultimately the paycheck missed. All of that could build up as a lesson learned.

Now you want to be as careful as possible. You’ve read all the success stories but want to be sure if the Eastman’s ac422ce is worth the hype. You’re in the right place.

Right here, in this Eastman ac422ce review, I highlight everything you need to decide whether this acoustic guitar is a fit for your play needs or not.

First thing first. If you’re a big fan of Eastman, you may just skip the next headline and head over straight to the review part. Otherwise, if this is your Eastman experience, here’s a quick background check on the manufacturer of the musical instrument.

Who Is Eastman?

Started out in 1992 as a micro-musical instrument manufacturing company, Eastwood was initiated by Qian Ni from Beijing. Back then, Eastwood products were sold at the back of the truck inside of which the Eastwood Luthiers and craftsmen operated. Qian Ni was a graduate of Boston University Of Music himself, so it’s reasonable to say that the company was rooted deep in his passion for music.
Eastman AC422CE Grand Auditorium Cutaway Acoustic-Electric Guitar

Moreover, according to him, Eastwood’s vision is to provide world classic instruments for musicians by taking obsessive attention to detail approach. And that, they have been able to achieve over the decades. Today, Eastwood has set a lot of standards not only in the world of guitar players but also in other string instruments cellos, violins, basses, and violas. They are reliable, trustworthy, and a leading company that is an emulation to upcoming strings manufacturers.

Now, to the main part.

Reviewing Eastman AC422CE

In this section, I go into the bolts and nuts of the 422CE of Eastman’s AC series.

Let’s dive in.

What Is The Eastman AC422CE Great For?

If you are an advanced acoustic guitar player looking for a solid instrument for gigging, this is for you. The AC422CE is built from the ground up with more professional players in mind. By offering an extended scale length of 25.4”, the onstage performers who add color to their vocals on an acoustic guitar have a lot of tone options under their belts. Also for playing in a band setting, you can craft varying highs, lows, and mids and creatively tailor the best harmony for the venue.
Eastman AC422CE Grand Auditorium Cutaway Acoustic-Electric Guitar Though the traditional C neck profile of it may make it a minimalist on the tonal pitch, this, however, accounts for a lightweight guitar that you can count on for stable, original acoustic music for long-duration performance. Moreover, the solid Rosewood body material makes up for the minimalistic approach of the neck profile by adding natural volume to your plays with zero distortion. This naturally adds gains to your tones, enabling easy pickup by your PA systems.

Overall, Eastman AC422CE is a heavy-duty acoustic guitar for all professional applications. This includes; stage performances, club entertainment, church and worship, and other important events. Below, I have explained everything good about this guitar and why you should go for it over the other 6 strings on the market.

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What Is Good About Eastman AC422CE?

  • Easy To Play With Short Hands; while the majority of acoustics on the market may offer an equal sound quality, finding one that doesn’t strain the fingers may not be a walk in the park. This is especially for players with shorthands. Or short fingers. Thanks to the smaller and comfortable nut width that the AC422CE integrates, you can finally perform at your very best without an overly large nut causing any form of limitation.
  • Comfort; when compared to some of the C neck profile strings out there, the AC422CE promises more finger comfort thanks to the Ebony fingerboard material that allows smooth movement of fingers as you play. In the same spirit, the solid rosewood of the body and side coupled with the solid Sitka spruce of the top body accounts for a featherweight instrument that can be comfortably lifted and played.
  • Durability; from a distance, the AC422CE is built to last. For the fact that it was engineered for heavy-duty plays, the body materials have been carefully selected for the sake of durability. Likewise, the gloss nitrocellulose finish of the top body, keep your investment as new as it was on the first day over months of usage. This is because gloss nitrocellulose is resistant to water, a sort of waterproof, in lieu of the types of fishings that chip off on contact with water.
  • PA Adaptable/Natural Acoustic Sound; finally, this guitar keeps your acoustic sounds acoustic and adds gains to your plays to secure that all your tones are naturally boosted to be high in frequency and thus make pickup easy for your PA system.
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See the complete features below.

Features Of Eastman AC422CE

And there you have it. But is it all great and good?

Definitely not.

Here are some reasons for which this guitar may not worth it.

Why It’s Not Too Great

  • Not For Beginners; for a guitar in that price point, it should be dynamic so much that a beginner could have an entry into 6 strings with it. Unfortunately, the AC422CE is strictly for acoustic experts and professionals.
  • C neck profile limitation; just like with every other C neck guitars out there, you have a chunk of sound volume cut out. This may make amplification impossible without a preamp in most cases.
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Whenever it comes to choosing an instrument, most players are skeptical about what to go for. In this post, Eastman ac422ce review, I have highlighted everything about Eastman’s model of the AC series. It’s left to you to decide whether it’s a fit for your ventures or not. Nevertheless, get more help in the comment box if you need to.