How To Use Microphone

You are not alone if you don’t know how to use a microphone.

I mean, I was once in your shoes.

My very first time using a microphone was a disaster.

And I have deliberately gone ahead to learn to use the mic like a pro.

In this post, I will show you exactly how to use a microphone so, you can get comfortable with the mic when next you grab one.

Now, let’s dive right into it…

  • Mind Set

To start with, let me tell you this;

Whatever you want to do start with the mind.

Here is the thing, you cant use the mic because you are afraid.

You should take charge of your mind and believe you can use a mic like its nothing.

In a real sense, it is nothing. Imagine countless tech gadgets you have handled.

Get the fear of your mind at first. Tell yourself you can do it.

You Got this!

  • Use the Mic All alone

Truth is, fear is a bastard, it doesn’t leave all at once.

There is possibility of some element of fear in you even after noting the first point above.

To totally eliminate fear, you should try to use the mic alone.

Just you talking to the mic without anyone there with you.

This way, you feel more at ease and have control over your mind.

Do this for days or weeks till you gather some boldness.

  • Use Mic in front of Pals and close Allies

It’s time to up your game a bit.

Since you can use it all alone, you should at least be able to do the same before your friends our family.

There’s nothing to be afraid of or feel shy about here. They are your friends/family for God damn sake.

It is very simple. Gather a couple of friends/family members, grab the mic and make a few minutes talk before them.

After your talk, request for their honest review about your composure on the usage.

  • Use the Microphone in Public

Finally, you should go out of your comfort zone, for that is where growth really lies.

Attempt to use the microphone in front of an unknown moderately large audience.

Could be school, church, neighbourhood, class or any gathering whatsoever.

If you are a student, write a speech and offer to deliver it to your school on the assembly ground.

If you are a church attender, join the choir so you can sing (you get to use the mic here).

The list goes on and on. Just use the mic right in front of people you are not entirely familiar with.

And get comfortable doing it.

Do this repeatedly for weeks or month and you will NEVER have any problem using the microphone.

General Tips On How To Use The Mic

Below are some general tips to make you use the microphone efficiently;

  • Don’t take the mic too close to your mouth. Simply place it at at least, 2metres from your mouth.
  • Move it completely away from your mouth when you aren’t talking.
  • Ensure the cables are well fixed before you start using.

So, that’s it.

Do let me know through the comment section if you have any other tips on how to use a microphone.

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