Finding Answers- Does Fl Studio Have Autotune?

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That is one of the top questions you would want to find answers to before you take the bold step in joining the other millions of users of Fl Studio.

As you know, autotune has become a peculiar technique in music engineering. So much that it feels kind of awkward if it is absent in a vocal.

And right on this page are the answers you need!

But that’s not all;

You would also discover answers to the top questions related to autotune and Fl Studio, such as Are there free auto-tune plugins for FL Studio? Does the FL Studio trial have autotune? and so on and so forth.

Don’t even try to deny it. This post contains what you’re looking for!


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Does Fl Studio Have Autotune?

Native autotune plugins are not peculiar to every DAWs in the market. For instance, the popular Ableton does not have any native autotune feature. Although, you could easily add some third-party plugins to it.

Guess what? Your favorite DAW, Fl Studio, has two native fully-fledged autotune plugins already installed on it. They are;

  • NewTone
  • The Pitcher

More info about how to use both ‌autotune plugins would come at later points in this post. In the meantime, I will answer another of the questions running in your mind.

Does Fl Studio Support Other Autotune Plugins?

If you don’t enjoy working with either of the signature autotune VST plugins included in Fl Studio. By all means, you can install your favorite VST plugins so far it is compatible and can be hosted on the Fl Studio.

Some of the free VST autotune plugins you can resort to are;

  • Graillon 2 Free Edition
  • MAutoPitch
  • GSnap
  • KeroVee
  • Voloco

Confirm these autotune plugins are compatible with your operating system before installation. Some of the fantastic paid options you can consider are as follows.

  • Antares Autotune.
  • Celemony Melodyne 5.
  • Synchro Arts Revoice Pro.
  • Waves Tune Real-Time.
  • Steinberg Cubase Variaudio.

Pro tip: We strongly recommend you run the plugin’s installer and use its default install location to avoid unnecessary problems.


Let’s consider the signature autotune VSTs plugins Fl Studios are known for. It is important to know that these plugins were first bundled with Fl Studio upon the release of the Fl Studio 12..

NewTone Autotune For Fl Studio

This is an excellent choice of autotune for Fl Studio. From personal experience, NewTone is fantastic for keeping your vocals pitch-perfect. It has been likened to Melodyne by any end-user of Fl Studio in terms of high functionality.


  • It is fast, can literally “autotune” a track in seconds.
  • Because it is a native plugin, it seems more reliable than others that are not included as Fl Studio’s signature bundle.
  • It offers users fine control over individual notes. Thereby making it possible to manipulate your sounds to pitch perfection with no weird effects.


  • It may introduce unnatural resonances in the vocals you are trying to make pitch perfect.
  • It is manual.
  • It does not offer the option of editing sounds in real-time.

Moving on…

The Pitcher As A Native Autotune Plugin For Fl Studio

This is another of the amazing options for autotuning sounds in your Fl Studio. It gets even better! This feature comes as part of your Fl Studio package. Hence, you don’t have to stress about incompatibility or installation foes.


  • Workflow is streamlined. You don’t have to export your files before auto-tuning. Also, you can autotune your sounds in real-time.
  • Since it is a part of your Fl Studio program, the risk of exposing your PC and Fl Studio program to malware attacks is minimal.
  • It is easy to use.


  • It is not efficient when working on pre-recorded vocals.
  • The output is ‌wonky on certain occasions.
  • Pitcher does not allow detailed pitch correction like autotune plugins, such as Antares.

What next?

Let’s take a step further into understanding how these native autotune work.

How To Use NewTone For Autotune

As you know, this feature only works for pre-recorded sounds so kill the idea of using it for a song being recorded in real-time.

Here we go;

  • Open up a new instance of NewTone on a mixer track. 
  • Click the mixer view, and choose the desired mixer track. Then tap on an empty insert slot within the mixer track. 
  • To slice and place the audio on the right notes, simply drag the audio to be corrected into the NewTone plugin window.
  • Next: use the three knobs ‘center,’ ‘variation,’ and ‘trans’ to adjust the vocals until it suits your preference.
  • After auto-tuning the vocals, you can proceed to the final step.
  • Export the sound using any of the four export options. These are Copy The MIDI, Save As, Drag Selection, or Send To The Playlist.

Using The Pitcher For Autotune In Fl Studio

  • Open the Pitcher. Ensure both the sound to be auto-tuned and the Pitcher plugin are placed on the same mixer track.
  • Adjust the speed.
  • Choose the notes you want to autotune, so the editing is confined to such notes alone.
  • Avoid singing pitches on the boundary between notes in the scale.
  • Don’t water your autotune with excessive vibrato.
  • Don’t be robotic, be creative with your use of this autotune plugin. That’s how to get the best out of its use.

Does Fl Studio Trial Have Autotune?

The demo Fl Studio is essentially the paid program available for use with restrictions on certain features. The demo version allows you the opportunity to use the autotune features but the experience is not without hiccups. 

For instance, the Pitcher autotune might break off during use. Also, you can’t make money off whatever works you produce with the trial version of Fl Studio. Else, you may find yourself in serious legal troubles with the makers of Fl Studio.

Does Fl Studio Mobile Have Autotune?

The power necessary to support these high-performance VSTs, such as that of autotune plugins is absent on mobile devices. Therefore, mobile Fl Studio apps do not support VSTs autotune plugins. At least for now. This might change with advances in technology.

Departing Thought

This post answering the “does Fl Studio have autotune” question must have improved your knowledge about Fl Studio DAW. You can read more about improving your workflow on this program via shortcuts here. (how to copy and paste on fl studio)

That being said, the knowledge of how to use autotune is valuable for music producers. It can be the difference-maker in how much money you earn from producing sounds in today’s market.