Ibanez Acoustic Guitars Reviews 

For more than a century now, the Ibanez brand has gained a positive reputation in the guitar market from its spectacular acoustic guitar designs. They are known for producing quality guitars and at a very reasonable price. Many of these acoustic guitars are manufactured in an assortment of materials and sizes and they are excellent guitars for the guitar players with little experience or somebody searching for an economical guitar to take out and everywhere. 

Ibanez AEWC32FM Acoustic-Electric Guitar (Red Sunset Fade)

Apart from the charming-looking guitars, a significant number of these designs incorporate electronics that come from the factory in order to let you play when you are disconnected from power in your home or when you wish to perform live with a band. 

Important Factors To Consider When Getting an Ibanez Acoustic Guitar

Some of the spectacular qualities that are found in various Ibanez Acoustic Guitars are

  • The Open Pore Design: will make the wood to emanate and supply a pleasant tone with an expansion on support. 
  • Ibanez Bridge Pins: Ibanez Acoustic Guitars comes with pins that are simpler to eject with the bulb-formed end and the end found at the angle will let the string to quickly position effectively when adding the string. 
  • Thermo Aged Design: This gives the guitar progress volume over the whole series, however, this is more particular to the treble and bass reaches. This is Ibanez’s rotation on the torrification of woods in order to adjust the cell structure of the wood to allow it to produce a developed vintage sound. 
  • Size or Shape: This is a place where a huge number of Ibanez body shapes are somewhat more limited. This will on the whole make them much simpler and friendlier to operate. When choosing your acoustic guitar takes a thorough look at the deepness of the body because Ibanez guitars will most likely operate narrow. With the right devices and augmentation this is not a very serious concern in tone production. Nevertheless in a classic acoustic environment when challenging other different instruments the tone of the acoustic guitars may sense somewhat thin.

Ibanez is able to provide these few shapes: 

  • A Grand Show –  A circle body shape that produces a more cutting edge appearance. 
  • ​Dreadnought –  The conventional body shape for a guitar 
  • Parlor – A little guitar that you may take with you when going anywhere
  • Talman – An acoustic appearance that resembles an electric guitar but it is just thicker and deep. 
  • Frame Body – it is an excellent concert pattern. However, it has polished curves where the arm lays on the guitar body and on the cutaway for combined convenience. 

If you will be performing with a bigger band or challenging other different instruments then you might need to think about a bigger dreadnought guitar in a situation where you will not have an amplification. 

  • The Wood Choice 

A large number of Ibanez acoustics guitars that you find will in most cases be layered or laminated woods. The reason many users tend to like the modest sound components of a sturdy wood guitar. In the designs that were tested, the laminate type exhibited excellent performance and as expressed by a large number of users there are quite a number of benefits in the laminated ones. This is because they are really tougher and less sensitive to a quick change in the components. 

Even as much as this might not be up to taste, the Ibanez brand employs laminate covers on most of their guitars, and in case that you have devices that can be used mold the sound correctly then this is not a tremendous system however if it is the case of a pure acoustic with no device assistance then it has been found that the hardwood top guitars produced better sounds. 

You will furthermore discover that Ibanez employs particular kinds of woods that are not the same as the normal mahogany, maple bodies, or rosewood with tidy tops. You will notice that Ibanez uses Sapele, Nandu Wood, Nyatoh, figured ash, Okoume, and Ovangkol to give some examples. The vast majority of these woods have almost the same characteristics as the more typical ones at affordable costs. These woods despite the fact that they are the laminated ones are designed with some amazing burning designs and other fascinating patterns that these woods allow. This is another thing that adds to the magnificence of the Ibanez guitars. 

  • The Saddle or Bracing 

Generally, Ibanez acoustic guitars apply a conventional x-support design for their acoustic guitars. And the recent up-to-date models are beginning to get some new saddle called x-m brace.

Like several makers, Ibanez has also been exploring many different options with regard to their x-saddle. They have built up an unimaginable x-m brace to augment sound when you are in front of an audience. It is their own type of refined scalloped x-saddle that circulates the vibrations throughout the tone supports and the finger saddle transmits well enough to the body. With the latest x-m brace, you will hear a clear base and a tight treble pitch with a cool mid-range. 

​In the ones that have been tested the saddle and Nut were on two finishing of the series either Plastic or Bone. One of the spots where you can economically step up the starting point models is to change the Plastic with a Tusq, Corian, or Bone. It was a charming wonder to discover bone on a portion of the cheap Ibanez products. This in normal circumstances is saved for the more costly guitar models. 

As for the bridge, Ibanez will only use their Greater Pin Structure. You can check for pictures and find more on the product sites if you want specific details.

It appears to be a decent structure throughout. And when it was being tested there was an insufficient time to validate the effects incurred in the long of using this innovation as against the conventional one.

  • Price 

The vast majority of users will usually express Ibanez Guitars really affordable and that you get a lot of styles at that cost. While the cost is great and cheap we ended up wishing that they had more choices for sturdy wood. 

  • Additional Qualities 

As expressed in the other sections, the two additional qualities that you will in most cases consider are cutaway and electronics. 

​Ibanez guitars offer a slash away as well as the option for electronics for practically the entire brands of their guitars. This is an additional benefit that will give the user incredible adaptability to get what they need in practically every style. 

​The greatest downside that many users have found with the Ibanez guitars is not the wood they employ or the music or ease of operation. It is, however, the absence of a protective cover or case for the guitars. Whiles, it is not really a serious deal to get one in the retail market it also does not appear as something that it is to a lot to request for a nice gig pack to ensure the safety of the guitar at any rate. 

And this is the popular view of Ibanez guitars among users. we believe you will also discover one that meets your prerequisites and our data will help you limit off your selection and give you the courage to take that step of buying your own guitar too.

Now, let us have a look at some of the Ibanez acoustic guitars that users admire most. 

Ibanez Acoustic Guitars Reviews – The Top 5

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  1. Ibanez AVD10-BVS Artwood Dreadnaught Acoustic Guitar

This is one strong acoustic guitar that comes with a Thermo Aged solid mahogany and a thermal aged solid sticker spruce at the top. And at the back or the sides, it comes with a Thermo Aged spruce X. And the fretboard is purely made of rosewood to give a permanent pleasant smell. And the length of the scale is about 25.6 inches. Some of the other qualities that come with it are the: saddle or bone nut, the cutaway design, and the body bindings made of Ivoroids.

Ibanez Artwood AVD11 Thermo-Aged Acoustic Antique Natural Semi Gloss

The Ibanez AVD10-BVS acoustic guitar was crafted as helpful just as many other contemporary guitars. The clear pore finishing upgrades the tone of this guitar that is combined with a strong Thermo Aged spruce top just like the spruce-x back and sides. The rosewood fretboard and the bridge are a decent finishing to the guitar. 

The Ibanez AVD10-BVS model is almost the same as the Taylors Fabulous Assembly room shape in its foundation no matter marginally different it is especially with regard to the amount of its cost. Perfect for the guitar player who employs a finger-picking technique. The nut and bridge are fashioned out of bone which has been the most loved material of expert guitar players. 

The herringbone with the Ibanez pre-amp feature provides this guitar with the ability to be connected. The cut-off configuration is additionally an element that very experienced guitarists will appreciate. 

  • Simple to operate 
  • Comes with combined thermo-aged spruce at the top for a classic tone 
  • Designed with the normal x bracing feature 
  • Saddle or bone-nut feature
  • Has the herringbone purfling all over its body


  • Does not come with a case or protective bag
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  1. Ibanez AC240OPN Artwood Series Acoustic Guitar (Open Pore Natural)

This guitar takes a user rating of  94 out of a hundred. This is to tell how fascinating this one is. And it comes with solid strong mahogany wood at the top and also at the back and the sides. The fretboard is the rosewood bridge and the length of the scale is about 24.96 inches. Some of its other qualities are the chrome tuners, the saddle and bone nut, plus the advantage pins peculiar to Ibanez.

Ibanez AC240OPN Artwood Series Acoustic Guitar (Open Pore Natural)

The Ibanez AC240OPN gives the additional sound projection that you will get from the typical art wood model. This guitar gives more volume than a large number of the other little models. The strong mahogany wood fits those who are inclined towards the fingerstyle playing. The bone nut and saddle allow the player to get more tone which is a quality normally saved for the more costly models. 

The Ibanez beneficial pins and Chome tuners are a plus for the convenience of using this guitar. The fingerboard and extension are made of rosewood and the surface is smooth making it simpler for the player to run his hands on. 

  • One of a kind guitar that sounds great 
  • Designed with a rosewood fretboard which feels great to the touch 
  • Clear pore finishing
  • Made of the solid strong mahogany wood


  • Does not come with a case or protective bag 
  • This is a type of simple guitar without any electronic device to manipulate the tone.
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  1. Ibanez V Arrangement V70ce Man of war Cutaway

 This one has a user rating of 90 percent. There is a tidied top that is layered at the top of the guitar and the back or its sides are designed with layered Nyatoh. The fretboard also made of Nandu wood. The length of the scale is about 25.5 inches and some of the other qualities designed with it are the cut off pattern, the transparent black or blue finishing, and the Aeq200 equalizer. 

Ibanez V70CE Acoustic-Electric Guitar Transparent Blue

The Ibanez V70CE is a dynamic guitar that accompanies numerous qualities. The cutaway configuration permits the guitar player to handily play notes and harmonies over the twelfth fret. 

For the players that need to enhance the sound, this guitar accompanies the Ibanez AEQ-2T preamp with an onboard tuner. The inherent tuner makes it useful to change the tuning with the in-built gadgets. The preamp requires a nine-volt battery and accompanies the guitar. 

For those that need more options, this guitar offers a variety of colors: transparent blue and black one. The qualities of this guitar make it a phenomenal all-around guitar if you are not certain precisely what qualities you want or you have desires past a simple guitar. 

  • Perfect cheap price for new guitar players. 
  • Features a thin neck at the nut which is useful for little hands 
  • The dreadnought body shape shows a decent volume of sound 
  • Possesses an onboard device outlet designed in order that you can connect into an enhancer in concerts.


  • Does not come with a case or protective bag  
  • And In case you are searching for an all-encompassing wood guitar this is not it
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  1. Ibanez Talman Arrangement TCM50NT Acoustic-Electric Guitar

This acoustic guitar has a user rating of eighty-eight percent and it comes with figured debris at the top and a Sapele design at the two sides and the back. The fretboard is of a purple heart and it has its length of the scale of 25.9 inches. Some of the other qualities of this guitar are an Aeq200m-preamp, an Ap2 fascinating pickup, and a two-in-one cutaway design.

Ibanez Talman Series TCM50NT Acoustic-Electric Guitar

For those that prefer a  product that has a little style, the Ibanez Talman TCM50 brand is made for you. The Sapele design at the back or sides and the figured debris at the top are very striking. Apart from the extraordinary looks, this model is designed with a twofold cutaway giving it that look of an electric acoustic guitar 

While this guitar can be played without connecting to power, it is designed to be amplified, this model accompanies the Ibanez Ap2 pickup and Ibanez Aew200m pre-Amp. ​The Talman brand is a spectacular guitar that is only somewhat similar to a conventional guitar which makes it a great expansion to anybody’s guitar assortment. 

  • Various Colours
  • Present-day shape 
  • On-board gadgets 
  • A decent mix of the qualities of an acoustic guitar and an electric guitar. 
  • Twofold cut-away body for simple access


  • Tone not deep  when not connected 
  • Does not come with a case or protective bag
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  1. Ibanez PN15 Parlor Size Acoustic Guitar Brown Sunburst

Ibanez PN15 Parlor Size Acoustic Guitar Brown Sunburst

The acoustic guitar has a user rating of 87 percent, with thermal Aged spruce at the top, the Nyatoh at the back, a fretboard made of Nandu wood, and its length of scale at 25.1 inches. And some of the other qualities of this acoustic guitar the advantage connection pins and the burst finish. The Ibanez PN15 acoustic guitar is a cheap parlor-designed guitar. As a result of the little compact size, it does not feel too heavy to even consider holding when playing. 

This acoustic guitar has no pickups but it displays an adoption of vintage styling. The PN15 is really interesting to play among two learners or experienced guitar players. And even more, fingerstyle players will particularly value this guitar. 

  • Comes with spruce at the top
  • Holds a small compact design that is perfect for usage in the hose and traveling anywhere. 
  • The design has no frills


  • Does not come with a case or protective bag
  • The setup from the factory was missing but it can be corrected.
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Acoustic guitars are really good to own but since many of the acoustic guitars are a bit costly, you may not want to keep them for an ordinary situation. However, it is best to be prepared to play whenever you have the time.


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