How to Sing Like Bruno Mars

Bruno Mars gives literally all he has. It’s no surprise he is one of the musical icons of our time.

Back to back:

He has delivered, effortlessly, Three Studio albums and amazing songs including Uptown Funk, Just the Way You Are, Grenade, and even featured in amazing songs like Billionaire. 

But what makes him so amazing?

In this article, learn exactly what makes Bruno mars so awesome, learn how to tap into that same awesomeness by learning How to sing like Bruno Mars.

What Makes Bruno Mars’ Singing So Awesome?

Every musician employs a set of vocal techniques to make them stand out.

It’s so prominent, a song comes on the radio and you go:

That’s Bruno Mars. His blend of vocal techniques include:

  • Find and understand your voice,
  • Learn the art of voice blending,
  • Understand how posture helps your singing and;
  • Get professional help.

With just about that, you can sing just like and perhaps (I promise, it is not a utopian dream) even better than Bruno Mars. 

But first, how does Bruno Mars incorporate all of this into his singing?

Bruno Mars Voice Type.


Bruno Mars’s Voice type has been rightly described as a light-lyric tenor. 

Of course:

He has this high pitch perfection, but he also possesses this huge voice, used in songs like Count on Me and Finesse you could never miss. The presence of this huge voice is what makes Bruno Mars a Light-Lyric Tenor and not a Spinto Tenor.  

Light-lyric Bruno Mars also sings like an angel because he has mastered his vocal range. Bruno Mars possesses a vocal range of 3 Octaves, however, his Tessitura rests comfortably on C3 –D5—C6. 

Having understood the basic components of his vocals, Bruno Mars gets to understand how far he can go with blending. Voice Blending typically refers to the mixture of head voice and chest voice or belting et cetera. 

Bruno Mars Vocal Blend

What Bruno Mars does with his vocals is just out of the ordinary: 

  • He blends his voice into a perfect mixture of a heavy head voice mix (Which aids that pitch perfection we seem to hear) 
  •  And he employs a high chest belting (this produces the heavy sound most of us fall in love with).

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Bruno Mars Singing Posture

Liam Gallagher is not the only singer that has hacked the relationship between posture and Vocals, Bruno Mars also has!

 Bruno Mars tends to sing with his head raised high and whenever he is about to do a chest belt, he swings his head and opens his mouth, just like in the picture below

Finally, Bruno Mars still takes Vocal Lessons, you cannot escape this no matter how good a singer you’ve gotten. Get a Music Coach!

How to Sing Like Bruno Mars; Practical Steps.

When Bruno Mars said, or sang, you are amazing just the way you are, he was also speaking about your Vocals. 

Here is the deal: 

You cannot replicate a singer because humans are unique. That’s just life. In fact, nobody wants a replica when they already have an original. 

But not to worry:

We have not reached a deadlock. The following practical steps will help you learn how to sing like Bruno Mars just so that you can display originality in your vocals.

  1. Understanding Your Vocals: This typically involves learning if you are a soprano singer, an alto singer, bass, or even tenor. The highest pitch is the soprano, followed down the scale by alto, tenor, and then bass.


These pitches often overlap in terms of texture and may require the help of a Music Instructor to pinpoint. Learn what part you sing by going through this video below




When all that is Sang and done: 

 The next step is finding your tessitura. Begin by singing as low as you can go and then gradually rising higher until you reach your limit.

It helps if you have an instrument nearby, so you can follow the notes. If you don’t you could always download a guitar tuner from the Apple Store or Google Play Store.

And as you sing, the tuner marks each note range. Easy Come, Easy go!

  • Leverage on Your Voice Type: Learn the Art of Voice Blending: 

After an in-depth understanding of your vocals, the next step is vocal blending. 

A flawless vocal blend requires a dominant blend of your strengths and a less dominant blend of your weakness. 


Imagine you are a soprano singer, chest voice may not exactly be your thing and head voice may just be your forte. A perfect blend or voice mix will be to use more of your head voice than your chest voice in your singing.

All vocals may not conform to this technique here, but you can always learn more about vocal blends right here, or in this video below.


  • Get a Vocal Coach

Even the best musicians still require the services of a vocal coach. Beyond the generalized music coaching available online, right at your fingertips, your voice is unique and thus requires a unique approach to coaching.

Not sure where to find a good one? Check out this video (Video)


If singing like Bruno Mars is a lifelong dream, you should sing repeatedly, as many Bruno Mars songs, as you can lay your hands upon.

The kind of music you listen to and sing tends to affect the texture of your voice. So: 

  • Sing his songs
  • Do Karaoke
  • Practice! 

In Conclusion

The more you try to imitate Bruno, the better you get. Be it that pitch perfection, soulful jazz, uptown funk,  It is all that simple. It took Bruno years to achieve perfection. Grind, you will get there. Rooting for you!