Bose Wave Soundtouch IV Review; Is It Worth The Money?

Those are probably the questions bubbling through your mind right now. And it makes sense to be skeptical, even about a hyped music system like this one, before raising your wallet. So to speak, in my Bose wave Soundtouch review below, I’ve answered all of your questions about the Bose wave Soundtouch IV radio to detail.

First thing first, a bit background check on the manufacturer.

About Bose

Founded in 1964 by Amar Bose, Bose corporation is one of America’s leading companies in the audio equipment industry. (And that’s a quick answer to the question “Is Bose made in China?”). Bose is based in Framingham Massachussettes and has a reputation in protecting its consumers, its brand, and its integrity. This and more have been achievable through the innovation of high-tech home audio systems which include; headphones, speakers, aviation headsets, home theaters, and more. The company also major in the production of cutting-edge automobile systems as well as the designing of professional audio products with inimitable quality for studios recordings and live/stage performance.

A snipped from the company’s official homepage, the primary objective of Bose is to help people enjoy the things they love through creating competitive sound solutions via state-of-the-art technology.

Perhaps, this is why Bose is expensive?

A close look at the Bose wave Soundtouch IV in the review below answers that.

Bose Wave SoundTouch Music System IV, works with Alexa, Espresso Black

Bose Wave Soundtouch IV Music System For Home; What’s Great

Right here is everything great about the $500 sound system.

  • Online Music Streaming Possibilities; Bose wave IV is internet compatible, providing a one-touch direct and stable connection with your online music services. From Spotify, and Amazon music. Likewise, it also has live streaming support for all internet radios available whilst, at the same time, you can follow the trends on your favorite podcasts on iTunes, Anchor, Podbean, Blubbry, BuzzSprout, SoundCloud, and more. You also get a free subscription to iHeartRadio and Pandora to stream all the latest songs you’d pay for.
  • Alexa Integration; thanks to Amazon, Alexa has eased the control of virtually every home appliance. But again, this possibility is only available on special appliances that have been built to be compatible with Alexa. And the great thing is, Bose wave IV is one of the few. Every functionality and features of this music system can be voice-controlled over your Alexa system via a wireless connection. And as this system isn’t sold together with an Alexa system, this possibility can just be as useless if you don’t have an Alexa unit. Right?
  • Playlist Feature; if you have a playlist on an SD card or a music library on a CD or just a single track CD, the Bose Wave gives you quality playback time. The CD reader technology is designed for high tracking accuracy. And that translates to; no annoying hums, no track skipping, and no irritating noise. Just endeavor to wipe an old CD clean before inserting it into the player.
  • FM/AM Radio; go old style and tune in to your favorite radio station. Bose wave IV picks weak signals where most radios fail. With virtually no use of signal antennas, a special highly sensitive signal-generating feature has been built tightly into the portable system to catch and transmute both low end and high-end frequencies consistently.
  • Sound Quality; Bose wave IV is made to give you a transparent and honest sound on all your tracks and mixes. Whether you’re live streaming or playing from your CD or listening to your favorite radio station, Bose wave IV employs the all-new high-performance waveguide technology to keep your audio warm and full with no distortion in any way. The choice of the speakers of this model of Bose’s music system line is outstanding compared to the likes of the Soundtouch 30 in so many ways. For one, the speakers here are more pronouncing. Then again, they precisely respond to your volume level control and doesn’t creep out of a preset level like the Soundtouch 30 does on constant usage.
  • Connectivity And Rebroadcasting; Bose wave IV features both Bluetooth and Wifi connectivity. You can connect the music system to about any device that has a standard 3.5mm audio output. This includes your mobile phone, laptop, iPod, tabs, and even your microphone. As another integration option, the Bose wave IV has adjustable wireless connectivity for a seam connection to your home WiFi. The wireless connectivity also enables connection with other Soundtouch systems. And with that connection, you can rebroadcast and stream music from your iTunes library on any of your Soundtouch systems that are connected to the Bose wave IV.
  • Setup And Control; this system comes ready to use right out of the box so you won’t need any to do any setup work prior to using it. Just plug it into your power outlet and do the needful internet connection when playing music from a source other than your CD, SD card, or AM/FM. All adjustments can be done straight from a soft-press remote control. And that includes cranking up and down the volume level and switching between radio channels or navigating your music library. Another control option is Alexa. You can connect this system to your Alexa unit via Bluetooth or WiFi, as the case may be.
  • Portability; overall, Bose wave IV is lightweight and portable. If you’re looking for a powerful music player for your next camping escapade, this won’t add to the load. It sits firmly on your audio player cabinet without taking much of the space. Also, if you’re a traveler on the search for a private companion, just plug in your headphone to this one and you’re good to go.
  • Durability; Bose did a great job on the body design of this one. A lot of features and functionalities have been wired and engineered into a simple, compact system that is made to last. The overall design is sleek and looks great on the tabletop.
  • Great software; installing the Soundtouch software on your mobile phone is super easy. And all the functions and features of the unit can be accessed directly from there. This includes; navigating through your music library and tweaking your sound volume level.
  • Is The Price Worth It? That’s the big question everyone asks before bringing home a new appliance or a new unit. In the next section below, I’ll give a few reasons why Bose wave IV may not worth the $500 price.
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Why Bose Wave IV Is Not Worth The Money

Note that these are merely my personal observations and they may not be a deal-breaker for you.

  • Doesn’t Power Bluetooth Speakers; to me, this is a real drawback to a music player in that price category. I mean, there are many models from several brands out there that offer Bluetooth connection to PA systems, and those are usually in the price range of $250-$500. Though these may not fill your room without an external speaker unlike Bose Wave, they sure sound good. Anyways, this won’t be a dealbreaker if you’re satisfied with cable connection. Right?
Bose Wave SoundTouch Music System IV, works with Alexa, Espresso Black
  • Super-sensitive On/off switch; if you’re the aggressive type, the control buttons on the Bose Wave IV remote control are super-sensitive so much that you may have a hard time dialing-in your preferences. And fun fact, a user friend complained of their cat resting on this same remote slightly only for the music player to yell, and that quickened them out of sleep over the night.
  • Oldie Alarm Clock; while the player comes with an alarm clock, as expected of a unit at that price, the overall clock design is quite daunting. For one, it has an incredibly small display that gives it the image of a clock from the 60s or the 80s. Then again, there’s virtually no setup button for the alarm so dialing in your time is only possible on the super-sensitive remote control or on an Alexa. Seriously? Bose? Now the question is, what if you don’t even own an Alexa? And who in their right senses buys an Alexa for an alarm clock that has no weekend cancel option?

Be that as it may, below is a complete list of the specifications and features of Bose Wave IV.

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Features Of Bose Wave Soundtouch IV

  • Wifi and Bluetooth connectivity
  • Live-streaming of music
  • CDs, AM/FM
  • Remote control
  • Alexa connection
  • Bose link
  • Headphone jack
  • 8 foot AC power cord
  • Aux input
  • A large music setup display
  • Waveguide technology
  • Soundtouch App
  • Power supply; 120V 50/60Hz
  • Power usage; 60 Watts
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Music systems are a lifesaver in so many ways. The newest designs serve more than just filling your room with full and crisp music sound. They allow you to make a follow-up on your favorite internet radio programs and on your AM/FM radio stations as well. But choosing a model that is worth more than the money you pay may not be all too easy. In this review, I have highlighted everything, both good and bad, about the Bose Wave Soundtouch IV. I can only hope that you’re finally able to take a guided purchase decision.

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