Kings and Them
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Global Trance Diva (Live)
Trance War: Memorial

Trance War: Archives and Documentation (1998-Ongoing)

Trance Party:
TP: Trance Party
TP2: Waterfall
TP3: Trance Welbeck
TP4: The Great British Trance Off
TPV: Trance Welbeck v Progressive Welbeck
TP6: Click The Boy To Feel The Joy (Riverside)

EUR: A Tour
EUR2: The Mysterious Island
USACA: Trance America?
SA: Copa Cristi

Projects (Extended Mix)

Kings and Them (Mixtape/EP)
16/2/02 . 1. Drip (03:40) 2. Myd (03:39) 3. Go Girl (05:01) 4. Fuck It None of Ya'll Don't Rap [sic] (04:24) 5. Horses in Motor (05:36) 6. Snapback Back (03:29) 7. Thrown Like Jacks (03:39) 8. Fridge Crank Gun (03:53). Released by Tri Angle Records, Published by Evian Christ. Mixed by Evian Christ, additional mixing by Lukid on "Fuck It None of Ya'll Don't Rap". Mastered by Sebastian Gainsborough. Artwork by Robin Carolan.

Not Found (Mix)
24/2/14. 1. The Shamen - Re:Evolution (One Little Indian) 2. Diatonis - One To Be (Selfreleased) 3. TCF - a07ab60c0527b4598e85c87801020d91bffc2a682be439a6e5cc45a3ddb95a57 (YYAA) 4. Movem3nt - Tell The Truth (The Producer Alliance) 5. Fis - Iterations (Unreleased) 6. Kuedo - Vectoral (Planet Mu) 7. Kalado - Dip Nuh (Selfreleased) 8. Chief Keef- Salty (Angel Mix) (GBE) 9. Actress - Our (Evian's Where Were Thee In '93 Refix) (WerkDiscs) 10. Zgibniew Siatecki - Winter Morning (Sad Remix) (Ultimate Card Games) 11. Steve Hauschildt - Already Replaced (Kranky) 12. SPK - Necropolis (The Grey Area) 13. Evian Christ - Arkanfall (Unreleased) 14. Diamond Ink Productions - Diamond Fyah Riddim (Selfreleased) 15. Ynfynyt Scroll - Envidia (Track Meet) 16. Mega Banton - Some Boy Fi Know (Selfreleased) 17. Unknown song from Majical Cloudz Fader Mix 18. Rustie - Hail (Unreleased) 19. Amnesia Scanner - AS H!N! (Unreleased) 20. Deablo & SIze 10 - War Criminal (Selfreleased) 21. Haus Arafna - Seven Murder (Galakthorro) 22. Autechre - Vletrmx21 (Borealis Cover) (Warp/Selfreleased) 23. Salem - Redlights (IAmSound) 24. E+E - Firegut (Selfreleased). With thanks to all artists whose music is included. Commissioned by Resident Advisor.

Waterfall (EP)
18/3/14. 1. Salt Carousel (03:58) 2. Fuck Idol (02:55) 3. Propeller (03:39) 4. Waterfall (04:14). Released by Tri Angle Records, Published by G.O.O.D Music/Sony ATV. Mixed by Noah Rubin. Mastered by Heba Kadry at Timeless. Artwork by David Rudnick. Salt Carousel contains a sample of A Synthetic Setting by Kane Ikin, courtesy of 12k Recordings. Propeller contains a sample of Nine by Lukid, courtesy of LUKOIL.

Global Trance Diva (Live) (Mix)
8/10/16. 1. Ramirez - Intro Orgasmico (DFC/Overdance) 2. Ramirez - Un Minito Para Evacuar (Original Mix) (DFC/Overdance) 3. Kamixlo - Lariat (Visionist Remix) (Codes) 4. Ramirez - Terapia (Evian's Therapy Clown Edit) (DFC/Overdance/Unreleased) 5. Evian Christ - Hectors Theme (Unreleased) 6. Nalin And Kane – Beachball (Urban) 7. Jack U Ft Justin Bieber - Where Are U Now (OWSLA/Mad Decent) 8. Dev/Null - Asplode 2013 (Unreleased) 9. Ultra Nate - Free (Acapella) (Strictly Rhythm) 10. R.Wav (Unreleased) 11. 49ers Ft Anne Marie Smith - Move Your Feet (Media) 12. Jam City – Her (Night Slugs) 13. Naz Aka Naz - It's Started Again (786 Approved) 14. Dj Go Hard - Wildoutgang Theme (Selfreleased) 15. Kylie Minogue - Slow (Acapella) (Parlophone) 16. Shut Up And Dance Ft Peter Bouncer - Raving I'm Raving (Shut Up And Dance) 17. Dj Wildchild - Renegade Master (Hi Life) 18. M/M - 9th Ritual (Her) 19. Limewax - Cat & The Hat (Position Chrome) 20. Robin S - Show Me Love (Acapella) (Champion) 21. Oneohtrix Point Never - Chrome Country (Warp) 22. Safri Duo - Played-A-Live (The Bongo Song) (Universal) 23. Total Touch - Touch Me There (Acapella) (Ariola) 24. Visionist – Victim (PAN) 25. 0 Come Ups - P.O.L.O (Evian's Pianomix) (Unreleased) 26. Evian Christ - Evian's Giving It Up In Hell (Unreleased) 27. Klubbheads - Kickin Hard (Alarmapella) (Blue) 28. Future Sound Of London - Papua New Guinea (Jumpin' & Pumpin') 29. Evian Christ – Thatsme (Unreleased) 30. Elton John - Candle In The Wind (DJM/Rocket) 31. Kami + Lexxi - Demonic Yute (Unreleased) 32. Roger Sanchez - Another Chance (Afterlife Mix) (Defected). With thanks to all artists whose music is included. Commissioned by Dazed.

Trance War: The Distance (Website/Mixtape)
with David Rudnick and Joel Baker. 10/7/15. 1. Push - Strange World (Evian Christ Remix) 2. Breathe/Believe 3. Aden's Theme 4. Mauro Picotto - Lizard (Evian Christ Take Me Out Mix) 5. Take Me Out 6. Breathe/Believe II.

Trance War, Archives and Documentation: 1998-Now (Installation/Performance)
with David Rudnick. 23/7/15. Commissioned by Institute of Contemporary Arts London. 1. Aden (Sculpture) 2. Now-Forever (Diptych) 3. Archive (Vitrine) 4. Parade of the Athletes (Banner Triptych) 5. The Handover of Hong Kong by Chris Patten/The Humanitarian Legacy of Tony Blair in Kosovo (Video) 6. Matt Darey - Ibiza Euphoria (Presented By) CD2 (Silent Disco) 7. 30,000 Dogs: Commemorative Booklet (Booklet). Opening performance in collaboration with Daniel Blaze, with thanks to Emmanuel Biard and Lisa Beckley. Commisioned by Institute of Contemporary Art London/Institute of Courageous Animals London and Warp.

Reload (Installation) with David Rudnick.
30/6/16 1. Progressive I (Vitrine/Diptych) 2. The Handover of Hong Kong by Chris Patten/The Humanitarian Legacy of Tony Blair in Kosovo (Video). Commissioned by 5th Moscow International Biennale For Young Art.

TP: Trance Party (Party)
22/11/12. London, UK. Corsica Studios (Room 1). Wanda Group (22:45-23:30)
Vessel (23:30-00:15) Holy Other (00:15-01:15) Evian Christ (01:15-2) Arca (2-3:30) Jam City (3:30-5). Promoted by Oscillate Wildly. 8/10/12.5GBP. 23/11/13.

Manchester, UK. 2022 NQ. Wanda Group (23:00-23:35) Lukid (23:35-00:30) Holy Other (00:30-01:15) Evian Christ (01:15-2) Jam City (2-3) Arca (3-4) Promoted by Faktion. 12/15GBP.

TP2: Waterfall (Party)
21/3/13 London, UK. Oval Space. Powell (21:15-22:15) Sophie (22:15-23:00) Mssingno (23:00-23:45) Millie & Andrea (23:45-00:30) Travis Scott (00:30-01:15) Evian Christ (01:15-2) Lil Silva (2-3:30). Promoted by Oval Space/Oscillate Wildly. 12.5/15/17.5GBP.

TP3: Trance Welbeck (Party)
31/10/14 London, UK. Corsica Studios. Room 1: Boothroyd (10:45-11:30) Dubbel Dutch (11:30-1) Evian Christ b2b Mssingno (1-2:30) Total Freedom (2:30-4) NGUZUNGUZU (4-6). Room 2: Lexxi (11-12) Dynooo (12-12:45) Life Sim (12:45-1:30) Danny L Harle (1:30-2:30) Neana b2b Georgia Girls (2:30-4). Promoted by Oscillate Wildly/Trance Welbeck. 6/8/10/12.5GBP.

TP4: The Great British Trance Off (Party)
29/10/15 Liverpool, UK. Buyers Club. Nkisi (22:00-22:30) Kablam (22:30-23:30) EVOL (23:30-00:00) Lorenzo Senni (00:00-00:30) Evian Christ b2b Dark0 (00:30-01:30) Total Freedom b2b Venus X (01:30-03:00) Altern8 (03:00-04:30). Promoted by Oscillate Wildly/Abandon Silence. 5/6/8/10GBP.

30/10/15 London, UK. Corsica Studios. Room 1: Lorenzo Senni (00:00-12:30) Venus X (0:30-1:30) Evian Christ (1:30-3) Venus X b2b Kamixlo (3-3:30) Evol (3:30-4) Altern8 (4-5:30) Evian Christ b2b Kamixlo (5:30-6). Room 2: Nkisi (23:30-01:00) Dark0 & K9 (01:00-02:00) Total Freedom (02.00-03.00) Nkisi (03.00-03.30) Kablam (03.30-5). Promoted by Oscillate Wildly. 8/10/12.5/15GBP.

31/10/15 Sheffield, UK. Hope Works. David Rudnick (22:00-22:45) EVOL (22:45-23:15) Kablam (23:15-00:30) Lorenzo Senni (00:30-01:00) Evian Christ b2b Dark0 (01:00-02:00) Altern8 (02:00-03:30) Venus X b2b Total Freedom (03:30-06:00). Promoted by Oscillate Wildly. 6/8/10/12.5GBP.

TPV: Trance Welbeck v Progressive Welbeck (Party)
9/12/2016 London, UK. Corsica Studios. Room 1: Yung Sherman (00:00-01:00) Nightcoregirl (01:00-02:00) Evian Christ (02:00-03:30) EVOL (DJ) (3:30-5:30). Room 2: Manara (11:30-1) Mssingno (1-2) Angelic Kamixlo (2-3:30) Total Freedom (3:30-5:30). Promoted by Oscillate Wildly. 8/10/12/15/17GBP.

TP6: Click The Boy To Feel The Joy (Riverside)
23/3/17 Manchester, UK. Hidden. Visionist (11:00-12:00) Laurel Halo (12:00-01:00) Mssingno (01:00-02:00) Evian Christ (02:00-03:00) Total Freedom (03:00-04:00). Promoted by Oscillate Wildly. 6/8/10/12GBP.

24/3/17 Glasgow, UK. The Art School. Room 1: Mssingno (11:00-12:30) Total Freedom (12:30-1:30) Evian Christ (1:30-2:30) Total Freedom b2b Evian Christ (02:30-03:00). Room 2: Visionist (11:30-1:00) Laurel Halo (01:00-03:00). Promoted by Oscillate Wildly & Hawkchild DIY. 6/8/10GBP.

25/3/17 Sheffield, UK. Hope Works. Total Freedom (11:00-12:30) Mssingno (12:30-01:15) Visionist (01:15-02:00) Evian Christ (02:00-03:00) Actress (03:00-04:15) Laurel Halo (04:15-06:00). Promoted by Oscillate Wildly. 6/8/10/12GBP.

USACA: Trance America? (Djay Tour)
18/6/14 Philadelphia, USA 19/6/14 Chicago, USA 20/6/14 Toronto, CA 21/6/14 Montreal, CA 25/6/14 New York, USA 26/6/14 Miami, USA 27/6/14 Austin, USA 28/6/14 Los Angeles, USA. w/ Dutch E Germ. Booked by Callender Edward @ AM Only.

EUR: A Tour (Tour)
09/10/14 Milan, IT (Live) 18/10/14 Krakow, PL (Live) 23/10/14 Liverpool, UK (Live) 24/10/14 Bergen, NO (Live) 25/10/14 Bristol, UK (Djay) 31/10/14 London, UK (Live) 31/10/14 London, UK (Djay) 1/11/14 Liverpool, UK (Djay) 7/11/14 Turin, IT (Live) 11/11/14 Leeds, UK (Djay) 14/11/14 Barcelona, ES (Live) 21/11/14 Moscow, RU. Remember Tonibler. Lighting operation by Emmanuel Biard. Booked by Mike Deane @ Elastic Artists.

EUR2: The Mysterious Island (Live Tour)
3/4/15 Geneva, CH 10/4/15 Helsinki, FI 18/4/15 Warsaw, PL 1/5/15 Den Haag, NL 15/5/15 New York, USA 23/5/15 Liverpool, UK 5/6/15 Athens, GR 20/6/15 Barcelona, ES 20/6/15 Latvia, LV 21/6/15 Hilvarenbeek, NL 27/6/15 Madrid, ES 03/7/15 Amsterdam 16/7/15 Dour, BE 18/7/15 Berlin, DE 25/7/15 Sheffield, UK 15/8/15 Helsinki, FI. Lighting operation by Emmanuel Biard. Booked by Mike Deane @ Elastic Artists.

SA: Copa Cristi (Live Tour)
28/11/15 Sao Paulo, BR 3/12/15 Buenos Aires, AR 5/12/15 Santiago, CH 7/12/15 Bogota, CL. Lighting operation by Emmanuel Biard. Booked by Callender Edward @ AM Only.

Selected Production/Writing Discography:
Kanye West - Yeezus. Roc-A-Fella/Def Jam, 2014. Writing/production on "I'm In It".
Tinashe - Aquarius. RCA, 2014. Writing/production on "Indigo Child".
Le1f - Riot Boi. Terrible, 2015. Production on "Water" and "Grace, Alek, Naomi".
Danny Brown - Atrocity Exhibition. Warp, 2016. Production on "Pneumonia".
Travis Scott - Birds In The Trap Sing McKnight. Grand Hustle/Epic, 2016. Production on "The Ends (ft. Andre3000)"
Cashmere Cat - 9. Interscope, 2017. Writing/production on "Europa Pools (ft Kacy Hill)"

Touring History

Luzern, CH.
12/5/12. Global Ghetto Anthems @ Sudpol. w/ Lazer Sword, Hood Regulators, La Vie C'est Facile, Suffix. Promoted by Korsett. 15EUR

Manchester, UK.
16/5/12. Tri Angle Showcase @ Islingdon Mill. w/ Holy Other, Vessel, The Haxan Cloak, LIE. Promoted by FutureEverything. Entry cost undisclosed.

London, UK.
19/5/12. GETME! @ Corsica Studios. w/ NGUZUNGUZU, DJ Rashaad, Alexander Nut, Becoming Real, Cherrystones, Alby Daniels, Lixo, Nic Tasker, DDF, Bahmian Moore. Promoted by GETME!. 10GBP.

Glasgow, UK.
31/5/12. Tri Angle Showcase @ Chambre 69. w/ Holy Other, The Haxan Cloak, Laurel Halo, Pariah. Promoted by The Arches/Chambre 69. 8GBP.

Seattle, USA.
5/9/12. Shrines @ Neumos. w/ Purity Ring. Promoted by Neumos. 12/15USD.

Portland, USA.
6/9/12. Shrines @ Music Fest NW. w/ Purity Ring. Promoted by Music Fest NW. 13USD.

Vancouver, CA.
7/9/12. Shrines @ The Biltmore. w/ Purity Ring. Promoted by Timbre. 13/15CAD.

Nelson, CA.
8/9/12. Shrines @ The Royal. w/ Purity Ring. Promoted by LATR. 10CAD.

Calgary, CA.
9/9/12. Shrines @ The Republik. w/ Purity Ring. Promoted by The Union. 15/18CAD.

Edmonton, CA.
10/9/12. Shrines @ The Starlite Room. w/ Purity Ring. Promoted by The Union. 14/17CAD.

Saskatoon, CA.
12/9/12. Shrines @ Amigos Cantina. w/ Purity Ring. Promoted by Amigos Cantina. 10/12CAD.

Winnipeg, CA.
13/9/12. Shrines @ WECC. w/ Purity Ring. Promoted by Lo Pub. 10/12USD.

Minneapolis, USA.
14/9/12. Shrines @ First Avenue. w/ Purity Ring. Promoted by First Avenue. 9.5/11.5USD.

Chicago, USA.
16/9/12. Shrines @ Lincoln Hall. w/ Purity Ring. Promoted by Schuba's Tavern/Lincoln Hall. 15USD.

Columbus, USA.
17/9/12. Shrines @ Ace of Cups. w/ Purity Ring. Promoted by Benco. 10/12USD.

Charlottesville, USA.
18/9/12. Shrines @ The Southern. w/ Purity Ring. Promoted by University of Virginia. 10/12USD.

Washington, USA.
19/9/12. Shrines @ Rock and Roll Hotel. w/ Purity Ring. Promoted by Hood. 15USD.

Philadelphia, USA.
20/9/12. Shrines @ First Unitarian Church. w/ Purity Ring. Promoted by R5. 12/14USD.

New York, USA.
21/9/12. Shrines @ Bowery Ballroom. w/ Purity Ring. Promoted by Bowery. 13/15USD.

New York, USA.
22/9/12. Shrines @ Music Hall of Williamsburg. w/ Purity Ring. Promoted by Bowert. 15USD

Montreal, CA.
23/9/12. Shrines @ La Tulipe. w/ Purity Ring. Promoted by Pop Montreal IMF. 15/20USD.

London, UK.
05/10/12. VSECLUB03 @ XOYO. w/ Jacques Greene, Koreless, Lukid, Samoyed, Arclight, Spencer, Azmat B. Promoted by Vase. 7/10GBP.

Krakow, PL.
14/10/12. Kyoto International Manga Museum @ Unsound. w/ Factory Floor, Shed, Holly Herndon. Promoted by Unsound Festival. 200-250PLN.

Berlin, DE.
26/10/12. Polymorphism #3 @ Berghain. w/ Raime, oOoOO, Miles Whittaker, Vessel. Promoted by Polymorphism. 12EUR.

Turin, IT.
8/11/12. Undisclosed @ Club to Club Alfa Romeo Mito #C2c12. Promoted by Club to Club Festival. Entry cost undisclosed.

Manchester, UK.
9/12/12. Resident Advisor @ The Warehouse Project. w/ Joy Orbison & Boddika, Levon Vincent, Shackleton, Dusky, Andro. Promoted by The Warehouse Project. 28.5GBP.

Madrid, ES.
15/12/12. Post Club #14 @ Siroco. w/ The Haxan Cloak, Sunny Graves. Promoted by Post Club. 10/12/15EUR.

Berlin, DE.
31/10/12. NYE @ Horst Krzbrg. w/ Objekt, Peter van Hoesen, Brant Brauer Frick, Marius Reisser, Discipline. Promoted by Horst Krzbrg. 20EUR.

Leeds, UK.
19/1/13. Wax:On @ Canal Mills. w/ Jamie XX, Floating Points, Huxley, Maxxi Soundsystem, Youandewan. Promoted by Wax:On. 12/15GBP.

Bucharest, RO.
19/4/13. Rokolectiv 2013 @ National Museum of Contemporary Arts. w/ Holy Other, The Phantom, Hipdiebattery. Promoted by Rokolectiv Festival. Entry cost undisclosed.

Krems, AU.
25/4/13. Tri Angle Showcase @ Donau. w/ oOoOO, The Haxan Cloak, WIFE. Promoted by Donaufestival. Entry cost undisclosed.

Gijon, ES.
3/5/13. L.E.V @ Laboral Ciudad de la Cultura. w/ Clark, Andy Stott, Emptyset, Raime, Roly Porter, Face & Heel. Promoted by L.E.V Festival. 40EUR.

Lyon, FR.
11/5/13. Nuits Sonores @ Ancien Marche de Gros. w/ Jacques Greene, Nosaj Thing. Promoted by Nuits Sonores. Entry cost undisclosed.

New York, USA.
18/5/13. Ad Hoc @ 285 Kent. w/ Gorgeous Children, J-Cush. Promoted by Ric Leichtung. 15USD.

New York, USA.
26/5/13. Blackened Disco @ Saint Vitus. w/ Oneohtrix Point Never, Factory Floor, Bill Kouligas, Kid Simpl, ANNALOVE. Promoted by Rodeo Bull Music Academuy. 8USD.

Chicago, USA.
19/7/13. Union Park @ Pitchfork Music Festival. w/ TNGHT, Chairlift, Sky Ferreira, Blood Orange. Promoted by Pitchfork Music Festival. Entry price undisclosed.

London, UK.
2/8/13. Deviation @ XOYO. w/ Benji B, Fatima Al Qadiri, Arca, Lil Silva, Scratcha DVA, Moxie. Promoted by Deviation. 12.5-15GBP

Seattle, USA.
25/9/13. Tri Angle Showcase @ Chop Suey. w/ Vessel, The Haxan Cloak. Promoted by Decibel Festival. 17USD.

San Francisco, USA.
27/9/13. 1015 Presents @ 1015 Folsom. w/ Lapalux, Kode9, Vessel, Dj Rashad, Ikonika, Sinistarr, Benito, Sam Supa, Boats, Sublo. Promoted by 1015 Folsom. 22.5USD.

Los Angeles, USA.
28/9/13. Werkdiscs Night @ Complex. w/ Actress, Mass Prod, Raiz, Duncan Whiteley. Promoted by Ninja Tune LA/Droid Behaviour. 15/20USD.

London, UK.
3/10/13. Earnest Endeavours @ Village Underground. w/ Cashmere Cat, The Blessings, Darkhouse Fam, Patchwork Pirates. Promoted by Earnest Endeavours/Black Atlantic. 8/12GBP.

Manchester, UK.
2/11/13. Curated by Four Tet & Caribou @ The Warehouse Project. w/ Four Tet, Daphini, Madlib, Ben UFO, Thom Yorke. Promoted by The Warehouse Project/Field Day. 25/28.5GBP.

New York, USA.
8/11/13. BEMF @ Music Hall of Williamsburg. w/ Lunice, S-Type, Rockie Fresh, The Blessings. Promoted by BEMF/Luckyme. Entry cost undisclosed.

London, UK.
22/11/13. Trance Party @ Corsica Studios. w/ Holy Other, Jam City, Arca, Vessel, Wanda Group. Promoted by Oscillate Wildly. 8/12.5GBP.

Manchester, UK.
23/11/13. Trance Party @ 2022NQ. w/ Holy Other, Arca, Lukid, Vessel, Wanda Group. Promoted by Faktion. 12/15GBP.

Reykjavik, IS.
13/2/14. Harpa @ Sonar Reykjavik. w/ Diplo. Promoted by Sonar Festival. 109EUR.

Stockholm, SE.
14/2/14. Munchenbryggeriet @ Sonar Stockholm. w/ Daphini, James Holden, Jon Hopkins, Clark, Baba Stiltz. Promoted by Sonar Festival. Entry cost undisclosed.

Paris, FR.
20/3/14. Waterfall @ Carmen. w/ Mssingno. Promoted by Axel AMC. Free!

London, UK.
21/3/14. Trance Party 2: Waterfall @ Oval Space. w/ Travis Scott, Millie & Andrea, Lil Silva, Sophie, Powell, Mssingno, Oscillate Wildly. Promoted by Oval Space/Oscillate Wildly. 12.5/15/17.5GBP.

Rome, IT.
27/3/14. Waterfall @ Circolo Degli Artisti. w/ Mssingno. Promoted by LSWHR. 8/10EUR.

Manchester, UK.
29/3/14. FutureEverything @ RNCM. w/ Koreless, Visionist, Lorenzo Senni, TCF. Promoted by FutureEverything. 12.5GBP.

Bristol, UK.
4/4/14. Waterfall @ Start The Bus. w/ Mssingno, Ziro, Shandy, Jambo. Promoted by Crazylegs. 4GBP.

Sheffield, UK.
5/4/14. Waterfall @ Hope Works. w/ Mssingno, Pearson Sound, Girl Unit, Visionist, Mssingno. Promoted by Oscillate Wildly/Rodeo Bull Music Academy. 6/8/10/12GBP.

Dublin, IRE.
12/4/14. Waterfall @ Button Factory. w/ Mssingno. Promoted by Hidden Agenda. 10EUR.

London, UK.
17/4/14. Fabri Clive: Rinse Easter Special @ Fabric. w/ Mssingno, Route 94, Roska, Visionist, Total Freedom. Promoted by Fabric. 16/18GBP.

Istanbul, TR.
18/4/14. Waterfall @ Club to Club #C2cistonight. w/ Mssingno, Sami Baha. Promoted by Club to Club Festival. 30EUR.

Amsterdam, NL.
20/4/14. Waterfall @ MC Theater. w/ Mssingno. Promoted by Subbacultcha. 12EUR.

Prague, CZ.
24/4/14. Lunchmeat Festival @ Veletrzni Palac Prague. w/ Mssingno, Koreless, Tim Exile, Throwing Snow, Rain Dog, Forma & Stroon, 813. Promoted by Lunchmeat Festival. 600CZK.

Manchester, UK.
9/5/14. Waterfall @ Joshua Brooks. w/ Mssingno, Georgia Girls. Promoted by Chow Down/Coded Rhythm. 5/7GBP.

Belgrade, RS.
24/5/14. MAD in Belgrade @ USCE Park. w/ Neneh Cherry, The Bug, Kelela, DJ Spinn, Visionist, Jam City. Promoted by MAD in Belgrade. 40/50/60GBP.

Seattle, USA.
28/5/14. Decibel Presents @ Q. w/ Jacques Greene, Kid Smpl, Dutty Wilderness. Promoted by Decibel/Customs. 15USD.

Vancouver, CA.
19/5/14. Blueprint @ Shine. w/ Jacques Greene, Heartbeats, 8PRN, ASL Singles Club. Promoted by Blueprint. 15USD.

Portland, USA.
30/5/14. Waterfall @ Rotture. w/ Samo Sound Boy, Magic Fades. Promoted by Abstract Earth Project. 10USD.

San Diego, USA.
31/5/14. Waterfall @ Bang Bang. w/ Samo Sound Boy. Promoted by Fngrs Crssd. 10USD.

London, UK.
7/6/14. Field Day @ Victoria Park. w/ Lunice, Sophie, Vessel, Ryan Hemsworth, Jessy Lanza, DJ Barely Legal. Promoted by Field Day Festival. 50GBP.

Barcelona, ES.
13/6/14. Sonar @ Fira Gran Via. w/ Gesaffelstein, Four Tet, Moderat, Monki, Alizzz, Downliners Sekt, Mario Nieto. Promoted by Sonar Festival. Entry cost undisclosed.

Philadelphia, USA.
18/6/14. Waterfall @ The Dolphin. w/ Dutch E Germ., Katie Rex, Krueger. Promoted by The Dolphin. 10USD.

Chicago, USA.
19/6/14. Waterfall @ Primary. w/ Dutch E Germ, Devin Hudson, Beng Fang, Annihilist. Promoted by Them Flavors. 13-15USD.

Toronto, CA.
20/6/14. NXNE @ Tattoo. w/ A$AP Ferg. Promoted by NXNE. Entry cost undisclosed.

Montreal, CA.
21/6/14. Waterfall @ Le Belmont. w/ Dutch E Germ. Promoted by Le Belmont. Entry cost undisclosed.

New York, USA.
25/6/14. BEMF Presents @ Output. w/ Dutch E Germ, Gatekeeper, Uniiqu3, Wil Fry. Promoted by BEMF/MeanRed. 15/25USD.

Miami, USA.
26/6/14. Waterfall @ Bardot. w/ Dutch E Germ, Frank Flux. Promoted by Bardot/ 15/20USD.

Austin, USA.
27/6/14. Waterfall @ Vulcan Gas Company. w/ Dutch E Germ, Ben Aqua, Malcolm Elijah. Promoted by Vulcan Gas Company. 10/12USD

Los Angeles, USA.
28/6/14. Waterfall @ Los Globos. w/ Dutch E Germ, AWE. Promoted by IHC. 13/16USD

Amsterdam, NL.
5/7/14. PITCH @ Zuiveringshal Westergasfabriek Terrein. w/ Richie Hawtin, FKA Twigs, Kelela, Branko, Know V.A. Promoted by PITCH Festival. 47.5EUR

Helsinki, FI.
8/7/14. Flow @ Suvilahti Power Plant. w/ Optimo, Young Marco, Ceephax Acid Crew. Promoted by Flow Festival. 159EUR

Biddinghuizen, NL.
15/8/14. Under The Radar @ Lowlands. w/ Kaiser Chiefs, Skrillex, Snoop Dogg, Rustie, Prosumer. Promoted by Lowlands Festival. 195EUR.

New York, USA.
6/9/14. Warm Up @ MoMA PS1. w/ Skrillex, Sophie, Forest Swords, Lone. Promoted by PS1 Warmup Series. 18/20USD.

New York, USA.
6/9/14. Dark Disco @ 88 Palace. w/ Sophie, NGUZUNGUZU. Promoted by MeanRed. 15/25USD.

Krakow, PL.
12/10/14. Hotel Forum @ Unsound. w/ Ben Frost, Lorenzo Senni, Total Freedom, The Bug, Mumdance. Promoted by Unsound Festival. Entry cost undisclosed.

Liverpool, UK.
23/10/14. Liverpool Music Week @ Camp & Furnace. w/ Caribou, Jessy Lanza, Patten. Promoted by Liverpool Music Week. Entry cost undisclosed.

Bergen, NO.
24/10/14. Ekko @ Ostre. w/ Future Brown, Dripplin. Promoted by Foreningen Ekko. 30EUR.

London, UK.
31/10/14. After Life After Party @ The Roundhouse. w/ Jacques Greene, Koreless. Promoted by Black Atlantic. 15/20GBP.

London, UK.
31/10/14. Trance Party 3: Trance Welbeck @ Corsica Studios. w/ Mssingno, Total Freedom, NGUZUNGUZU, Dubbel Dutch, Boothroyd, Danny L Harle, Life Sim, DYNOOO, Georgia Girls, Neana, Lexxi. Promoted by Oscillate Wildly/Trance Welbeck. 6/8/10/12.5GBP.

Turin, IT.
5/11/14. Lingotto @ Alfa Mito Club to Club 2014. w/ Franco Battiato, Pantha Du prince, Talaboman, Jungle, Ben UFO, Kelela, Future Brown. Promoted by Club to Club Festival. 69EUR.

Barcelona, ES.
14/11/14. Mira @ Fabra i Coats. w/ Byetone, Luke Vibert, Rone, Sunny Graves. Promoted by Mira Festival. 25EUR.

Leeds, UK.
11/12/14. Soft Future @ Canal Mills. w/ Wild Beasts, East India Youth, Nathan Fake, Fryars. Promoted by Future Sound Movement. 17.5GBP.

Berlin, DE.
29/1/15. Xeno III @ Berghain. w/ Amnesia Scanner, Suicideyear, Gazelle Twin. Promoted by CTM Festival. 22EUR.

London, UK.
6/2/15. Earthly IV & Janus @ Corsica Studios. w/ Jam City, Total Freedom, M.E.S.H, Lotic, Kablam, Manara. Promoted by Oscillate Wildly/Janus. 6/8/10/12.5/15GBP.

Geneva, CH.
3/4/15. Electron @ Pole Central: Rez. w/ DJ Funk, Objekt. Promoted by Electron Festival. Entry price undisclosed.

Warsaw, PL.
18/4/15. Rodeo Bull Music Academy Weekender @ Palace of Culture and Science.
w/ Kindness, Dorian Concept, Brant Brauer Frick. Promoted by Rodeo Bull Music Academy. 600/100PLN.

Dresden, DE.
27/4/15. ICAS @ Festspielhaus Hellerau. w/ Lorenzo Senni, Lotic, DJ Nigga Fox. Promoted by ICAS Festival. 8EUR.

Den Haag, NL.
1/5/15. Rewire @ Paard van Troje. w/ Holly Herndon, Grouper, Powell, Ron Morelli, TCF. Promoted by Rewire Festival. 28EUR.

New York, NY.
15/5/15. Tri Angle Records 5th Anniversary @ 23 Wall Street. w/ Bjork, The Haxan Cloak, Holy Other, Forest Swords, Vessel, Mssingno, Rabit, Hanz. Promoted by Rodeo Bull Music Academy. 25USD.

Athens, GR.
5/6/15. Plissken @ Cultural Centre Hellenic Cosmos. w/ Andy Stott, Brodinski, Happa, Oxia. Promoted by Plissken Festival/Make Greece Acid Jamaica. 40/50/60/70EUR.

Hilvarenbeek, NL.
19/6/15. BKS @ Beekse Bergen. w/ Noel Gallagher's High Flying Birds, Jonny Greenwood & The London Contemporary Orchstra, Yung Lean & Sadboys, Dan Deacon. Promoted by Best Kept Secret. Entry cost undisclosed.

Barcelona, ES.
20/6/15. Sonar @ Fira Barcelona. w/ Mika Vaino, The Bug, Nino. Promoted by Sonar Festival. 165EUR.

London, UK.
26/6/15. Rinse Presents @ XOYO. w/ Lotic, Dark0, Yung Sherman, Faze Miyake, Felicita, Soda Plains. Promoted by Rinse FM. 5/13.5GBP.

Amsterdam, NL.
3/7/15. PITCH @ Zuiveringshal Westergasfabriek Terrein. w/ Rustie, Lido, Sophie. Promoted by PITCH Festival. 45EUR.

Dour, BE.
15/7/15. Dour @ Plaine de la Machine a Feu. w/ Autechre, Cashmere Cat, Yung Lean & Sadboys, Nils Frahm. Promoted by Dour Festival. 60/75EUR.

Grafenhainichen, DE.
18/7/15. Melt! @ Ferropolis. w/ Sven Vath, Cashmere Cat, Cakes da Killa. Promoted by Melt! Festival. 136EUR.

Sheffield, UK.
24/7/15. Tramlines @ Roundhouse. w/ Wu Tang Clan, Basement Jaxx, Mike Skinner, Surgeon, Peverlist, Kowton. Promoted by Tramlines Festival. 30GBP.

Helsinki, FI.
15/8/15. Flow @ Suvilahti Power Plant. w/ Pet Shop Boys, Tiga, Islam Chipsy. Promoted by Flow Festival. 89EUR

San Francisco, USA.
20/8/15. Lights Down Low @ Monarch. 10USD.

Chicago, USA.
21/8/15. Join the Studio @ Secret Location. Promoted by Them Flavors. 12USD.

Los Angeles, USA.
23/8/15. FYF @ Exposition/Coliseum Park. w/ Kanye West, Morrissey, FKA Twigs, Death Grips, Ben UFO. Promoted by FYF. 109USD.

Leeds, UK.
28/8/15. Leeds Festival @ Bramham Park. w/ Mumford and Sons, Deadmau5, New Found Glory, Jamie XX. Promoted by lying nonce dickhead Melvin Benn. 205GBP.

Bologna, IT.
9/10/15. roBOT @ Bologna Fiere. w/ Nina Kraviz, Jackmaster, Ben UFO, Powell, Lee Gamble. Promoted by roBOT Festival. 49EUR.

Amsterdam, NL.
17/10/15. Warp Showcase @ Paradiso. w/ Squarepusher, Darkstar, Eclair Fifi. Promoted by Warp Records/ADE. 21EUR.

Liverpool, UK.
29/10/15. Trance Party 4: The Great British Trance Off @ Buyers Club. w/ Altern-8, Venus X, Total Freedom, Lorenzo Senni, EVOL, Dark0, Kablam, Nkisi. Promoted by Oscillate Wildly/Abandon Silence. 5/6/8/10GBP.

London, UK.
30/10/15. Trance Party 4: The Great British Trance Off @ Corsica Studios. w/ Altern-8, Venus X, Total Freedom, Lorenzo Senni, EVOL, Dark0, Kablam, Nkisi. Promoted by Oscillate Wildly. 8/10/12.5/15GBP.

Sheffield, UK.
31/10/15. Trance Party 4: The Great British Trance Off @ Hope Works. w/ Altern-8, Venus X, Total Freedom, Lorenzo Senni, EVOL, Dark0, Kablam. Promoted by Oscillate Wildly. 6/8/10/12.5GBP.

Manchester, UK.
7/11/15. Thrasher @ The Warehouse Project. w/ SBTRKT, Special Request, Koreless, Leon Vynehall. Promoted by The Warehouse Project. 25GBP.

Sao Paulo, BR.
24/11/15. Sonar @ Espaco Das Americas. w/ The Chemical Brothers, Brodinski, Hot Chip. Promoted by Sonar Festival. R550.

Buenos Aires, AR.
3/12/15. Sonar @ Compeljo al Rio. w/ The Chemical Brothers, Brodinski, Hot Chip, Modeselektor, Atom TM, Pional. Promoted by Sonar Festival. 700ARS.

Santiago, CL.
5/12/15. SonarSound @ Hangares de Curicato. w/ The Chemical Brothers, Brodinski, Hot Chip, Modeselektor, Atom TM, Pional. Promoted by Sonar Festival. Entry cost undisclosed.

Bogota, CL.
7/12/15. Sonar @ Corferias. w/ The Chemical Brothers, Brodinski, Hot Chip, Pional, Bomba Estereo, Frente Cumbiero. Promoted by Sonar Festival. 195COP.

London, UK.
1/1/16. Bala Club 2016 @ Miranda. w/ Mssingno, Kamixlo, Visionist, Dark0, Uli K, Yayoyanoh. Promoted by Bala Club. 7GBP.

Minehead, UK.
11/3/16. Bloc @ Butlins. w/ Jeff Mills, Carl Craig, Holly Herndon, Powell, Laurel Halo. Promoted by Bloc. 139/179GBP.

Barcelona, ES.
1/6/16. Primavera Sound @ Parc Del Forum. w/ Radiohead, LCD Soundsystem, Pusha T, Cabaret Voltaire, Holly Herndon, Alessandro Cortini. Promoted by Primavera Sound Festival. 175EUR.

Paris, FR.
16/7/16. The Peakcock Society @ Parc Floral De Paris. w/ Brodinski, Eclair Fifi, Lotic, Mykki Blanko, Mumdance & Logos. Promoted by The Peacock Society. 79/109EUR.

Montreal, CA.
29/7/16. Osheaga @ Parc Jean-Drapeau. w/ Red Hot Chilli Peppers, Radiohead, Lana Del Rey, Logic, Years & Years, Flume. Promoted by Osheaga Festival. 315CAD.

Biddinghuizen, NL.
19/8/16. Lowlands @ Lowlands. w/ Disclosure, Sum 41, Speedy J, Tiga, Fatima al Qadiri, Section Boyz, DJ Nigga Fox. Promoted by Lowlands Festival. 185EUR.

Isle of White, UK.
8/9/16. Bestival @ Robin Hill Country Park. w/ The Cure, Craig David, Fatboy Slim, Diplo, Goldie, Wiley, Richie Hawtin, PC Music. Promoted by Bestival/Rob Da Bank. 180GBP.

London, UK.
9/12/16. Trance Party V: Trance Welbeck v Progressive Welbeck @ Corsica Studios. w/ Manara, Nightcoregirl, EVOL (DJ), Angelic Kamixlo, Total Freedom, Yung Sherman, Mssingno. Promoted by Oscillate Wildly. 8/10/12/15/17GBP.

Amsterdam, NL.
24/2/17. Progress Bar @ Paradiso. w/ Kamixlo, Uli K, DJ Marfox, Nidia Minaj, Coucou Chloe. Promoted by Progress Bar. 12.5EUR.

Manchester, UK.
23/3/17. Trance Party 6: Click The Boy To Feel The Joy (Riverside) @ Hidden. w/ Mssingno, Laurel Halo, Total Freedom, Visionist. Promoted by Oscillate Wildly. 6/8/10/12GBP.

Glasgow, UK.
24/3/17 . Trance Party 6: Click The Boy To Feel The Joy (Riverside) @ The Art School. w/ Mssingno, Laurel Halo, Total Freedom, Visionist. Promoted by Oscillate Wildly & Hawkchild DIY. 6/8GBP.

Sheffield, UK.
25/3/17 . Trance Party 6: Click The Boy To Feel The Joy (Riverside) @ Hope Works. w/ AZD (Actress), Mssingno, Laurel Halo, Total Freedom, Visionist. Promoted by Oscillate Wildly. 6/8/10/12GBP.

Hong Kong, CHN [Disputed].
1/4/17. Sonar Hong Kong @ Hong Kong Science & Technology Park. w/ Dave Clarke, Clark, Powell, Kode 9. Promoted by Sonar. 780HKD.

Milan, IT.
4/5/17. Persona Live @ Teatro Principe. w/ Lorenzo Senni, XIII. Promoted by Club 2 Club. Free!

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The Distance: A Sonnet Cycle

I. Home
Don't be afraid, your world is dark tonight
For without love, how can your spirit sing?
You are a bird with wounded wings

You're not alone
I've come to take you home

II. Liberation [Fly Like An Angel]
We're invincible
Learn to fly like an angel

Love so spiritual
Quench the fire within my soul

And you fly like an angel
Into these arms of temptation

III. Skydive
I feel wonderful
I could skydive from the moon
Sail an ocean on my fingertips
When the wind screams my name
I am free
To run, run, run to you

I feel wonderful
Collect your words
I have them when you're gone
I silently smile
Even miss you in my sleep
No rush, no loss, no lies
This journey is our love

You're my hero
From heaven did you call?

IV. Satellite
You're a half a world away
But in my mind I whisper every single word you say
And before you sleep at night
You pray to me, your lucky star
Your singing satellite

V. As The Rush Comes
Travelling somewhere, could be anywhere
There’s a coldness in the air but I don't care
We drift deeper

Life goes on
We drift deeper into the sound
So bring it on
Bring it on

Embrace me, surround me
As the rush comes

VI. You’re Not Alone
In a way it's all a matter of time
I will not worry for you, you'll be just fine
Take my thoughts with you and when you look behind
You will surely see a face that you recognize

It is the distance that makes life a little hard
Two minds that once were close
Now so many miles apart
I will not falter though
I'll hold on till you're home
Safely back where you belong
To see how our love has grown

You're not alone
I'll wait till the end of time
Open your mind!
Surely, it's plain to see?
Surely, there's time to be with me?

VII. Airwave
I feel you
Over the airwave


I feel you
Over the airwave

I feel you
Over the airwave

VIII. Invisible
And I'm feeling invisible
You won't see me anywhere
And I'm feeling invisible
When you need me I'll be there

I'm everywhere
But you cannot see
Open your heart
Meet me in your dreams

IX. Silence
Give me release
Witness me
I am outside
Give me peace

In this white wave I am sinking
In this silence
In this white wave
In this silence I believe

I have seen it!
In this twilight
You're my silence
You know baby, in this twilight, I am free

Passion chokes the flower
Until she cries no more
Possessing all the beauty
Hungry still for more

Heaven holds a sense of wonder
And I wanted to believe
That I'd get caught up
When the rage in me subsides

X. Close To You
I wouldn't call it time well spent
Repeating to myself again
Find comfort in an endless stream of moments
I don't even care
About the way I feel today
Because it changes anyway
Something will make me cry or smile
Another picture on my pile

Do you find solace in the sun?
Do you consider life as one?
Do you believe there is a limit
To how fast a man can run?
Someone said you're born alive
Well I don't feel that alive
No I don't feel that alive
I don't feel that alive

XI. Drifting Away
Everytime I lose my self control
It feels like I can't let you go
I'm at the point of no return

Drifting Away
Nothing to Say

XII. Cry
Why didn't I see this before?
Why didn't I come back for more
Now, I do feel the pain inside
Now, I have seen

All I can do is cry
Like this

XIII. The Sound of Goodbye
Every face I see is cold as ice
Everything I touch is pale
Ever since I lost imagination
Like a stream that flows into the sea
I am lost for all eternity
Ever since you took your love away from me

Some times
The sound of goodbye
Is louder than any drumbeat

XIV . Damaged
Dreaming comes so easily
Cause it's all that I've known
True love is a fairy tale
I'm damaged so how would I know?
I'm scared and I'm alone
I'm ashamed and I need for you to know

The feeling comes so painfully
And it chills to the bone
Won't let anyone get close to me
I'm damaged as I'm sure you know
I'm scared and I'm alone
I'm ashamed and I need for you to know

I didn't say all the things that I wanted to say
But you can't take back what you've taken away
Cause I feel you
I feel you, near me

Can't go back
Can't go back
Can't go back
I must go on

XV. It’s My Turn
Why start to worry,
About the hands of fate?
When right before your eyes
It becomes too late.

I've learned to ignore them
When they bring me down
I won't let vicious people
Fool around

It's my turn.
(I've had time to learn)


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Children (Dream Version)
Children under the age of majority should review this agreement with their parent or guardian to ensure that the child and parent or legal guardian understand it.