Mitchell MU40 Soprano Ukulele Review

This Mitchell MU40 soprano ukulele review will clear all your doubts about the ukulele.

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It is definitely one spectacular instrument to try your hands on especially if you are a beginner in guitar playing. It has been endorsed by many professional guitar players and has been the entry point of many that led them from grass to grace. And just like the guitar or even more specifically, the acoustic guitar, this is one string instrument that is really fun to play with. And if you have been wondering what to choose from the different types of ukelele available then you need to understand that the Mitchell MU40 Soprano Ukulele is a perfect instrument you are never going to regret getting your hands on. And there are many reasons why this Ukelele is a fair choice. For instance, this instrument comes with a bound Lindenwood body that will at least produce a fair sound that may look good. This ukelele is also able to give some playability that you may like because there is also an open-key changing design with natural tree color. 

Furthermore, the Mitchell MU40 Soprano Ukulele is designed with a manual book that will guide new players with no background in music at all to start comfortably while they also enjoy it. There are enough and self-explanatory images or drawings, there are tuning advice and suggestions, and there is short sample music that will definitely assist you to grow and be much more confident of yourself whenever you want to handle other similar instruments to the ukelele such as the acoustic guitars. And you will definitely enjoy every bit of the moment of the ukelele if you start with it.

Mitchell MU40 Soprano Ukulele Natural

However, this enjoyment is only particular to when you get a simple type such as the Mitchell MU40 Soprano Ukulele. This becomes even really cool when you have not heard about anything called music in life. This is because almost all little children and the old all around with choosing to go for the ukelele especially the Mitchell MU40 Soprano Ukulele. It is the most adopted in the very first beginner music school and it is not that costly. The Mitchell MU40 Soprano Ukulele is very beautiful to play with too many toddlers in the music school and you might just say it is almost like a toy to beginners. 

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Qualities of the Mitchell MU40 Soprano Ukulele

  • The Neck and Body

Almost each and every part of this ukelele is easy to touch hold and play with. And this is really perfect for every new beginner who just wishes to play something that will produce music. And since this instrument is designed for beginners and children, it has been built to prove sturdy, simple, longlasting, and handsome. The Mitchell MU40 is a musical platform that really affords all solidity and simplicity with regard to music production. Compared to many other similar instruments such as the acoustic guitar, it is a bit short and it has a length of about 21 inches. The whole body is smooth and the fretboard has up to fourteen frets in which all are made up of a lightweight rosewood. This means the size of this ukelele is perfect for little children or adults that are endowed with little hands. 

  • Wooden Frame

As for the whole frame of this ukelele instrument, it comes with a rosewood straight bridge and a vintage tuner design on the headstock. Plus it also has a set of open-gear. Although the tuners do not hold tuning for a long time these few qualities are a bit manageable, and they are at least not the worst. If you are really in love with the Mitchell MU40 Soprano Ukulele then the best option might be to get a better new string for it. So the new string will at least make the tuning of the ukelele a bit stable and even more lively. And what is more? The Mitchell MU40 Soprano Ukulele is designed with a little manual booklet that will really guide you in using it well. 

  • The Sound 

Again you will get more if you make the extra effort to change the strings of this ukelele. The sound quality you get when you change the string may not be so great but at least it might be manageable if you are an extremely new instrumental player. The sound produced is almost clear and with fair volume, you may like it if you are a beginner.

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The Mitchell MU40 Soprano Ukulele is laminated with the Lindenwood at all sides; the top or at the back. And there is also a white Abs that is bound on the top of the body and on the back. This has been installed there to secure the ukelele’s long life and to make it more appealing. The ukelele has a dominant satin finishing color to bring is out as simple and appealing. There are also up to three colors to give it a fine refreshing taste. The blue, black, and natural pink colors are all that add to the beauty of the Mitchell MU40 Soprano Ukulele. 

Haven read this Mitchell MU40 soprano ukulele review,  am sure you are convinced to swipe your card for it now. So, do so.

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