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Below, see my A-list of worship artistry drums sets handpicked from the best drum set brands and test-driven for the church performances.

My A-List Of The 5 Best Worship Drum Sets

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Here’s my personal POV (point of view) on each of them below.

Best Drum Set For Church – The Top 5

  1. Best PDP Set;  PDP By DW 5-Piece Concept Maple Shell

If you want a warmer, darker tone from a maple nice wood grain drum kit for the church without breaking the bank, this is for you. This PDP by DW is a complete set of 7 drums which include floor toms, suspended toms, snares, and bass in 7-ply and 10-ply. The floor tom has its own factory included 7mil hydraulic and only this and the bass drum requires assembly, all others are ready for use right out of the box. 2 standard pillows come in the package to be used inside of the bass drum and the tom mount center post is dynamic enough to be converted for a cymbal stand.

PDP By DW 5-Piece Concept Maple Shell Pack with Chrome Hardware Red to Black Fade

All in all, this is a sturdy set with tightly built hardware complementing the smoothness of the thoroughly sanded shells. The bearing edges are milled properly to make it all hold well, obviously the workmanship of experienced professionals. 6 regular tension rods and 2 for kicks and 6 extra swivel nuts, all these added parts allow proper configuration and make this set easy to tune for worship.


  • 10-ply concept snares
  • 7-ply concept toms
  • Rack toms sizes; 12” ✖ 9” and 10” ✖ 8”
  • Floor tom size; 16” ✖ 14”
  • Bass size; 22”✖ 18”
  • Snare size; 14” ✖51/2”
  • Included accessories; 2 pillows, 6 swivel nuts, and 8 tension rods


  • Warmer darker sounding
  • Deep punchy kick
  • Easy to set up and use
  • Compact design with tight hardware and smooth shell


  • Heads may need a replacement for greater results
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  1. Best For Bass Drum; Sonor SQ1 3-Piece Shell Pack With 24-Inch. Bass Drum Cruiser

The second on the list is a model from Sonor’s SQ1 series. The Sonor SQ1 3-piece shell is a pounding set for high frequencies and more pronouncing low-ends. By employing the pounding power of high-quality birch shells that are 100% European on all the drums, Sonor accomplishes the improvement of acoustic quality on sleek green revolutionary drums. In my opinion, this is a smart choice for bigger churches looking to hit maximum amplification of drum play for a larger congregation. The only downside is that you’re spending 3grands and 2bucks on this set. But it’s worth every penny any was.

Sonor SQ1 3-Piece Shell Pack with 24 in. Bass Drum Cruiser Blue

What’s great? Each of the toms in the set integrates a 3D printed sound sustainer hexagonal technology for full resonance and sound isolation. Even with this additional add-on, the light weightiness isn’t affected in any way. And you can as well make this your starting point as a beginner worship drummer.


  • Shells; 10-ply, TT and FT, 10mm shells
  • 7-ply tune-safe system
  • 3D printed hexagonal sound sustainers
  • Bass size; 24”
  • Mounting systems
  • Floor tom leg brackets


  • Improved acoustic quality
  • High frequencies and pronouncing low-ends
  • 100% European birch shells
  • Tension-free shells
  • Mounts and toms have brackets for easy movement


  • Price is at the top of the market
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  1. Best Catalina Jazz Set; Gretch CT1J484SWG 2014 Catalina Club Jazz 4-Piece Shell Pack

Gretch’s CT1J484SWG model is one of the best jazz set in the small kit category. With a quality construction design and sound that is much bigger than what the sizes suggest, each drum in this set is compact in its structure and performs in its own unique way. The mahogany shells choice keep the sound warm, this is especially for the floor tom and the kick with their solid throaty sounds. The overall mahogany design is beautiful and the 30 degrees bearing edges quite make them sit well wherever you set them up for use. The only thing is that this set is only for light-duty performances. Otherwise, get something bigger such as the previously reviewed.

Gretsch CT1J484SWG 2014 Catalina Club Jazz 4-Piece Shell Pack - Satin Walnut Glaze

The hardware choice is another thing. On the bass drum, a gas cap mount plate is employed for a distinctive appearance. The new double and single tom holders, tom mount brackets with reduced mass, a GTS mounting system that is of low profile, all of this bring your jazz set closer to you and reduce the hassles.


  • 30 degrees bearing edge
  • 8-ply mahogany shells
  • Bass drum size; 14” ✖ 18”
  • Snare drum size; 5” ✖ 14”
  • Rack tom size; 8” ✖ 12”
  • Floor toms size; 14” ✖ 14”
  • 1.6mm triple-flanged hoops


  • Low profile GTS system
  • Low profile tom bracket
  • Great sound and aesthetic design
  • Best for jazz and works for rock too
  • Compact and ideal for beginners
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  1. Best Birch; YAMAHA Stage Custom Birch 5PC Drumshell Pack 20” Kick Honey Amber $700

Straight from YAMAHA, this honey amper color set is designed with 100% pure custom birch shells for profoundness in sound pitch and with 45 degrees bearing edges for stability both on the floor and on the standing system. The raven black color finish of the heads gives the heads the same quality you would bounce off of Evans G2 batter heads. And while most users think it’s hard to pull off dynamic resonance from this kit and make it sing, I’d disagree and say that it all depends on how properly you tune it. Don’t worry, I will show you How To Tune Drums For Worship like a pro in a short while.

Yamaha Stage Custom Birch 5pc Drum Shell Pack - 20

So what’s great about this drum set? Quality hardware with no sacrifice made off of the sound quality. Well, what would anyone expect of any musical equipment from YAMAHA? Just replace the low-quality head that comes with all drum kits and you’ll be getting value at a steal price with this drum set.


  • Kick size; 20” ✖ 17”
  • Rack tom size; 10” ✖ 7”
  • Snare size; 14” ✖ 5”
  • Floor tom; 14” ✖ 13”
  • Tom mount with 3 tom legs
  • 45 degrees bearing edges
  • 20” bass drum honey amber


  • Premier, top=of-the-line kit at a steal price
  • 100% birch shell drums
  • Quality 10 tuning rods
  • Top-notch mounting toms and leg toms
  • A good choice for beginners
  • Loud sound


  • The snare drum is not all too great
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  1. Low Budget Choice; Pearl Drum Set, Bronze Metallic, 5-Piece, (RS525SC/C707)

It is okay to be on a low budget. What’s rather not too good is to claim all the low-quality things that life has to offer. So to speak, if you’re standing on the fence with your low-budget, jump in here. This kit of bronze metallic drums set from Pearl with a 9-ply poplar shell designed for optimum tonal pitch is double its prize.

Pearl Drum Set, Bronze Metallic, 5 piece (RS525SC/C707)

It is a 5-piece drum set with symbals and all professional features are included with no exclusion to a chain-drive bass drum pedal for floor bass play. All the stands you need together with a drum throne come fully assembles in the package to save you the stress. See the complete features below.


  • Snare drum size; 14” ✖ 5.5”
  • Bass drum size; 20” ✖ 16”
  • 3 toms in their respective sizes; 4” ✖ 4”, 12” ✖ 8”, 10” ✖ 7”
  • Cymbals; 14” hybrid hats, 16” crash-ride


  • Quality at the lowest price
  • YAMAHA’s top-of-the-line
  • Aesthetic and professional
  • Classy and great sounding
  • Comes with everything you need


  • The crash cymbal is not very good.
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As promised, see below for how to tune drums for worship like a pro.

How To Tune Drums For Worship In Easy Steps

  • STEP 1; Choose the right head for each drum
  • STEP 2; Push the head down on the shell and put back the hoop
  • STEP 3; Finger-tighten the lugs one at a time with a drum key
  • STEP 4; Test-drive for pitch correctness by finger-striking an inch away from each lug
  • STEP 5; Add Drumdots, Drumtacs, or Moongel if your drum sounds too long


I can only hope that you have been able to choose the best drum set for church among the 5 reviewed so far. You may drop whatever question you’re bursting to ask in the comments down below.

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