How To Block Noise From Next Door Neighbors

How To Block Noise From Next Door Neighbors

Moving into a new apartment comes with some life-changing opportunities but you don’t know what to expect especially when it comes to your neighbors, you get to learn how to live with new people around your environment and you never can tell what their lifestyle is at first till you start living with them for some days. You might be lucky enough to have quite and considerate neighbors and better still you might have to live with loud and lousy neighbors.

 Various noises like loud music or screams from neighbors can be very annoying especially on days when you are about to take a long well-deserved nap, and they decide that was the time to blast loud music from their speakers not minding who it disturbs. You might want to try to learn to live with these noises till you get frustrated and have no other choice than to find a solution to it.

There are ways on how to block noise from next-door neighbors when the noise gets unbearable, you can easily put an end to all these noises and resort to ways you can reduce the noise and annoying sounds coming through your shared walls. 

How To Block Noise From Next Door Neighbors

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Tips on How to Block Noise From Next Door Neighbors

  • Get to know your neighbors
  • Make soundproof to some areas of the house

Get to know your neighbors

You can start by getting to know your neighbors and try to ask them politely if they can reduce the noise to some minimal state or volume and try talking to them about how it affects you and ways it affects you. This should be good for a start but if after talking to them about the noises and they didn’t oblige, they continue with the noises the same way it was then its time to take other steps to help you reduce the noise and make you less frustrated with less headache, and there are various ways to go about that.

Make soundproof to some areas of the house

There are various areas in your house you can focus on by soundproofing, areas like

  1. Soundproof the wall
  2. Soundproof the doors
  3. Soundproof the windows
  4. Soundproof the ceiling
  5. Soundproof the curtain
  6. Soundproof the floor

These soundproof process might be looking difficult to you or looking like too much work, but not to worry they are not, which is why we will be guiding you through the easy steps on how to do these yourself

Soundproof the wall

You might want to soundproof your wall first, we know walls are like the easiest and most commonplace noise pass through into the house, especially if you live in an apartment and you share the same wall with your neighbors. You can decide to soundproof from the surface level or from inside the house, you would be able to get rid of the loud noises by soundproofing the walls properly and correctly. There are different ways you can soundproof your walls it all depends on your budget.

How To Block Noise From Next Door Neighbors

Here are some budget-friendly ways you can soundproof your walls

  • You can make use of acoustic foams and soundproof panels to block the loud noises from passing through the walls but take note it is advisable to use soundproof materials that have the capability of absorbing sounds really well, make use of soundproof material like fiberglass, they have the capability to reduce air and block sounds and the amplitude of sounds from passing through the walls. They however might cost you lots of money.
  • Fix the cracks and gaps on the wall- try to identify the cracks and gaps in your house, you can do this during the day time by closing all your curtains and turning off the lights, this way you will easily see light passing through, then take notes of the cracks. You can also decide to fix this crack by installing drywall over the current walls in your house this will not only help increase the thickness of your walls but also help reduce the loud noises coming from your neighbor’s place, you can construct multiple layers of drywall for better results, drywall is something you can fix yourself all you need are screws.
  • You can make use of mass loaded vinyl, they are capable of absorbing sounds of any frequency because of how heavy they are. All you also need to do is screw them to the walls.
  • When it comes to blocking sounds you can also make use of some items you have like huge canvas paintings, you can hang them on your walls they are also able to block loud noises as much as possible. You can also decide to place a bookshelf on your wall, this will also block the noises to some extent.
  • There are also soundproof paints you can use on your walls

An interesting part of all these is, not only will it block the noises it will also make the walls in your house look beautiful.

Soundproof the doors

Soundproofing your doors will also go a long way in blocking noises from entering your house. Don’t worry you didn’t need to overspend to replace your entire door although this is one of the best solutions for that since it is likely the doors have some hollows that make sounds travel easily through your doors, you can just make some few fixes here and there. You can do this by

How To Block Noise From Next Door Neighbors

  • Seal the gaps and holes on your door, especially the space between your door and floor, you can do this by using a good insulating foam sealant, by placing it around the edges of the door, this will help block the gaps and prevent sounds from entering, sealants are also sound absorbers.
  • For the space between your doors and floors, you can block this space by making use of door sweep or a door gasket at the bottom of the door to close the gaps between the door and the floor, you can make use of heavy-duty door sweep, you can install it yourself by fixing it under the door with nuts and screws this creates an airtight compression and prevent sounds from getting into the house through the door. The door sweep also prevents pests from crawling inside the house.
  • You can also add more mass to the door or make use of weatherstripping tape, these are also effective ways of blocking the noise from passing through your door.

All these solutions are easy to fix and even remove when you want and very budget-friendly.

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Soundproof the windows

Your windows are also a great way of bringing loud sounds into your house. You have to be careful when soundproofing your window so as not to block lights from entering.

How To Block Noise From Next Door Neighbors

You can soundproof your windows easily following these methods

  • Seal the gaps around the windows. To do this, you can make use of sealants to seal the gaps properly, you can make use of the same sealants you used for your door. Making use of insulating foam sealers will seal the gaps completely and it is easy to install.
  • You can also decide to install soundproof windows or double-paned windows, it depends on your budget because they can be a bit expensive because it is a bit technical and you can’t fix it yourself, but they are highly effective for blocking any sound frequency because of the extra layer of glass. 
  • Also instead of removing the entire window, you can opt for the installation of extra acrylic layers but this is more expensive than getting a double-paned window.
  • You can also make use of heavy curtains

Take note, the windows are a very fragile part of the house to soundproof, you can hire professionals for safety reason, they know the necessary precautions to take.

Soundproof the ceiling

This is mostly for people whose loud neighbors lives upstairs and the loud noises and vibrations come through the ceiling, the best way to get rid of this is to soundproof your ceilings also. You can soundproof your ceiling by

How To Block Noise From Next Door Neighbors

  • For your ceilings, you can also install drywall right beneath your existing ceiling, this will help reduce and even block the loud noises. When it comes to drywalls apart from being easy to install they are also budget-friendly.
  • You can add a drop ceiling to your already existing ceiling, they are usually installed right below the drywall. But most people don’t opt for this because they don’t look good and might interfere with the look of your house.
  • You can also make use of acoustical clouds to block the sounds. You can install this between the drywall and your existing ceiling

Soundproof the curtain

You can also get soundproof curtains, they are lots of soundproof curtains in the market. You can use a soundproof curtain alongside your soundproof window. And better still, they are a great option if you don’t wnat to opt for a double-paned window on a rented apartment, you can get and install soundproof curtains over the windows.

How To Block Noise From Next Door Neighbors

These curtains are made with thick and heavy materials particularly for this purpose, they block any type of sound frequency and prevent and sounds from getting through them, this are a great alternative because it is also perfect to block your ears from heavy noises even at night when you need that most deserved nap. Asides from blocking sounds from entering your apartment, they also make your apartment beautiful because they come in various colors and designs.

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Soundproof the floor

Loud noises can enter through the floor as well. If you happen to live upstairs and your loud neighbor lives right beneath you then this soundproof is for you. You would need to soundproof your floor, you might be wondering if this is possible, yes it is. You can soundproof your floor through these easy steps

How To Block Noise From Next Door Neighbors

  • You can get thick carpets to cover the whole floor, this might be a bit expensive but it will do a big job in blocking the noise
  • You can also get thick and fluffy rugs they are a great option for blocking loud sounds, they are affordable and will even make your home more beautiful with its variety of colors and designs

Either of this solution will work perfectly in blocking the loud noises.

Asides the above-listed methods you can also block noise from your next-door neighbor by 

Rearranging your furniture away from the noise

Get rugs with rubber backing

Get wall tapestries and hangings 

Plant soundproof trees

Get a sound drowning device like the white noise machine used to lure babies to sleep


On that note, with these easy ways and soundproof techniques, you won’t have to worry about your loud neighbors again. And since most of these soundproof lists are budget-friendly you can get down to working on them as soon as possible.