How To Sing Like Selena Gomez; The Complete Guide

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Do you want to shock the people around you with a new singing voice?

Or are you just fascinated by her girly, sweet hairy head voice that combines with those healthy lows smoothly?


You too can understand how to sing like Selena Gomez, without hitting roadblocks, even as a complete beginner.


Instead of paying a huge sum to a vocal teacher, the professional and easy guide presented here will do exactly that for you, for FREE.

So. let’s get to it immediately, starting with…

A Quick Glance At Selena Gomez’s Winning Streak; Get Inspired

So, here goes:

  • Best Pop video – 2013 MTV best music video award.
  • Ultimate choice award – 2014 Teen choice award.
  • Top female artists – 2016 Billboard music awards.
  • American music award for favourite pop/rock female artist – 2016.
  • Artist of the year – 2016.
  • And even more…

Are you inspired yet?

Move on to see…

Selena Gomez’s Vocal Profile

Look closely as you write this down in your note:

  • Vocal range; 2-octave (1 note and 1 semitone E3-F#5.
  • Vocal type; Mezzo-soprano.
  • Vocal register; low register.
  • No whistle.
  • Chest voice; solid, clear tone.
  • Head voice; warm, soft tone.


Let’s get to the part where you add all of this to your vocal arsenal so you can start singing like Selena Gomez.

First one:

Understanding How To Sing Mezzo-Soprano


Selena Gomez is a mezzo-soprano. Basically, this vocal type is a female’s, so if your voice is feminine, you’ve got a greater chance at this than a male.


Mezzo-soprano is a middle voice. In other words, it is about finding that spot between the high tone and the low tone. And to the ears, it is a strong-sounding tone that’s fully supported so you don’t blow your voice.

Add the 10 Mezzo-soprano daily vocal workouts in this video by Aussie Vocal Coach to your daily routine.

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Moving on:

Expanding Your Range For Lower Register Notes


The lower register notes are those formed when you slowly vibrate the vocal cords by slackening and thickening it. It is like striking the fattest thickest string on your guitar, it makes the lowest, yet deepest, sound.

Did you just try it? Yes? Great.

To help you further, I recommend watching this video by Dr Dan’s Voice Essentials on exercises to activate your lower register.


Moving on:

Activating Your Chest Voice And Head Voice

Here’s the thing:

Your chest voice is the one coming from your chest, while, as you might have already guessed, the head voice comes from your head.

Now, to activate your chest voice:

Speak in your normal voice and make a swift transition to “ooh”. If you place your hands on your chest when doing this, you’ll notice the vibration coming from there.

Likewise, to activate your head voice:

Make a statement in your high pitch voice and make a swift transition to “ooh”. You’ll notice the vibration coming from your head.

For a demo, watch this video by Verbal Vocal Technique on how to switch between head and chest voice like a pro.


And that’s all the voice tools you need to start singing like Selena Gomez.

Okay, how about some…

Pro Singing Tips From Selena Gomez?

So, here are some tips that Selena Gomez admits she adopts into her singing career.

  • Drinking olive oil before a performance helps the throat to make singing easier. Though olive oil isn’t tasty, she said.
  • Warming up before a performance prevents vocal damage and stretches out your singing voice.
  • Adopting vowel breaks unlocks better singing quality. An example of applying a brake to your vowel is saying “good” instead of a flat out “good”.

Bonus section below:

Answering The Frequently Asked Questions About Singing Like Selena Gomez

How Did Selena Gomez Learn To Sing?

She started singing on some of Disney’s projects after many years of being an actress. So, her learning and journey started from there.

Did Selena Gomez Take Singing Lessons?

Well, according to an interview with her, Selena said she does vocal workouts every day, takes singing lessons, and maps out her performances. So, yes, she does take singing lessons.

Can Selena Gomez Sing High Notes?

Like I mentioned previously, Selena Gomez is a low register and she openly said in an interview that she can’t hit the high notes. They are just not for her or she doesn’t want to strain her voice too early.

Is Selena Gomez Good At Singing?

To be honest, she’s a great singer when it comes to lower notes and a creative songwriter, but she’d perform poorly on highs.

And it’s a wrap:

In Conclusion

The thing is:

Selena is a good singer in her own right, with a lot of achievements to back that up. And it makes sense that you’re all out to learn how to sing like Selena Gomez.


Don’t lose your uniqueness in the process. Who knows, someday somehow just like Selena did it, you could be the next musical icon with a unique style and voice that’s worth emulating.


I am sure this article has helped you greatly. Nevertheless, if you have anything to put out to me or other readers concerning this same topic, use the comment box below and I will be right there with you.

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