Best Bass Guitars under 2000 Dollars (6 Outstanding Bass)

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Top 5 Best Bass Guitars Under 2000

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Complete List Of The Best Bass Guitars Under 2000 Dollars

A legendary list, uh? Let’s dive into the complete details of each below.

  1. Best 4-Strings; Rickenbacker 4003 Fireglow Bass Guitar

Rickenbaker’s are one of the first heavy metals to make it into the market. And this Fireglow of the 4003 models is ancient. It is a complete box of what every professional stage performer is looking for. With an elegantly curved body structure held together tightly with subtle strip bindings completed with a triangular fretboard inlay, Rickenbaker 4003 Fireglow is not only known for its beauty and unique appearance, but it is also equally famous for its punchy, sustained tremble and brilliant clarity on its wide response range.

Rickenbacker 4003W LH Left-Handed Walnut Bass Guitar

The neck-thru construction coupled with the double-truss rods makes onstage performances easier and controlled altogether. Just set it up with your amp systems through the stereo output and the high output single-coil pickups will make transmission stable and undistorted.


  • Best rock and roll bass with clear punchy sounds
  • A solid, rich, and full underlying bottom end
  • Highly sustained treble punch
  • High output with a wide response range
  • Protective case included
  • Incredible 5 frets on the E
  • Elegantly beautiful appearance
  • Low signal-to-noise ratio
  • Fewer finger pressure required

  • The pickup may not be all too great of a quality
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  1. Best For ShortHanded Bassists; SG Standard Bass Heritage Cherry

If you’re a shorthanded bassist (not saying this in a derogatory way) and want a standard high-quality instrument to play on stage or in the studio, this is for you. The SG Standard Bass heritage cherry is Gibson’s legendary contribution to the line of short-scale guitars on the market. But this time this one boasts an equal big tone as shared among the lengthy scale basses.

Schecter Stiletto Extreme-4 Bass Guitar (4 String, Black Cherry)

The SG Standard bass heritage cherry is preferred for its relatively strong fundamental tone and its deeply sculpted mahogany body that ended in a rounded mahogany neck. The rosewood mahogany fingerboard is another definition of comfort, allowing the easy transition of fingers as you play from E to G string. Finally, a responsive master tone complements the two integrated pickups, one at the neck and the other at the bridge, for flexible audibility.

  • Best for shorthand bassists
  • Easy finger transition
  • Ergonomic and comfortable
  • Comes with a professional-looking storage case
  • A lot of control to play around with
  • Comes with setup instruction

  • Relegated to shorthanded bassists alone
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  1. 4-Strings For Beginners; CLF Research L-1000

While this might have been particularly built for the oldies who missed the good old time of the 1980s passive G and L bass guitars, I am personally making it a recommendation to all beginners out there. Whether you are looking for a smooth transition from 3-strings to 4-strings or this is your first-ever bass guitar you will get a straight learning curve from this one. The CLF Research L-1000 is an iconic passive bass with a slim body profile that is super lightweight for up to 3 hours of practice and gigging of comforting and easy playability.
Schecter Hellraiser C-1 FR Electric Guitar, Black Cherry It is an instrument that you will easily grow with and hone in on your skill as you progress through time rehearsing. It gives you the best vintage vibe and a feeling that you’re actually playing a professional 4 strings bass. And sure it is professional. See the complete features, pros, and cons below.

  • Lightweight for up to 3hrs of comfortable play
  • Great for practices and for gigging
  • Highly stable neck
  • Gives you a vintage vibe feeling
  • Beautiful design with flexible adjustment knobs
  • A clean, modern aesthetic design for confidence
  • Quality bass sound
  • Great pickups

  • Scale length is too extensive

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  1. Best Female Bass; StringRay

For every female bassist on the lookout for an elegantly built bass that represents what a girly instrument should be, this is the real deal. The StringRay Special is a highly dynamic and iconic roadworthy design of 1976. All the features have been redesigned from the ground up to project themselves into the future, exceeding the demands of heavy metal players. It boasts a 5-bolt sculpted neck that provides fast and easy access to the 22 frets on the board.

ESP LTD EC-258 8-String Electric Guitar, Black Satin

This is for all discerning female players out there who take pride in a chopper blue or a fire-mist silver color 4-strings. StringRay has fully redefined body contours for comfort in all playing positions, integrates powerful neodymium pickups for a wider range of output, and an 18-volts 3-band preamp for super clean headroom. You’re more in control and are able to dial in vintage or classic or punch tones at will. Lastly, the hardware has also been re-engineered for hyper-reliable tuning stability created on a more balanced neck.

  • Lightweight for an enjoyable and comforting experience
  • Super-reliable tuning stability on the neck
  • 18-volt preamp for a lot of headroom
  • Massive adjustability
  • A beautiful, girly design
  • Comes in various beautiful colors
  • For vintage, punch, and classic tones

  • Might not be a male’s choice
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  1. Most Classic; Yamaha BB734A

The Yamaha BB734A of the Yamaha BB series is a classic workhorse for all stylish bass players out there looking for professional 4-strings for gigging and outings. Highly versatile and packs a lot of durabilities to withstand all the knocks you will throw at it when performing in athletic ways on the stage, the BB734A brings consistency into its outstanding sounding quality. Rely on it to deliver extraordinary sound quality dynamically across multiple genres of music you perform in all gigging environments.

Yamaha BB434 BB-Series Bass Guitar, TobaccoBrown Sunburst

The 6-bolts miter used on the neck allows even distribution of string vibration across the body, allowing fuller resonance across all tones. Finally, this guitar has dual active/passive circuitry for improved tone-switching from master passive tone to treble control. Needless to say, as this features an Alnico magnet pickups type, it allows for deeper penetration of tone that is yet fatter than most heavy metals out there.

  • Uniform transmission of strings vibration
  • Multi-laminated body construction
  • Both passive and active
  • Versatile and easy control
  • Comes in two unique colors
  • Good sound quality

  • You always need batteries to perform with it
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  1. Best For Lefty Bassists; Thunderbird Bass Tobacco Burst

If you’re a southpaw playing the regular designs of bass may not be comfortable. In fact, they conceal your creativity due to how restricting they may turn out to be for southpaws. That is why I am recommending the Thunderbird bass of 1963, a classic instrument with a reversed body and headstock design that is more forgiving to whatever position in which you play.

LAVA ME 2 36 inch Carbon Fiber Guitar with effects Acoustic Electric Guitar with Picks Hard Case (Freeboost-Black)

Whether left or right, Thunderbird’s ceramic humbucking pickups, on both the neck and the bridge, shell out a stable iconic sonic low-end voice for all your performances. Whether you’re a street player, a live show performer, an event performer, or a vocalist who plays bass, this is for all you lefties. The mahogany/walnut neck-thru-body construction gives it a piano-like sustain and a thundering response on the low end. Finally, thanks to the narrow nut width and a round neck profile, playing Thunderbird is intuitive and fast, and thus, will be a great investment for beginners as well.

  • Intuitive and fast to play
  • Thundering, sonic low-end response
  • The best thing to happen to a lefty bassist
  • High output pickups
  • Available in 2 distinct colors and finishes
  • Ideal for a bass beginner who is either a lefty or not

  • Not for people with short arms
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  1. Best Electric Bass For Rock; Electra VS4

Electra VS4 is your next best deal if you miss the bus on Fender P-basses, perhaps they are out of stock? This German-made super sleek 4-stringer design decks its hard rock maple neck with a solid but comfortable rosewood fretboard. On the fretboard, you get to play a standard 34” scale with up to 22 frets neatly designed unto it.
Fender Paramount PM-1 Acoustic Guitar - All-Mahogany - Dreadnought Body Style - Ovangkol Fingerboard - With Case You’d rather skip this thing if you were a beginner. But for a professional expert with a lot of years of experience playing big scales, this baby here will challenge you more. Play it with your left hand and you get a better vintage than you would bounce off of a P-bass. The low action of it won’t let you experience so much of a buzz and the overall playing experience is lively and fast. On setting up Electra VS4 with your rig speaker, it gives you the grind you love, thanks to all the midrange fatness and bites offered by the Sandberg split-up P-bass pickup type integrated.

  • Best electronic bass for rock
  • Solid bodybuild
  • A lot of midranges for bites and fatness
  • Precision bass at a lower price
  • Quality vintage
  • Ideal for southpaws too
  • Great sounding through rig speakers

  • It May turn out to be slightly heavy
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  1. Budget Pick; Ibanez Talman TMB 100 MGR 2015

Though I’d exclusively recommend this to a female guitarist alone for its exceptional and girly beauty in design and color, Ibanez Talman TMB 100 is a classic Ibanez design with dynamic P and J pickups, making it a great fit for all stage performers. And guess what? It is ridiculously low in price but massively high in both body quality and sound expression.

Ibanez TMB505 Talman Bass 5-String Bass Guitar

This mint-green color bass features Ibanez’s custom-made 2-band EQ that offers a wide spectrum of tonal options to both 4-stringer experts and beginners. But since this is a full 34” scale, you may be skeptical about starting your 4-stringer experience with a tasking instrument like this one. And that’s why I have reviewed one more bass below, a special recommendation to all 4-stringer heavy metal beginners. Otherwise, here’s a complete spec list of Ibanez Talman TMB 100 MGR 2015 below.

  • Great 4-stringer for the professional musicians
  • Quality high and low expression
  • Durable body design made to last
  • Extensive standard scale for experts
  • Best value for low budget

  • The tuning keys are not forgiving to vibration 
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  1. Best P Bass; Fender Deluxe Active Precision Bass

Coming last on the list is Fender’s special active P-bass with 3 color sunburst and maple fingerboard. Right out of the box, it is packed in a Deluxe gigging bag for all you live performers and studio producers. To be more precise, you’re getting a hybrid model of Fender’s classic line of basses in a sleek but authentic Fender style of active P-bass.
Fender Deluxe Active Precision Bass Special, Maple Fingerboard, 3 Color Sunburst What’s great? A stage companion with power-packed and flexible tones (both old and new tones included) with a smooth playing feel. And just because this is an active Precision bass, you’ll need 2 energizer industrial 9V batteries to use it passively. For the middle pickup, Fender chooses the conventional split-coil precision bass pickup. On the other hand, the jazz bass bridge pickup gives you a noiseless vintage sound. Finally, Fender Deluxe active precision bass has a 3-band EQ that includes; treble, bass boost and cut, and mid, all switchable to active or active as the case may be. And for the fact that this is just 10pounds in weight, it allows stage performers to perform over a big timeframe without discomfort in the least. Needless to say, the fingerboard is reasonably smooth for an easy transition of fingers as you play from string to string. See the complete features, pros, and cons below.

  • Good feel and good tone
  • Fun to play
  • Great for jamming and recording
  • Solid electronics
  • Ideal for rock concerts by professional musicians
  • Good pickups

  • It may need a tweak to the truss rod
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Great bass guitars are extremely rare these days. That is exactly why I have gone back in time to recommend some of the evergreen oldies. I hope you are finally able to find that best bass guitar under 2000 dollars. 

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