Best Humidifier For Singers

To a vocalist, a professional one at that, the definition of horror and nightmare is a cranked-up voice. Losing your voice translates to losing all possible gigging that’d bring you money. And the worst time your voice can ever ditch you is right in the middle of live show performance. Therefore, whether you’re at home or practicing in the studio or performing in a band setting or a one-man show, it’s important that the air around you is always humid. And that is why you need the best humidifier for singers and not just a conventional one.

But making a blameless choice out of the tens of humidifier brands on the market may be daunting, especially if this is your first time buying one. Exactly why I have made up this list of the 6 frontline humidifiers for singers and reviewed each. I have also shed light on some of the major topics around humidifiers for vocalists. And finally, you will find my FREE buying guide for vocalists’ humidifiers at the end of this post. Awesome. Right? Let’s dive in.

Best Under 100 Dollars

If you want great value for your 100 bucks budget, this category reviews the 3 best humidifiers for singers in under that price point.

  1. Best For Longer Performance In A Band Setting; TaoTronics Cool Mist Humidifier

When performing for a large audience in a band setting, you want a high-performance humidifier system that covers the area of the vocalist band. But what is more essential is that such a system has the maximum tank capacity to last you through hours of performance without the need to refill in-between. Right? TaoTronics Cool Mist Humidifier is a heavy-duty system with up to 4L water capacity. Each gallon lasts 12-30 hours of consistent humidification so a fill will last you through more than a gig. The effective performance will cover an area of 107/322ft. That is more than enough to get the entire band covered in cool moisture air for a great sounding and sore throat-prevention.

And to make sure you’re not creating a source of noise or feedback that’d otherwise be catastrophic to your audio processing, TaoTronics Cool Mist Humidifier is a low-noise unit. It gives a silent 38dbs sound whether for a short-term gig or when used over long hours at a time. This also makes the unit a great choice for DJs, sound guys, and sound processors. The only problem, however, is that TaoTronics is not forgiving to essential oil or oil basically so you want to take note to get the most out of your investment. Other than that, this unit comes with a dustproof sponge that prevents the inevitable dust from entering in the powerbase during a large audience show.

Aside from your investment is secured, transporting TaoTronics Cool Mist Humidifier is quite easy and comfortable, thanks to the two built-in easy-carrying and easy-filling comfy handles. The system is safe to use. It shuts off automatically when you run out of water. And it integrates an effective filter that secures a 360° dispensation of clean water. Finally, important information, such as the relative humidity is displayed brightly on a large LED screen. And you can dial-in your preferred humidity and even set up a timer.


  • Tank capacity; 4L/1.06gal
  • Performance range area; 100/322ft
  • Mist type; cool mist
  • Humidity monitor
  • Humidity control
  • 360° dispenser
  • LED display
  • Working time; 12/30hrs
  • Power usage; 30Watts
  • Voltage; 120V/60Hz
  • Noise level; 38dba
  • Auto shut-off
  • Night light


  • Low-noise
  • A lot of operating hours
  • Covers a wide range of area
  • A lot of humidity control
  • Cool mist
  • It has a night light that can be turned off and on


  • The filter is of low quality (use clean water always)
  1. Best Overall Heavy-duty; COSTWAY Ultrasonic Air Humidifier

COSTWAY Ultrasonic is our best overall under 100 dollars because it packs more features and benefits than the one above. Though it is a few bucks above TaoTronics, COSTWAY is a lot more advantageous for longer operations without a refill. It has a water capacity of 4.5L/1.2gal that can last you up to 3 days before the need to refill arises. This allows you to focus more on your voice with everything taken care of. Another edge you have with this system is that it is not limited to cool mist alone. COSTWAY Ultrasonic dispenses both cool and warm mist. And you get to select this at the push of a button. The cool function brings a sense of comfort while preparing the air for your voice especially in an indoor performance in a large hall. On the flip side, the warm mist function allows warm misty air around you. This is not just a natural tone pitch increment feature but it equally disinfects the air around you, eliminating sore throat-causal organisms.

On top of that, COSTWAY has both humidity setting and humidity control functionalities. These give you the opportunity to personalize the relative humidity of the air through which you sing and perform at your best. You also get to decide the mist temperature regardless of whether you set this system up for cool or warm mist. Like most of the top-ends, COSTWAY spots a double 360° nozzle for even mist distribution. And it moisturizes air over an extended distance of 215ft square. You also get to control the level of mist dispensation between high, low, and medium levels. And finally, this system gives out even less noise compared to the reviewed TaoTronics above. With a noise level below 35db, you can rest easy of a feedback-free/noise-free vocals even when your mic doesn’t have a noise gateway.

Overall, this is a heavy-duty but portable humidification system for vocalists and sound engineers. The 9” ✕ 6.5” ✕ 12.5” size won’t take up much space on the stage or when stored away. And the standard 100V/24V makes it a versatile system you can use anywhere anytime. Did I mention that you can access all the functions on an intuitive remote control? See the complete features below.


  • Tank capacity; 4.5L/1.2gal
  • Mist type; cool and warm
  • Voltage; 100/240v
  • Air filter
  • 360° double nozzle
  • Built-in timer
  • Temperature control
  • 3 Level mist control
  • Power usage; 40Watts
  • Operation range; 215ft square
  • Noise level; 35dB
  • LED touch display
  • Remote control


  • Smart humidity sensing
  • Aromatherapy function (you can add essential oil)
  • Maximized tank capacity
  • Great for longer operation
  • Portable unit
  • Dual-mist options
  • Versatile and can be powered for use anywhere


  • Uses more power
  1. Best With Air Treatment; Honeywell HCM350B Germ-Free Cool Mist Humidifier Black

If you’re looking for a standby humidification system with air treatment, this is just for you. Honeywell HCM350B black is a sturdy, compact design in a sleek color black. It has less water capacity when compared to COSTWAY. But you can bounce 12 hours of stable cool mist dispensation from a tank of 1.1gal. Right? And that is just more than enough for one gig. The great thing about Honeywell is that it has a larger tank opening that allows you to fill it up more easily without wasting your valuable treated water away. Meanwhile, the system has an advanced wicking filter that secures only purified water makes it into the air. But that’s just a part of it. This unit also features an evaporation technology that blows the dispensed mists faster through the filter for effective performance. This doesn’t, however, cause over-humidification.

Honeywell is quite portable at a total dimension of 11.4” ✕ 9.3” ✕ 17.9”. It is easy to transport forth and back without taking up much space in the truck. Likewise, cleaning this unit is easy. Speak about the area you can cover. Honeywell will cover a medium-sized room stage with purified humid air, taking care of every possible source of sore throat. Also, if you’re looking to perform with congestion and cough, Honeywell helps in reducing the effect of both on your voice and allows you to perform better. It helps you breathe better with 99.9% germ-free air without creating white dust in the air. See the complete features, pros, and cons below.


  • Tank capacity; 1.1 gallon
  • Time of operation; 1 hour
  • Operation area capacity; medium-sized room
  • Evaporating technology
  • Wicking filter
  • 3 humidity level control
  • Digital display
  • UV technology


  • Easy to fill
  • Low maintenance needed
  • Temporary relief for cough and congestion
  • Aesthetic design
  • A durable system made to last


  • You have to change the filter every 5 weeks
  • You can’t use essential oil

That completes the 100 bucks category.

Best Under 50 Dollars

Being low on a budget doesn’t essentially translate to claiming all the low-quality things that life has to offer. In this category, you find 3 high-performance humidifier systems made specifically for singers and vocalists under your 50 bucks budget. Let’s drill in.

  1. Best Dual-function; LEVOIT Humidifiers

LEVOIT is a high-quality design unit that serves more than just a humidifier for singers. It serves as a mist dispenser while also being a diffuser so you can add essential oil to your treated water with no problem. This way, not only do you get out of dry air, you are able to perform conveniently in a cool, fragrance air. And because this uses a top-fill, you can fill water directly into the 1.8L water tank hassle-free and even clean the tank more easily. Overall, LEVOIT is the quietest of all in the models reviewed so far by giving out an unnoticeable noise of 28db even when performing rigorously over a long period.

Speak about performance and efficiency. LEVOIT integrates a spiral air duct technology to make sure that the finest mist is dispensed without creating a fog or wetting you up during a performance. Though it has a lesser tank, LEVOIT spreads mist over a larger area from the source when compared to its counterparts in the same price category. The water tank is made with BPA-free plastic, making the humidified air safe to breathe in. you can adjust the mist level through 3 stages to suit your preference. And the system shuts off automatically once the tank runs out of water as a security measure. With a completely filled tank, you can perform in humid air for up to 8-20 hours nonstop. See the complete features, pros, and cons below.


  • Water capacity; 1.8 liter
  • Voltage; 100v/120v 60Hz
  • Run time; 8-20hrs
  • 3 mist speed level; mid, low, and high
  • Noise level; 28db
  • Auto shut off


  • Top-fill design, easy to fill
  • Easy to access for maintenance
  • Quiet operation
  • Advanced spiral air duct technology
  • Allows the use of essential oil


  • Low water capacity
  1. Best For Large Tank; Homech Quiet Humidifiers

If you want a keep-it-simple-stupid unit that can be easily set up and use right out of the box without so many configuration buttons to justle around, this is your best shot. Homech Quiet Humidifier is a quality system that competes with the 100 dollars models with its tank capacity. It costs just 37 bucks but boasts a water capacity of 4L and that puts it in the league of the likes of TaoTronics. And as an update over TaoTronics, this baby here has a telescopic 360° nozzle that raises sprayed mist 24” above the body for a more effective dispensation of mist.

Even quieter than LEVOIT, Homech is a super-quiet humidifier as the name suggests. It operates perfectly, giving off 26db noise so it doesn’t break into your microphone. In addition, this system is protected with a dustproof sponge that secures it from accumulating dust over time. Most especially during outdoor performances. Another built-in protection is the advanced auto shut off feature that automatically shuts the unit off when the water dries out. This is especially important for when you’re in the middle of a performance and can’t leave the stage to shut it down yourself. There’s also dry burn protection and IC board waterproof with a nanometer layer.

Overall, this is a lot of humidifiers for the money. You can make vocals with it on operation for up to 60 hours without the need to refill the water tank. The 3.62” wide opening is wide enough to make cleaning easy and make filling easier. See the complete features, pros, and cons below.


  • Tank capacity; 4L
  • 360-degree rotating nozzle
  • Noise level; 26db
  • Voltage; 110V
  • Reachable area; 100/320ft
  • Power usage; 15-25Watts


  • Low power usage
  • Large tank for a low budget system
  • A lot of action hours
  • Multiple protection
  • humidifier/diffuser
  • Comes with adjunct brush for base cleaning


  • It may be bulky
  1. Best Low Price Ultrasonic; Pure Enrichment Cool MistAire Ultrasonic

Last on my list is the lowest price ultrasonic humidifier unit with all the features of an expensive system. The only downside is that this baby here is highly delicate. Over the distance, the tank is designed with a transparent BPA-free plastic that can’t take much of the knocks of a heavy-duty humidifier. But if you could be just as careful with it, you’ll be getting a lot of value at a steal price. Pure Enrichment Cool MistAire as the name suggests is a stable pearl-shaped unit that purifies the air around you for your vocals. While making dry air humid, Pure Enrichment Cool MistAire creates a cooler atmosphere, letting you perform comfortably over long hours.

Though it integrates a less tank size, with 1.6 liters of water in it, Pure Enrichment Cool MistAire will operate for 16 hours before running out of water. And when it does, it shuts itself out to avoid damages or heating up. It will operate anywhere once connected to a 120V, 50Hz power source and it boasts a coverage area of 250ft square. That is just more than enough for even when performing in a band setting. Right? For every hour, Pure Enrichment dispenses a mist volume of 150ml and that gives it enough room to get all of its 4 gallons of water out.

Overall, this is a light-duty humidifier at a steal price. Though the body is not all that too durable, it packs a lot of features for a unit at that price point. Except using it for your vocals, like every other ultrasonic humidifier reviewed so far, Pure Enrichment can be used at home for a night of safe, sound sleep. Just introduce your essential oil into the water tank and it won’t belch a fog. See the complete specs below.


  • Water capacity; 1.5L/4gal
  • Voltage; 120V, 50Hz
  • Coverage area; 50ft square
  • Auto shut off
  • High and low-speed mist levels
  • Cleaning brush
  • 360-degree nozzle
  • 16 hours of operation


  • Simple design
  • Easy to use
  • Insanely low price unit
  • Hassle-free assembly


  • Small tank
  • The tank is not too strong

As promised, below I have shed light on some of the questions mostly thrown around humidifiers for singers.

Humidifier VS. Vaporizer For Singers; Which Is The Best?

Most people mix it up but there is a huge gap between humidifiers and vaporizers. While humidifiers release cool or warm moisture into the air, vaporizers use integrate boiling water to release steam into the air. Obviously, humidifiers are better for singers. The major reason being that vaporizers release steam mists that can cause vibration or vocal chord irritation. This makes vaporizers detrimental to your biggest asset as a vocalist. On the flip side, humidifiers are safer so much that you can introduce essential oil into them for greater health benefits. But what’s more important is choosing the best humidifier for singers and not just the generic one.

Do Humidifiers Help Singers Truly?

Dry air means dry throat. And the longer you’re exposed to dry air, the more you endanger your voice. Your vocal cord is affected in the long run. Likewise, you’re ultimately exposed to congestion and sore throat. That is exactly why it’s important to keep the air around you humid and moisturized. With a humidifier made particularly for singers, you can overcome the problems attached to losing your voice. And this you can do without spending a lot of money. So it’s reasonable o agree that humidifiers truly help singers.

Finally, below is the ultimate FREE guide for buying a good humidifier for vocalists.

Ultimate Buying Guide For Choosing The Best Humidifier For Singers

  • Tank size; choosing a humidifier based on the tank size is important. A large tank-sized system operates for longer hours without you having to refill it frequently. This allows you to concentrate on the things that matter most.
  • Operation time; how many hours you can bounce off of your unit is usually written on the specification list which you’ll find on the manual.
  • Noise-free; your unit should produce less noise so that it doesn’t cut into your microphone. Also, when using a humidifier at home, it should be as silent to allow a noise-free sound night rest.
  • Filter; it is important that your system of choice comes with a filter. This allows only clean mist to be dispensed into the air.
  • Coverage area; whether using one on the stage or for your home, a good humidifier should cover a wide area. This is the root factor for deciding the performance of your unit.
  • Diffuser; can you introduce essential oil or a disinfectant into your water? This is especially important to keep the air bacteria-free.
  • Portability; you don’t have to go through troubles when moving your unit. Therefore, make sure that whatever model you’re going for is considerably light in weight and that it is not bulky.
  • Opening; the wider opening models are easy to fill and clean. Especially those with a top-opening.
  • Power usage; other than price and performance, you can always find a high-quality model that won’t eat your power.
  • Durability; pay special attention to the construction material of whatever model you’re going for a longer life span.


So far, I have reviewed 6 best humidifiers for singers based on price whilst highlighting the best area of application of each. Were you able to pick one that meets your needs? Or would you like more recommendations? Use the comment box to get my fast response.