How To Make Headphones Louder; (Android, iPhones, PC Windows 10-7)

how to make headphone louder

What’s worse than being a sponge drowning in a pineapple under a sea?

In my opinion, it’s passing a long-hours journey on a train, listening to your playlist, and then your headphone’s volume cranks down never to voice out again.

You have no idea what to do neither do you have your manual with you.

But as it turns out to be, you don’t have to be stuck.

And right here, through the next 5 minutes, you’ll know How to make headphones louder like a pro without having to learn or do anything technical.

First thing first. See the checklist of the 5 actionable I’m about to share with you below.

The Ultimate Checklist Of Actionable Solutions To Make Your Headphones Louder

  • Use Volume Boosting Apps
  • Clean Your Headphones
  • Use An Amplifier
  • Replace Your Headphones With A Louder Set
  • Remove Or Adjust The Volume Limits On Your Music Source

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As a plus, to make sure that you did really get your headphones to sound better again, I will explain how you can make solution number 5 work for you more effectively depending on whether you’re using an iPhone or an Android.

Sounds great, huh?

Let’s dive in.

Solution 1; Use Volume Boosting Apps

Yay! Easy, fast, and effective. You can get everything resolved right on your phone by simply downloading an app that makes your headphones louder provided that you have an internet connection. But before rushing ahead for a search or a download on your favorite app store, be aware that a booster for iOS is not a good fit for Android. And to save you the stress, I have made a done-for-you recommendation list for the best volume booster app for your devices below.

Best Bluetooth Volume Booster App For Android Smartphones

  • Viper4Android; it is the best volume booster for Android 2019, featuring sound filtering, an extra-loud mode, and speaker optimization options.
  • GOODEV; if you are streaming or playing back on an Android 4.2 and above, this is the free app to increase both the volume of your headphones and of your mobile phone.
  • PreciseVolume; while Android allows a maximum of 15 levels volume adjustments, you can increase that and get up to 100 levels with the PreciseVolume PP regardless of your audio software.
  • Equalizer FX; available on GooglePlay for free and features a bass booster, loudness enhancer, and it supports all streaming apps.

Best Audio Volume Booster Apps For iPhone

Below are the best audio volume booster apps and video volume booster apps for iPhone

  • Bass Booster; comes with a bass level boosting, volume ramping, and a Noise compensation mode.
  • Boom Music; offers 360 surround-sound and 16 frequency bands on Spotify and other iPhone music streamers.
  • Equilizer+; provides 7 bands equalizing, 10 pre-made presets, and a sleep timer. And it accesses your music from GoogleDive, iTunes, and Dropbox.
  • Volume+; boosts your volume to up to 1000% on the paid plan or 200% on the freemium plan.

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Best Sound Booster For Laptop (Windows 10-7)

  • Fidelizer Volume Booster For Laptop; an audio enhancer for laptops that supports Spotify, VLC, YoutTube, and more.
  • Voice Meeter; finetunes and boosts audio signals on Windows 10.
  • Audio Retoucher; another option for Windows 10.
  • FXSound; it supports low-resolution output, boosts bass, adds custom effects, and make genre-based pre-sets

Solution 2; Clean Your Headphones

Suppose you have tried one or more of the recommended audio boosting apps so far and, though there’s a significant change, the lowness is still there, here’s what is most likely to happen. There’s a blockage in the mesh screens of your headphones. This blockage can be from the wax and oil from your ears that have built up over time dues to the heat from your speakers. So, it is sensible to do proper cleaning up. See the slide-by-slide process below.

  • Step 1 (Clean the ear tips); switch off your headphones and unplug the ear tips. Soak each of the ear tips in warm water. After 5-6 minutes of time, wipe them with cotton buds or Q tips. And finally, soak them in hydrogen peroxide and dry afterward.
  • Step 2 (Clean the earbuds); with your headphones switched off, hold it in a downward direction and scrub the mesh screen on the earbuds using a dry brush. From there, dampen a piece of towel with hydrogen peroxide or alcohol or hand sanitizer and gently wipe the earbuds clean. Finally, dry with a paper towel.
  • Step 3 (Reassemble And Test); just before turning your headphones back on, return all the disassembled parts and make sure that your headset is tightly reassembled. Once there, switch on your headphones for testing. If the volume is still not very audible, try at the next solution shared below.

Solution 3; Use An Amplifier

Just the way an amplifier can help to boost the audio signals in your PA systems or your mixers in the studio, there are specially made amplifiers for headphones that are the best answer for how to make headphones louder. Why you may need one of these external amplifiers is that the audio signal from for phone, tab, laptop, or iPod, as the case may turn out to be, may not be strong enough for your headset. Nevertheless, before spending on an external amplifier, ensure that the type of your headphones is over-the-ear or, most preferably, one with larger on-ear pads. The thing is, you won’t get a good result with small headphones and your purchase may just be a waste of money at the end of the day. Also, endeavor to read a guide on how to buy the best external amplifier for headphones before walking into the hardware store down the street.

Solution 4; Replace Your Headphones

This is quite straightforward. In most cases, the best thing to do is to replace faulty headphones completely. But how do you know that your headphones have faulted out?

  • A Crash; if you notice a crash or a crack around your the mesh screen or on any part of your music gear, and just after that the volume starts acting out, it’s possible that a replacement is needed. Otherwise, get a repair done fast.
  • Water Contact; most headphones are not waterproofed and that makes them vulnerable to water. If you drop yours in water, then a repair may be needed. Another way around water getting into your headset is the sweat from you.
  • Oldie; if you’ve had your headset for over a long period of time and it is past the manufacturer’s speculated lifespan, replace your headphones.

Solution 5; Remove Or Adjust The Volume Limits On Your Music Source

Depending on your device, most phones come with factory preset volume limits. You just have to break those limits through the step-by-step processes shared below.

How To Make Your iPhone Headphones Louder By Adjusting the volume limits

  1. Switch on your iPhone
  2. Go to the setting app of your iPhone
  3. Use the search engine or just scroll down to “Music
  4. Select or unselect “Volume limit” under the “Playback category

How To Make Headphones Volume Louder On Android

  1. Open the Setting app on your Android device
  2. Click on “Sounds And Vibration
  3. Click on “Volume
  4. Click on the three vertical dots that signify “More
  5. Click on “Media Volume Limiter
  6. Turn off the media volume limiter or adjust the volume limitation setup

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There are several causes that may make you experience low volume on your headset. In this article, I have shared everything you need to know and How to make headphones louder. I hope this helps.