Best Phono Cartridge Under 500 Dollars

Are you tired of the endless Google crawling?

At times it just gets too hard to make a purchase decision that you won’t ever look back to regret. This is especially for your turntable cartridge.

And things can be far worse when you have to wrap your head around the tons of two-sided reviews on Amazon.

Luckily, I have done the research work for you.

In this review post, you will find the best phono cartridge under 500 dollars for your turntable.

And to make things easy for you, I have split up my 5 recommended best phono cartridges turntable into 2 distinct groups.

The first group with the headline best phono cartridge under 500 for audiophiles, revolves around the review of 3 turntable cartridges that are the most ideal for an audiophile.

Same way, in the last group of 2, you’ll find the best phono cartridge under 500 for heavy-duty vinyl playing such as in the club or during a stage performance as a DJ.

Let’s get started.

5 Best Phono Cartridge Under 500 Dollars

3 Best Phono Cartridges For Audiophiles

If you have an ear for sound details as an audiophile, a studio producer, or a home studio manager, this category is for you.

  1. Best Overall; Audio-Technica AT440MLB Phonograph Cartridge

Coming from yours truly, the Audio Technica AT440MLB phonograph cartridge is the first on the list. The AT440MLB phono cartridge is one of Audio Technica’s first VM series moving magnet cartridges. This series of phono cartridges is basically a response to the detailed sound demand of audiophiles in the studio. Thus, the AT440MLB phono cartridge is a specially engineered phono cartridge for deeper penetration into the groove of every sound.

Audio-Technica AT440MLB Phonograph Cartridge

To achieve this one goal, the AT440MLB phono cartridge is built as a dual-magnet cartridge that is able to track the two channels of your groove, producing a fuller range of frequency responses. On top of that, the par toroidal material choice of the in-built static coil is super-sensitive, opening the doors to more signal generating power, and ultimately, putting the AT440MLB phono cartridge on the high-performance category of Ortofon 2M bronze phono cartridges.

  • Micro-Linear, stylus mounted VM cartridge.
  • VM type dual-magnet system and high-performance par toroidal power generation system.
  • Adopted PCOCC for the coil.
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Finally, the design is completed with a much smaller micro-linear needle, giving AT440MLB a spot in the arsenal of a DJ.

  • No self-talk between channels
  • Best deal for all 10xx and 12xx series turntables
  • Dynamic punch and inner details clarity
  • Easy installation and affordable at $250
  • Hum-free audio sound quality
  • Low stylus wear, great for DJing

  • The plastic body may not be all too strong

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  1. Best Moving Coil; Denon DL-103R Moving Coil Cartridge

There is a whole of perks to opting for a moving coil cartridge. For one, they are reasonable of lightweight and won’t put a load on your groove, which would otherwise cause scratching. Finally, moving coils are more accurate in their tracking, depending on the needle they come with. But on the downside, moving coils cost a fortune. With an exception to the very few moving coils like the DL-103R model of Denon’s DL series.

Denon DL-103R Moving Coil Cartridge

I’m rooting for this one for all studio producers out there and to all obsessed audiophiles with keen ears. Right from start, the Denon DL-103R is a killer, classic moving coil for pure vinyl music listening. And for the fact that there’s been an update on the former coil with a 6N coil replacement in the cantilever shaft, you can expect a lot of value for your money. It offers smooth sound and excellent details of both bass and low-end frequencies. The only downside to this setup, however, is that if you have scratches or dirt on your record, you’ll be able to hear it more than with any other cartridge. But as much as you keep your groove clean and new, nothing beats this baby in your turntable setup in the studio.

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  • Smooth bass audio sound quality
  • Excellent mid and low-end details
  • Massive frequency response range
  • High tracking accuracy
  • Durable body design made to last
  • Best thing for your Linn LP12 turntable and your TEAC 550 turntable

  • It picks up inconsistencies in a rough disc
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  1. Best For Low-budget; Ortofon 2M Blue Moving Magnet Cartridge

Being on a low budget shouldn’t essentially translate to claiming all the low-quality things that life has to offer. So to speak, if you’re looking for non-picky, highly dynamic phono cartridges with a solid arm construction for your turntable, Ortofon 2M bronze is yours at the steal price of $237. And the great thing is that this is from Ortofon, so you can rest easy and expect that you’re not wasting money on a set of Chinese knock-off phono cartridges from a fly-by-night manufacturer.

Ortofon 2M Blue Moving Magnet Cartridge

So here’s the catch. The Ortofon 2M Blue moving magnet cartridge is a universal fit for all turntables. As an update of the 2M Red of late, this new blue version does not only retain the tracking stability of its predecessor but equally adds more resolution and dynamics to an open vinyl sound. In the same light, it zooms in completely to the groove, picking all of the signals that come its way for a more profound and detailed sound. You can easily replace the nude elliptical diamond stylus when it wears out as it is widely available on the market. See the complete features below.

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  • Ease of use
  • A lightweight MM phono cartridge for clear sound
  • A lot of stylus mileage
  • Highly dynamic and versatile
  • Clean, full sound quality playback
  • Budget-friendly for both entry-level and expert DJs
  • Beautiful design

  • None; yes, it’s that good.
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Moving on to the next group of 2…

Best 2 For Stage DJing And Home Listening

In this section, I have reviewed 2 of the best phono cartridges under 500 for stage performance, house party, entry-level, and home listening. Let’s dive in.

  1. Best High-performance; Shure M97XE High-Performance Magnetic Phono Cartridge

Whether you are an aggressive DJ looking for the tough cartridge for turntables or you want the best phono cartridge for a turntable for bass and jazz, this the phono cartridge turntable for you. Though you’ll be adding 100 bucks to your 500 bucks budget to get this one, Shure has never disappointed in their products. And with the M97XE of the M series of Shure, you sure (pun intended) are getting value for your money. And here’s the catch.

Shure M97xE High-Performance Magnetic Phono Cartridge

The Shure M97XE is a high-performance MM phono cartridge for all purposes. It is engineered to perfectly reduce the difficulty of signal passage from your groove. This is especially for high frequencies that may otherwise end building up and mudding your music with horrible hums. And you don’t need to spend the extra bucks on a PAD. Meanwhile, the elliptical diamond stylus is finely polished for tracking accuracy, complementing the viscous-damped stabilizer that keeps the distance between your record and the cartridge.

The overall body design is ground-solid and with the side-guard system integrated into this unit, M97XE can take all the knocks you throw at it and withstand stylus damages in a reasonable way.

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  • Solid drop bass
  • Accented highs and flat mids
  • Low record wear
  • Best choice for Philips AF777 turntable, Technics SL12000 turntable, and dual 1219 TT
  • Great for all tonearms
  • Easy to install
  • Great for mixing and spinning

  • Costs an additional $100 but it’s worth it
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  1. Best Lightweight; Grado Reference Platinum 1 Moving Magnet  MM Phono Cartridge

Finally, last on the list is Grado Reference Platinum 1. A super lightweight cartridge with a lot of mileage to offer on its durable needle that tracks sound perfectly. This cartridge was designed to be one of the toughest cartridges for aggressive mixing, spinning, and scratching.

Grado Timbre Series Platinum3 High Output Phono Cartridge w/Stylus

But if you’re looking to crank this up with your home stereo, you’re not be losing a dime. The ultra-high purity long crystal oxygen-free copper coil in the 4-piece cantilever keeps the design 10% less heavy and 50% pure and clear in frequency broadcasting.

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See the complete features below.

  • Lightweight cartridges with clear sound
  • Advanced coil
  • A lot of stylus mileage
  • Durable unit
  • Low price-point cartridges
  • Quality vinyl sound

  • Not aesthetic
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So far so good. I have reviewed 5 distinct cartridges for your turntable. Let me know whichever of my recommended cartridges you’re going for in the comment section below.


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