How To Sing Like Justin Timberlake; The Complete Guide

How To Sing Like Justin Timberlake

Holy Grail and Cry me a river…

Those are some of the addictive songs from the pop sensation Justin Timberlake. The American songwriter, singer,  record producer, and actor Justin Timberlake is one of the most accomplished singers ever. 

I mean, he has; 

  • Sold over 88 million records worldwide. 
  • Won 10 Grammy Awards, 9 billboard music awards, and the contemporary icon award.
  • Won 162 awards in 522 nominations. 


It’s understandable that you want to UNVEIL the secret to Justin’s unique records. And that’s why I have written this article, to help you understand how to sing like Justin Timberlake.

Let’s Begin:

Justin Timberlake’s Vocal Profile 

The first step is understanding his vocal profile.

Here we go: 

  • Justin is a lyric tenor.
  • His vocal range is 3 Octaves 2 notes and a semitone(F#2-B5).
  • He has a high capacity to sing in falsetto.
  • His song with the lowest pitch: Good Foot (D#2-C4).
  • His song with the highest pitch: Damn Girl (A#3-F5).

Now, keep your eyes glued:

I’m about to share the step-by-step learning process of singing like Justin Timberlake.

Course 101; How To Sing Like Justin Timberlake 

Let’s get right to it: 

Build Your Falsetto Range

Justin is known for his easy use of falsetto, so if you want to adopt his style, work on improving your falsetto range.

Here is a 9minutes-20seconds tutorial video by Doug Zed on how to improve your falsetto voice.



You shouldn’t beat yourself for failing at the first few trials. If the first time you try, all you hear are squeaks, it only means that you’re using a new part of your range.

You know:

With constant practice, you’ll awaken that part of your voice and those high notes will begin to sound a lot smoother. You can also consider working with a vocal coach to explore this new area of your voice. 


When singing high notes: your vocal cords become thin and stretched out.

For that reason: 

It’s important to warm up your voice every day. Relaxing your tongue, jaw, neck, and shoulders is important for every singer, but especially when you are trying to sing in falsetto.

Moving on.

Aim For Versatility

Now, get this:

Justin has never been a one-theme singer, he shines everywhere. His catalogue includes bitter break-up songs, sweeping ballads, as well as a ton of genre-defying hits. 


It’s not only the variety of types of songs that make his albums so addictive.

Justin Timberlake portrays great control and versatility in his singing, and as such, he can create many different flavours with his voice.

So, now:

To perfect being as versatile as Timberlake, start experimenting with different voice placements while practising your vocal exercises or rehearsing a song. 

Another option: 

Try singing the same note through a nasal placement, in your head voice, or a full-bodied chest voice. It’s amusing how different the same note can sound when sung in different ways!

More practically:

To begin exploring different placement, try the “Nasty Nay” exercise in the next video to wake up your nasal resonators. When you’re ready to go further, ask your vocal teacher to help you discover different vocal placements.



There’s no “one right way” to placing your voice to sound good. If anything, it’s great to have many placements in your bag of tricks, so you can have as much versatility in your voice as Justin!

Aim For Performance Perfection

Easier said than done”; I hear you say.

Now, listen:

No one becomes a professional performer overnight. But the more time spent on productive preparations, the more magical your performance will be.


I mentioned earlier that Timberlake’s body almost seems to take over when he dances? That’s the effortlessness you are going for.

Of course, we know: 

The more “effortless” something looks, the more effort has gone into preparing it! But you really don’t have to be a Michael Jackson level dancer, to deliver a great performance.

Next one:

A Little Autotune

News Flash: 

I am also addicted to Justin’s music. But have you ever critically listen to his live performances and watch videos where he sings in his raw voice? 

You’ll notice one thing: 

He sounds a tad different in real life from his released songs. That minimal difference is the effect of Autotune.

Here is a video from RoomieOfficial where they did an Autotune-vs-no-autotune review of Tailor swift.


Moving on:

Record And Review

Even in school, after learning a particular course and reading it over time; you are given a test. To evaluate your performance so far. 


After tuning your voice to hop on any pitch, a smooth transition from your normal voice to falsetto and a light tenor voice in general like Justin. It is only right to record yourself singing. 


A Justin Timberlake song, so you can carefully compare your recording with the original song and know the amount of progress you’ve made and how far you still need to go.

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Next up:

Frequently Asked Questions About Singing Like Justin Timberlake

What Vocal Range Is Justin Timberlake? 

He is a Lyric Tenor, and he possesses a vocal range of 2 notes 3 Octaves, and a semitone (F#2-B5).

How Did Justin Timberlake Learn How To Sing?

He started out singing in the church choir.

How Old Is Justin Timberlake? 

He was born on the 31st of January, 1981. Hence he is 40 years old. 

What Is Justin Timberlake’s Biggest Song? 

Can’t Stop The Feeling. 

And it’s a wrap.

In Conclusion

Justin once had an episode where he dragged his voice too far after consistent practice and it affected his voice. A professional at that! This dude has been at it since 1992 till today and still, he had an issue after stressing his vocal range.

Where does this lead us?

Well, I know you have a great amount of determination to sound like Justin Timberlake. But don’t push your voice too hard or you might lose it trying so hard to attain a voice like Justin. 

To top it off:

Set a routine for your practice and ensure you make progress with every step you take in the journey. You will get there and even surpass.